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  1. Injector

    Formula 1 2014
  2. You mean that you're allowed to flatten all the padding in the seat and then hand it back fucked?
  3. I used to cycle hundreds of miles per week as a teenager and I never used (*or had even heard of before this thread) chamois cream. Any bike saddle will be uncomfortable and lead to bruising when you first get back into cycling. Don't go hunting down a comfy seat because they don't really exist.
  4. It looks like a Totota Celica crossed with an American muscle car. Not to my tastes visually, and as others have said it's just too darned big. That said, I bet it's a hoot to drive and that's 3/4 of the pleasure in owning something like that.
  5. It all depends where you go. Supermarket pizzas are invariably shite, as are a good 70% of takeaway joints. However, some Italian places do the best pizzas of all time and they frankly wank all over most homemade pizzas. The base on most (not all) homemade pizzas is where it all goes wrong. A crap base (stodgy, taseless, wedge-like or too much like bread) and the pizza will be crap no matter how nice the toppings. - - - Updated - - - This one gets my vote.
  6. I'm enjoying it this year, but no real competition for Nibali is robbing the event of some genuine drama. I wish there were two or three contenders, and that the upcoming time trial would have a real say in the podium.
  7. But the X3 and X5 are wanker chariots. It's like all the bad things about the BMW brand all highlighted, exaggerated and expanded, then rolled into one giant Tonka-like monstrosity.
  8. So Richie Porte isn't the real deal then.
  9. I've been off dairy and bread for approx five months now. I have lost a couple of stones and look loads better....but feel shit.
  10. Ouch. Brailsford said today that even if Wiggo was in the team, Richie and even Geraint would be ahead of him when it comes to a 'plan B'. If Wiggins wasn't already leaving Sky, I expect he will be now. Will he concentrate on the track full-time from here?
  11. Bradders is pretty shit in the rain too. Mind you, he'd make a great no.2 right now. So early in the race too, any of the support riders can still mount a challenge.