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  1. dzeikei wrote: by the matching power amp
  2. icehockeyboy wrote: if your trying to flog your player.... saying KK says its good might not help you
  3. kingsxfan wrote: Or both of them.... :Dsays an art user
  4. Neilb wrote: I had the turnberrys which I sold to meninblack and now have glenair 15 I have also used all the prestige range in the past they are fantastic speakers and work with all kit i even used a Naim 202 200 cdx2 for a year with turnberrys and have used 12 watt single ended to 1000 watts mono blocks with them any amp sounds good with prestige speakers even my chord stuff the glenair 10 is the runt of the litter and its hard to get a good sound out of it that said there are some smaller rooms where the speaker still has space to be moved away from the wall where it sings its aimed at the person who wants a 10 inch driver but wifes wants something that looks newer than the rest of the prestige range prestige range speakers will play ANY music from didio to classic
  5. Dannish wrote: thats what i said ........... guess who is new test driver next year for williams mr glock Hmmm. you sure? http://www.zimbio.com/Toyota+Formula+1/articles/18/Toyota+F1+keep+Glock+for+09 I was only joking but that was written ages ago... and before todays race
  6. paulf-2007 wrote: :shock:Not really into subs... but :nup:if you must and I see your into DIY build one of these http://www.royaldevice.com/custom.htm
  7. PeteVid wrote: not really he had the wrong tires the real shock was not that lewis passed him... but how well he did to pass lewis first as it was getting wetter and wetter lewis would have been able to pass him again he just left it late
  8. JCL wrote: thats what i said ........... guess who is new test driver next year for williams mr glock
  9. istari knight wrote: if it was me I would go for the van damme Whys that Dave ? I had some of their black phonos & blue 4mm speaker cable & while it did its job it was a bit boring IMO I just like it very good with valves
  10. JANDL100 wrote: if it was me I would go for the van damme
  11. ORIENT_PIRATE wrote: You can't till people hear a pair of speakers that do what Tannoy do they wont understand Big drivers 10 inch and over and 90db or more are the way it sould be IMO it's not a matter of explaining its of hearing
  12. HiFiWigWam wrote: most rain is xmas onwards till ? april mid may apart from rain forest
  13. meninblack wrote: I was a regular at the races 1983 2003 Page and Moy done better out of me than any hi fi shop ..... my view is if and its a big if If Lewis wins its because the others are even crapper than him, not that he is a great driver he is a good driver with luck on his side Its not just what it use to be I can see a 1994 bump happening .... who is going to get a big sack of money from Scuderia Ferrari
  14. plug3 wrote: they will be back
  15. Leftfield wrote: not sure have you a picture or link ?
  16. AmDismal wrote: if you have dCS kit stick to it, I have in the past played with dCS kit and have never found it to like being mixed If you go that direct best to use Loud and Clear as your dealer or Lintone :cool:IMO
  17. GJO wrote: clean them with pledge every couple of months
  18. garyi wrote: nope blind not allowed to drive :(my last three new cars where all VW Golfs but its been about 6 years since my sight was good enough to drive