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  1. Not sure...I'm still in shock that this a cable thread on page 3 and still civilised...must be the C19 effect. be nice. be very very nice
  2. There was an ex demo pair of Ardens online recently for around the 5 mark. Anyway, I have the same prob . Mrs Rock can be quite 'vociferous' but a few hugs and flowers usually stretch the budget:)
  3. The bigger speakers may look big, but will work in that room size very well I think. There is, IME a direct connection between 'warmth' and cabinet size. Small cabs simply don't resonate enough and tend much more towards a lean, accurate sound. That can be lovely ofc, but not what you said you wanted.
  4. Yeah...I hit a lamppost in my Ford too and that didn't cope either...rubbish design, the Ford.
  5. Tannoy Legacy Arden's. Case closed Single point source speakers like the tannoys excel at filling a room with out of the box music. They sound powerful but easy, are room tuneable and don't need monster amps to power them. The Sugden integrated would sound amazing at a guess. I've heard them driven by a 21 and that was impressive enough. The JBL's are also on my list, but the Klipsch would not be. Sublime when perfectly room and amp matched on most music but if it's wrong it's very wrong IME.
  6. Huge list, mostly falling into the general category of being 'British' in some slightly old fashioned sense. I'd take out small boxes because only the thin walled cabinet approach does 'warm' in tiny boxes and not really even then. Top of my list would be Tannoy (the new legacy models), AudioNote UK J's or E's, Spendor, Harbeth (7's or larger) or maybe Wharefdale's latest Linton Heritage. Much less money but apparently sounding exactly as you require. Harbeths esp are quite happy 1' from a rear wall. The HL5+ would be ideal. A more detailed and refined Linton, but twice the price. Avoid anything rear ported. What's the amp? Valves might help you down that route too?
  7. It's quite clear but I think we need an electronics designer to explain what is happening and find a solution...or maybe just stay with the marantz? Very good amps, and what you lose in sound you will gain in perceived reliability?
  8. as radiant says.Line straight removes the bass, treble and loudness function from the signal path. If it's on, then an indicator ligh is also on to alert you. If you operate loudness with LS on, the LS light flashes, warning you you cannot do that. Turn LS off and loudness works, but does not have it's own 'loudness on' light.
  9. There is...sry, my mistake. It doesn't work if you have line straight selected tho...is that it?
  10. I have the same amp...been problem free for years, but, no loudness button. There is none on the 505, so not sure what is happening there? As to motorboat noises etc, can't you shift the router and cable a few feet? Might solve it?
  11. just whatever sounded best, but if it's of interest, Speakers 1 : England 2: England 3: Drivers Britain, cabinets Scotland (via Wickes). Deck: England Arm: England Cartridge: japan Amp: Japan CD player: Japan. Cables no idea.
  12. I'd love to do it again. Inevitable this year but so glad it's trotting on
  13. Hi Mark Is the show on?
  14. Just finished a pair of ported 120Litre cabs for 1970's 12" Monitor Gold R's. Interesting from 2 points I think. First, I know zero about cab building or tannoys, so the first thread linked below is building info and contains lots of sources and websites and discussion if anyone is contemplating something similar, and, during that I came across the theory of 'constrained layer damping' for the cabinet walls. It's well referenced in that first thread and the result seems excellent. The second link is the actual building thread. I hope I'm allowed these links to PFM...it's too long to reproduce here, but I'll add a photo here for temptations sake https://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/building-tannoys-beginners-help-please.236233/ https://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/building-120l-cabs-for-12-tannoy-monitor-gold-rs.237172/
  15. I'm fine thanks...remote Scotland is a good place to be isolated in some ways...provided you don't eat too much Glad to hear you lot are fine. Stay that way! Hi Les! Thanks yes...I think I'd better do a thread here on the build, or anyway link it from PFM if that's allowed. It's lengthy, but the final outcome is lovely. Very pleased with them, although my room is a bit of a bugger with something nasty in the resonances happening around the 750 -1500Khz area. Once I have that sorted, then they'll be as good as I have ever owned. This is me after 6 weeks of work putting in the last screw! Yes, I know...old git, last screw ho ho
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