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  1. Tel, They genuienly would be a good upgrade for you, now just do your numbers on saturday night and you never know!
  2. I would agree with Griffo, Dartzel, and a Lyra Connoisseur would make a very acceptable combination, easily making one of the most musical insightful and realistic sounds today for ourselves. The Lyra Connoisseur is simply the finest off the shelf pre-amp I have heard todate bar none. The Ayro mono's I find a bit dry and lacking tonally (thats realistic tonal qualities not introduced euphoric ones ) and the total get you there ability, but great gear all the same Though as for the lamm monos humm............I would kindly pass those on to a needy cause
  3. Mr Coherent

    Hovland HP100

    Got to be honest the Concerto does need a serious lift, prehaps Tom could fit them as standard?
  4. Neil, why take you hat off? They going to sound the same with it on or off
  5. griffo104 wrote: I see dark storm clouds and lightening bolts descending on the Malverns. You do realise they burnmythoclasts at the stake for not obeying the 10 commandments of the Audiophile. Simon, Good job we are not Audiophiles down here is it not Oh running the Kondo moment a close second is the chap with the full monty sme 30 and susporting cast who had a 'qualifying moment' on his preconceptions of cd reply, he hated it so much he bought one lol! Yes there was one more, some very expensive uber horn loaded drivers, Tad equipped I believe quite nice, very big and expensive sound, almost together sounding too, impressive and dynamics, yet failed most assuredly in the draw you into to the music stakes, close, but the cigar is a still a way off.
  6. Best smile moment for us this year, replacing a Kondo pre amp (M7) with a much lesser cost solid state unit and finding music, vitality and involvement in the system. One of the best moments for a long time
  7. We have a couple of PS3's, ( we have had the odd issue with sloppy motion) as I mentioned before, the monitor/TV unit has more than smattering to do with this, remeber true HD needs 1080P not 1080i, also motion on a lot of TV's are not as good as claimed
  8. I picked up a D300 a couple of weeks back, though the carriage wasn't cheap A most acceptable unit.
  9. Being honest a serious disappointment
  10. Have to honest here Danny, we have been experimenting with both. So far blu-ray has more software, and Sony behind it. Performance wise its splitting hairs in the picture stakes, both (with the right screen and supporting cast) give great results, although there is no processors currently decoding the Dolby or DTS HD true sound formats. Though sound seems to be enhanced even with the stock dolby or dts formats. I personally feel that HD dvd has more potential in the technology departments, though neither formats have been currently fully explored to their potential, in the same way cd has only got accpetable in the last 5 years. We have both current top models of each format, even modded a Tosh HD EX-1. very nice unit, worth a look see. It will go the same way of the sacd/dvd-a if the manufactuers do not get there act together. One word of warning though not all 1080P sets are the same, worth checking out the new Sharpe LCD, first one I've have seen with no movement issues. Have fun. (We sell neither of the companies products listed above)
  11. Only one stands out for myself this year, listening to an uber 'hifi' system back in August, obsence amount of money in cost, though it looked beautiful and would not be out of place next to a Damien Hurst exhibition ! Simply the most repungant sound I have ever yet heard, untter, utter hifi drivel of the first order. Not even Mr.C could have saved it from disappearing up its own bottom in pretentiousness. Being perfectly honest the owner matched the kit in every way. A symbiotic partnership if every the was one A truly enlightening day as how NOT to impress anyone and turn them off this great hobby
  12. Hi Mike, Yes I am sure we will bump into to each other at Manchester in January, we have two rooms there Hope every one has a great couple of days off, I know for once I am
  13. Andy, The Belles Soloist power amp.
  14. Focal have just released a new pricing structure for these stunning looking and sounding speakers. The Profile series is now only available in the Diamond Black finish Profile 908 stand mounts £1399. Matching stnads for the 908's £299. Profile 918 2.5 way floorstanders £1999. Profile SW904 subwoofer £999. Profile SR908 dipole surrounds (Satin Black finish) £1199. Even more good reasons for trying out these great speakers, top draw with home cinema too!