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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Roksan-Xerxes-Turntable-in-rosewood-finish/152848258164
  2. Yes, I had the midrange unit changed when the improved unit came along. I hear what you say about a sidewards move, I will only change for something the wife and I agree is an upgrade. Talking of which has anyone hear heard a pair of Magico speakers on the end of Naim gear? Rumours are they are very transparent and dynamic.
  3. Or possibly a second 500 at some point Lindsay, I like the thought of going active as Serg suggests.
  4. I know what I am hearing Keith, why would i need a machine to tell me?
  5. A pair of 500's and a pair of Kudos 808's are calling to me Serge Damn, I was going to suggest a swap lol
  6. I had the pleasure of the Alnico's here when they first came out Uzzy. They are a beautiful pair of speakers, so natural sounding and as you say, they integrate perfectly. For most, they are better than the Deco 's but for me, I prefer a more rawer sound than the Alnico's can provide. That was also the downfall of the ATC 150's. You are also right about the SEAS tweeter, it draws attention to itself at the cost of the background information and thats what I am looking to improve on.
  7. I remember it well Phil, the Manchester show I believe. We had a good chat about ARTs and hi-fi. The ART's are over ten years old now and things move on, hence the itchy feet. I have heard better now and feel the time is right to start looking again. Not going to rush into it I thought you were being serious Stu lol, they are available for a good price
  8. That doesn't always work Danny, you change something and it doesn't always have the desired effect, then you end up on a merry go round trying to get to where you were. Wise words indeed and don't worry I have been around long enough to know when something is better and worth upgrading to. I am not going to change just for the sake of it.
  9. It has to be the right tweeter Stu, I have heard tweeter improvements and they are not always better! Out of interest, why would you sell the ART's abroad, is there no demand in the UK? I can't imagine they are the easiest to ship abroad!
  10. I tried big Shahinians many years ago and couldn't get on with them. I couldn't understand the sound staging, thats something the ART's have. They do huge pin point sound staging. Evening Stu, how's things? Yes, I do have a liking for the big Kudos speakers, as I do for big Neats Again, been there and done that Stu, I had a big pair of 150's here. Very accurate and articulate but I preferred the ART's to them.
  11. What, with two Naim 500"s??
  12. Good question, I guess I am looking for more transparency and tighter bass.
  13. i am starting to get itchy feet with speakers again. I currently use ART Deco 20's and am wondering whether the time is right to start looking at alternatives. So what do you think, what would be reasonable alternatives?
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