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  1. SOLD Somewhat in two minds about this, but its not getting as much use as my Nikon Z6 despite being so much easier to use and significantly lighter to carry around. Bought new by me from Wex in February, c.480 shots taken, bought as a complete kit, with a spare battery and a half-leather case which usefully increases the size of the grip a little bit. It also includes a small flash attachment which is good for fill-in and indoor. Its ergonomically brilliant compared to other cameras - by the simple expedient of having all the controls directly accessible on the lens (aperture ring) or top plate dials for shutter speed, ISO and compensation - no faffing about trying to remember which button and thumb-wheel to use! The 16-80mm f4 is weather-sealed (like the camera) and is a fairly recent addition to the Fuji line-up, its a great lens. Its a lovely camera but I'm just tending to find that I get more out of full-frame images on my Nikon. The Fuji XT-3 camera has following features: Bасk-іllumіnаtеd 26.1МР Х-Тrаnѕ СМОЅ 4 АРЅ-С ѕеnѕоr Х-Рrосеѕѕоr 4 іmаgе рrосеѕѕіng еngіnе 4К/60Р 4:2:0 10bіt іntеrnаl ЅD саrd rесоrdіng – а wоrld fіrѕt fоr аn АРЅ-С mіrrоrlеѕѕ СЅС 1080/120р ѕlоw mоtіоn сараbіlіtіеѕ Ехtеndеd ІЅО rаngе оf 80-51,200 (160-12,800 аѕ ѕtаndаrd) 20 fрѕ соntіnuоuѕ ѕhооtіng аt full rеѕоlutіоn wіth АF (еlесtrоnіс ѕhuttеr) 3.69-mіllіоn-dоt hіgh rеѕоlutіоn ЕVF (100% соvеrаgе) 3.0" 1.04 mіllіоn dоt 3-dіrесtіоnаl tіltіng tоuсh ѕсrееn LСD mоnіtоr (100% соvеrаgе) Duаl ЅD саrd ѕlоtѕ I have all original packaging, lens and body caps,original invoice, double box for shipping. Cost £1600 new, this one is hardly used and in perfect condition. £1150 incl UK postage. I'm in Edinburgh if that's convenient for pickup. Dust doesn't half show up under flash - its not that dusty really!
  2. Brushed stainless steel can feel like that, its quite normal.
  3. I think Mark originally started Shadow Audio in Fife, then after a few years left it to then form Audioemotion with Gary, and also Elite Audio - who I think are a distribution channel as much as retailers. Shadow Audio then changed to became Jordan Acoustics. Shadow Audio were quite good when Gary was around, then that forum character who used to aggressively shill Art Loudspeakers was working there and I sort of avoided them after that. I never see anything terribly interesting on the Jordan Audio website so have never been back to them.
  4. Bought lots from them over the years and got some good deals too.
  5. I think the cabinets vibrate and muddy the sound. I was surprised to discover that there is no compliant material, i.e. a foam rubber gasket, between the drive units and the cabinet - and this I think is causing vibration to be pushed into the cabinet. Or maybe the cabinet is just not braced well enough. They are overstuffed - I removed about half the fibrewad around the bass driver and that opened up the sound considerably and was an improvement. The port on the underside of the cabinet is right next to the rear of the bass driver - and the bass bloat at the resonant frequency is terrible, no matter where I place the speakers. I reduced this to a degree simply by placing some of the stuffing I'd removed (as above) over the opening of the port on the inside, but still not enough to make them worthwhile. I also improved the bass bloat a little bit by removing the plinth that the speaker sits on, and instead had the speakers sitting directly on sorbothane pads on top of my speaker stands. So I don't think the reflex port airflow is served very well by the design of the plinths. Finally, the veneer/vinyl wrap is so soft that it practically wears off in your fingers if you handle the speakers more than a few times. I don't know if its a QA problem, or that combined with design issues, but I think they are frankly poor. Obviously I've taken the speakers apart and invalidated the warrranty - and I'm curious to learn how they could be "fixed" by myself - otherwise I would have been sending them back for a refund.
  6. I recently obtained a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.2. After a few weeks of head scratching about their sound I've come to the view that there is either something wrong with them or they are simply very bad speakers. Despite this, I've not sent them back for a refund because I would really like to work out what is wrong with them - as a bit of a long term project to learn about speakers which may yet end up with me making my own cabinets for the drivers used in the Evos and tinkering with crossovers. Whenever they were playing music there was a significant amount of vibration very clearly felt from the cabinets - far more than with other speakers I've had here, even "lossy thin-wall" BBC types. There were also terrible issues with the output of the reflex port which is right next to the back of the bass driver and which often swamped the sound. I very much hope the Wharfedale Heritage models perform much better, but I will be steering clear of Wharfedales for the time being.
  7. I had a pair of D2s about 5-6 years ago now.... they were nice but nothing special, just didn't give me great moments, and I moved them on after only about 15 months. I think they cost about £1600 then - I see they are now more like £2600 with the dome tweeter or more if you want a ribbon version. Its great they are still made in UK but those prices.... sorry, not justifiable. By contrast... I'm currently listening to pair of KEF R3.... well KEF don't have the cachet of the likes of Proac anymore since they moved most manufacturing to China... but these R3s are superb, about same size and shape as the Proac D2s but to my ears much more convincing and musically involving - and half the price.
  8. Listened to this last night. Its a stonker. Wish she'd do Prokofiev's 2nd - we need a new modern recording of it!
  9. I see 104.2s advertised from time to time but they'll be too big for the space here. How are Reference one regarded? - the late 90s model with the single dual-concentric driver in front on a curved baffle, and a bass cavity.
  10. I have a pair of Kef 103/2 - mentioned on another thread here the other week, I know they have occasional problems, there is a mechanical noise from one woofer on very heavy bass tracks above a certain volume so I reckon it must be sagging out of alignment. But 99% of the time they sound excellent. I've been struggling to replace them with modern speakers - tried a number of alternatives and just nothing has the presence or soundscape. However....modern Kefs - any views on these? The current reference range are way way above my price level - how much??!! But the next level down, the R3, R5, R7.... any experiences?
  11. Vivanco is about the only one I remember.
  12. Look good? Speakers with ankle warmers? Hmm.
  13. Funny things happen to prices when they cross the Atlantic - in either direction. Import costs, distributors cut, how they get marketed etc. Sticking to the UK price, yes I can accept that in today's hifi price terms they might be £2k GBP rather than the £920 that UK inflation rates would suggest.
  14. I was under the impression they retailed at around £200-£250 GBP in their day? I can't remember myself, I was still a schoolkid back then! Totally agree with the sentiment you quote - where did that come from? thanks