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  1. I recently obtained a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.2. After a few weeks of head scratching about their sound I've come to the view that there is either something wrong with them or they are simply very bad speakers. Despite this, I've not sent them back for a refund because I would really like to work out what is wrong with them - as a bit of a long term project to learn about speakers which may yet end up with me making my own cabinets for the drivers used in the Evos and tinkering with crossovers. Whenever they were playing music there was a significant amount of vibration very clearly felt from the cabinets - far more than with other speakers I've had here, even "lossy thin-wall" BBC types. There were also terrible issues with the output of the reflex port which is right next to the back of the bass driver and which often swamped the sound. I very much hope the Wharfedale Heritage models perform much better, but I will be steering clear of Wharfedales for the time being.
  2. I had a pair of D2s about 5-6 years ago now.... they were nice but nothing special, just didn't give me great moments, and I moved them on after only about 15 months. I think they cost about £1600 then - I see they are now more like £2600 with the dome tweeter or more if you want a ribbon version. Its great they are still made in UK but those prices.... sorry, not justifiable. By contrast... I'm currently listening to pair of KEF R3.... well KEF don't have the cachet of the likes of Proac anymore since they moved most manufacturing to China... but these R3s are superb, about same size and shape as the Proac D2s but to my ears much more convincing and musically involving - and half the price.
  3. Listened to this last night. Its a stonker. Wish she'd do Prokofiev's 2nd - we need a new modern recording of it!
  4. I see 104.2s advertised from time to time but they'll be too big for the space here. How are Reference one regarded? - the late 90s model with the single dual-concentric driver in front on a curved baffle, and a bass cavity.
  5. I have a pair of Kef 103/2 - mentioned on another thread here the other week, I know they have occasional problems, there is a mechanical noise from one woofer on very heavy bass tracks above a certain volume so I reckon it must be sagging out of alignment. But 99% of the time they sound excellent. I've been struggling to replace them with modern speakers - tried a number of alternatives and just nothing has the presence or soundscape. However....modern Kefs - any views on these? The current reference range are way way above my price level - how much??!! But the next level down, the R3, R5, R7.... any experiences?
  6. Vivanco is about the only one I remember.
  7. Look good? Speakers with ankle warmers? Hmm.
  8. Funny things happen to prices when they cross the Atlantic - in either direction. Import costs, distributors cut, how they get marketed etc. Sticking to the UK price, yes I can accept that in today's hifi price terms they might be £2k GBP rather than the £920 that UK inflation rates would suggest.
  9. I was under the impression they retailed at around £200-£250 GBP in their day? I can't remember myself, I was still a schoolkid back then! Totally agree with the sentiment you quote - where did that come from? thanks
  10. Go to admit I'm not so impressed with them after a few days trying to optimise them, with all kinds of different positions tried in the room. The bass is uncontrolled and I found I had to put some acoustic damping material over the inside of the port to reduce the bass wash coming straight off the back of the bass driver - that helped quite a bit. I then had a look inside and found that basically they are overstuffed, and sounded much more open and alive with about 1/3 of the stufffing removed. I then put my ancient KEF 103.2 back on just for the comparison. Suffice to say the Wharfedales are not going back on. Compared to the KEFs they are just wrong in so many ways.
  11. My 40 year old KEF 103.2 have just seen off the third modern speaker to try to displace them here.... in this case Wharfedale Evo 4.2 which I had high hopes for. Previously, ATC SCM19 and Proac D2s have been dispatched by the KEFs too. Says it all really.
  12. The price of new hifi is becoming a sick joke. Looking at the price of new items that have basically not changed much apart from the odd tweak over decades tells a story. For example, ATC SCM50A in 1995 - £3500 I seem to recall. Today - £13500. But using the BoE inflation calculator, £3500 in £1995 equates to £6800 in 2019. So basically they have doubled in price in real terms. Harbeth P3es - £800 in 1998. Today, current model is £2495. Inflation calculator shows £800 from 1998 as £1418 today. You can repeat this exercise and get similar results for just about any long-running hifi components - e.g. SME tonearms & turntables, Sugden amps etc etc I think the hi-fi companies have cottoned on to the long-term consumer credit boom to take advantage of the fact that consumers hide the cost - from themselves! - of luxury items in their credit card bills.
  13. My curiosity was also piqued by a 3-way standmount with an AMT tweeter. I just got a pair, arrived two days ago.... after a lot of faffing around with positioning in my room I'm now very impressed. Counter to every instinct about placement for a ported speaker, I've found they are sounding best fairly close to my rear wall - only 18 cm away. I started with them in my usual speaker position of about 70 cm from rear, 1m from sides - but the bass was very swampy and slow, just not right. Tried moving them even further from walls - no real improvement. Even tried stuffing a sock in each of the ports - that tamed the bass boom but also squashed dynamics and imaging. So I tried the opposite tack - putting them about as close as I can to the rear wall (there is a radiator in the way of one of them) has had the opposite effect from what I feared from a ported speaker. The bass is still very strong but now very focused and punchy, no stodgy slowness like I had before. And mid/treble is very clear - great dynamics and sparkle. Just listened to Rachmaninov's Symphonic Dances (Ashkenazy/Concertgebouw on Decca) which is a big piece with huge dynamic range and a great variety of textures in the orchestra especially brass and all kinds of percussion - hugely impressed with these speakers for £600. One thing that bothers me slightly though is the published specs.... that 6.5" Kevlar bass driver is not 6.5".... its only 5" including the rubber surround. Wharfedale may have made its mounting plate an inch wide - but that's cosmetic. The driver is only 5". If the 2" midrange unit was measured in the same way it would be a 4" unit! Anyway, its what they sound like that really matters so I'm gonna give them some Mogwai now.
  14. Harbeth Super HL5 speakers in Eucalyptus (I think) - you can see the finish in the pictures so if you know better let me know! These are the best passive speakers I've owned. But I'm just not listening to much music now, and when I do its generally on headphones as I have new next door neighbours in my terraced house. However, I will own a pair of these again one day. I bought from another member of this forum just over two years ago. They are in pretty much perfect condition and I have the original boxes and inserts. £1400 for a quick sale - a fair bit less than I paid for them! Pick up or meet-up preferred as the boxes are large. I am in Edinburgh. The current version of these - which have minimal difference - is something like £4.8k new, so these are a bargain. I'll include the Atacam Se400 stands for another £80.... again, collect or meet-up. BTW - the Pirate ship in the pictures does not indicate the presence of small children - my kids are well into their teens now and my hifi has been perfectly safe for years. I kept the pirate ship for sentimental reasons!
  15. SOLD More bits and pieces to sell off..... I bought these excellent closed-back headphones on PFM back in October, previous owner had owned them from new for three months. I wanted to try an alternative closed back to my longstanding favourite Denon AHD-5000 which have very low impedance hence don't play nicely with my valve OTL headphone amp. These DT-1770 phones with 250R impedance do play nicely with the Earmax OTL amp but still I just marginally prefer the Denons with an alternative solid-state headphone amp. They are very good though. The phones are in as-new condition, they have only had a few hours use. They come with soft leather and velour pads which can be easily swapped. They have both a 3m straight cable and a 5m coiled cable, both of which have 3.5mm jack plugs with screw-on 6.35mm adaptors. The headphones come in a handy tough box, but are very robustly made themselves. review here: