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  1. These are the original KSL SPz (brown sheath) speaker cables. They are 2.7m and unterminated. £2000. I'm in the East Midlands.
  2. Thanks. I really needed something that goes down to 150Hz. Anyway, it's for a future project with the old RCA 9448s.
  3. I have some silver speaker cables as well, if you want a full loom
  4. I have one but terminated with Europe power plug. I have been using it with an adaptor from Missing Link. Edit: sold
  5. Standard 1m with rca terminations. I have two pairs. £500 each. Thanks. JJ
  6. Great. What is the frequency cut off again? And what is the length?
  7. FWIW I'm starting my own FHXL horn. See how it goes.
  8. Yes, the Onkens took one month to build and one year to tweak. And then I decided to change the drivers to Vitavox. Endless fun. JJ
  9. Speakers connected. Yes. Leave on. Few minutes. Just do each valve in turn and then go back and redo. Usually a slight difference. This is assuming push pull. Sorry can't provide technical reasons. But in case you want to cracking on. JJ
  10. A hybrid or folded horn system need not take so much space. Plus usually you save space by having them close to the wall. Eg my previous Onken horn system or a Voice of the Theatre replica. Trick is to spend time tweaking, time aligning and getting crossovers right. JJ
  11. Hi Tony, you might get a quicker reply on the diy.com forum. JJ
  12. Saw a pic of the Frugal horns which were the ones with the paper cone I believe. I'm just starting on my old build. How were they sounding on the day? edit - could I know whose they were as well... looking for tips on the build. JJ
  13. There is a frugal horn second hand for sale on classifieds. Not mine. JJ
  14. Hi Ant, welcome to the DIY nervosa. The saba green clones sound great. Easy project as there's already a fine tuned recipe. Adam made these and they sound lovely, open, coherent as you would expect from open baffles. I was going to try some open baffles with field coil drivers but got too busy myself. Also I found the theory abit over my head. I'm now in the process of making some frugal horn xl with alpair drivers. Paper cones sensitivity about 91 without enclosures. You can order the cabinets cnc cut so just need to glue and pad out. But if you've got the dedicated space, there's nothing lik
  15. Since hearing Adams lowthers in a big back loaded horn (pm6 I think), they definitely do bass and are not shout. I'm currently planning a frugal horn xl with Mark audio alpair drivers. Look them up and there is a thread on the diy section as well. I think a lot depends on what music you mainly listen too. If it's disco stuff, not so great. If it's natural double bass etc, the bass can be pretty good. After all, I think the brain compensates and fills in the deep notes from the overtones higher up which is produced by acoustic sounds. JJ
  16. Tomato tomato. I've tried various pre amps. Some people need the slight gain and there is also the issue of impedance matching with passives. By far the best component I've previously owned is a kondo m77. It adds a magical sheen and openness to music. Sadly couldn't afford to keep it. I've also tried a cheap welbourne battery powered pre, simple signal path, one pair of valves can't remember which. Again improved the sound compared to direct from DAC with digital volume control. Good clear sound stage. But now I'm tempted to try a passive in between a digital front end and valve power. JJ
  17. http://www.studioau.co.uk/turned-horns/#turnedhorns good place to get some horns! JJ
  18. Didn't see that you were using Oyaide.
  19. That will do. Something in the Blue series, cheap and good. I think you can easily find on eBay. If you want to splash out, go for some OCC cables but I think the difference will be minimal. JJ
  20. I favourite CD Player was the Marantz CD7, 1990s gold bling but very nice.
  21. I tried the 8TC on my previos LVs. Didn't find them any special to be honest. I would try just simple LC-OFC with Teflon dielectric. That would be the same as Hitachi. JJ
  22. I thought the Hitachi was plain OFC cable? Nothing fancy with dielectric either? Lot's of cheap equivalents around. You just need to search LC-OFC (in your search engine of choice). JJ
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