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  1. I have paired my Rega IO with Q Concept 20s , I’m very happy with the result.
  2. All Hi Fi forums can close down now, we’ve got there https://aestheticsforbirds.com/2021/04/07/an-audio-professionals-take-on-vinyl/
  3. 1977 Pioneer PL12D with Shure M75ED Rotel RA212 amp Wharfedale Dentons
  4. So how can a DAC be 'musical'? (Apologies didn't read whole thread , looks like this has been discussed!) There is a kind of anthropomorphism going on here ie giving human characteristics like 'musical' to inanimate objects like a DAC.
  5. So can a DAC bestow PRaT upon a piece of recorded music?
  6. But many perhaps most recordings don't document a single group performance. The illusion that one can hope to get closest to is the the stereo master tape or file that was put forward for replication and distribution, be it as a file , on CD or Vinyl etc. Now this master may, probably did, have all kinds of eq and effects etc applied to it in the recording , mixing and mastering process but it's that finished master tape/file that the producer/artist wants you to hear. I think a redbook CD (or equivalent) , correctly reproduced,and manufactured is probably the closest one gets to that m
  7. I don’t think it’s saying that , the graph only goes up to 16kHz, perhaps the pipe organ can play up to 16k in which case the line is black Up to 16k and the overtones and harmonics, yellow part go beyond 16k. The black part of the bar graph, the fundamental frequencies are taking preference over the harmonics of the lower notes which they block out. Edit - looking more closely at the Pipe organ bar it does end at about 16k, i think they've just missed off the harmonic part of it.
  8. Ah yes that's a more interesting chart. So a speaker that can go down to 50Hz say, you would be missing the fundamental frequency of notes played on instruments that go below 50Hz but the speaker should re-produce the harmonics and overtones above 50Hz hence one can still hear their presence.
  9. The problem I have is that with the best hi-fi (presumably v expensive kit), I would find myself listening to the equipment not the music, wondering whether the outlay had been justified. With good budget kit I find it much easier to forget the kit and just listen to the music.
  10. Overtones and harmonics are at frequencies above the fundamental frequency of the note the instrument is playing. Hence on the graph if the lowest a bass guitar can get get down to 31Hz which is a B (I though it would be an open E , 41Hz, on the bottom string but I guess the bottom string can be tuned to the B below that E) then all overtones and Harmonic will be at frequencies above that 31Hz. At the top end, if the highest a human can hear is about 20kHz (more like 14kHz for a bloke of my age I believe if I''m lucky) then the graph displays quite well what we can expect a speaker to re
  11. For a year I owned Harbeth P3ESRs, KEF LS50s and Q Acoustics Concept 20s and would listen to each for a month or two at a time driven by an 80W Yamaha amp. I don't listen at loud volume levels. I liked all 3 speakers but the first to go were the LS50s as I felt I couldn't listen to them at a loud enough volume to hear them at their best. A few more months of listening to the Harbeths and the Concept 20s led me to settling on the Concept 20s. I preferred the extra bass extension of the Concept 20s but in other respects there wasn't that much to chose between them in my room at the levels I list
  12. Would love to hear your views on on the 3020s and the Concept 20s when you get the chance.
  13. I joined on the 25th July 2005, I thought I'd left it late. I was a refugee from the Hi Fi choice forum, James said 'over here everybody' as I think the Hi Fi Choice forum was closing? It was the wild west in the early years, with some great characters, where are they all now? Some are still around I know on various HiFi fora.
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