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  1. Time to slip a claim through BP me thinks
  2. I wouldn't even go there to be honest. Anyway, well done James. Seeing as neither of us are Yanks I'll offer you a firm gentleman's handshake
  3. I take it the show is go? or am I missing something?
  4. Funny, my dads 2008 Freelander 2 has hit 50k without needing anything more than servicing and tyres.
  5. Sadly it's been going down hill since Peter went to China to work for IAG.
  6. The 8 series is cheap but horrendously expensive to maintain. I know a few who told me they got 'bargains' only to find out the real cost of running these things. Still, the appeal is there that's for sure.
  7. Presuming Terry is jealous?
  8. I wondered how long it would take Adam to post this! Nice story about the birth of the Range Rover design:
  9. Has anybody had a listen? Specifically the stand-mounts? I've been pricing up a new stand-mount speaker build and came across these. The drivers used (Seas Excel and Neo3.0) plus the quality of the cabinet at the price point virtually renders construction of something similar pretty much pointless. Okay, the x-over might have a few corners cut but I could sort now no problems.
  10. Why would they bother to do it??
  11. Not sure what is more embarrassing; Lampard's goal or England's performance, oh wait I do..... What a complete bunch of wankers and to think they get paid to play for England, tossers the lot and as for that Terry, well I'm ashamed he's English.
  12. Only use Van Damme for all my cables now and I've just about made and tried everything.
  13. If the output is shorted it'll be almost immediate. Almost certain the output and drivers will have died and a diode or two maybe. Not a major problem really should be reasonable cost to fix.
  14. Well I've just got back from watching Wigan v St Helens. Not got the result I wanted but the passion that those lads threw into that game shows just what a complete disgrace the England players are and to be fair prof footballers in general. Put into perspective; Chris Tuscon, a young forward at Wigan probably earns £25k a year. Today he had his nose totally destroyed, blood everywhere, his conk flat as a pancake, what did he do? went off got it strapped up and got back on straight back into the tackles. It shows just what a disgrace football has become.