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  1. In Use: Marantz April Music Aurelia Sonus Teac Wychwood Audionics Currently Boxed: Thorens Graham slee Tascam Nakamichi Luxman
  2. Hi Lionel

    Hope you are well.

    I've been trying, and failing, to figure out how to delete classified ads or mark them as Sold.

    Can you do it for me, or tell me how to do it?
    There doesn't seem to be an option for doing that from what I can see!

    The ads are  ....

    Thanks, and happy New Year!


  3. I'm going to subscrivbe to Spotify for the Family this weekend, so everyone can have their own play list. My daughter will be streaming from her phone to a bluetooth speaker. My wife would be very happy having one of the Sonus Play speakers (probably the Play 1) in the kitchen and bedroom, as she has already seen and heard them in action at friends. So therefore at the moment I'm thinking of getting a Sonus Connect and use my Marantz SA-10 as the DAC. I realise the Sonus is currently restricted to 16bit 44.1 and at the moment I can only see me using the Sonus Connect for Internet radio and Streaming Spotify. If I like an album will either buy on CD/SACD or get a high rez flac to play directly on the Marantz via USB stick. Also not planning on using a laptop via usb connection, or streaming download material from a NAS. Any reasons not to go for the Sonus Connect in this case. Many thanks Testy
  4. Yes agree, nice safe acoustic female singer album, nothing terrible, nothing special, nice clean voice. Don't mind listening to again if played, but wouldn't chose to personally.
  5. So many fabulous soundtracks already mentioned, these are ones not yet listed that I player regularly: Brazil - Michael Kamen Macross Plus - Yoko Kanno Princess Mononoke - Joe Hisaishi Sonatine - Joe Hisaishi
  6. Really enjoyable, where possible all the sounds are produced via the piano (natural and manipulated). You can feel in Anne's playing she is enjoying the session Have a listen
  7. Really depends on what you listen to, there are still plenty of high quality releases on CDs these days as well as average/poor vinyl (cashing in on the current trend). Most of my music is on CD not particularly because I prefer the format, but because it was the only format it got released on. Now I'm starting to download for the same reason, if I want to listen to new material from a particular artist, it's the only option.