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  1. Indeed my upgrade path would be to move from the Dac64 to the Chordette. I heard the Venere 1.5's and they seemed quite lively. Where I am the Dynaudios are rather more expensive then the Veneres. I am a little concerned if the Bow can drive the speakers as the impedance are 4 ohms. The Bow is 75 watt class A though. I will be asking the dealer if he can do a home demo.
  2. Anyone with some feedback on either of these ? thkx
  3. I am getting my hifi room done up, and have short listed these two speakers. Amp is a Bow ZZ1 (75 w per ch). Source is still via my trusty CHord DAC 64. Room is about 5 x 10m. I enjoy jazz,clasical rock, Dire Straights, Dave Mathews etc. I am looking for soundstage, good midrange, and seperation between instruments. My last speaker was a Monitor Audio Gold 20 - the setup caused some listener fatigue which I am trying to avoid now. Appreciate your views. The other recommended option by the dealer is the Proac Studio 140 Mk2. I am not familiar with these. Many thanks in advance.
  4. RJdio

    AVI integrated

    Dude, I can also attest to the unit. I had to go a long way to best the unit. The only3 negative points I have - The Leds are damn bright! -The remote is tacky -The heat sink is really sharp (nicked me a couple of times while cleaning) Other than that no complains. Oozes with power and transcients are quite distinct. Have fun!
  5. Lars Ulrich - somewhere up there with the best Billy Cobham - saw him live and am a fan now! Vinnie Appice - bet no one's heard of him but heres a pic ...
  6. Well I've been using these - copper cables very stiff but go well with MrC's copper interconnects.. from a Austrailian internet company, some of my mates are also using them and are happy too.. Are the Atlas - silver?
  7. holy craps:shock:ok Im behind - but just realised theres a signature series now... hmm i thought they were releasing a platinum range. Either way how are the GS-10's?? Anyone heard them... I keep playing with the idea of going to standmounts. Just missing something that I felt I had with the old B&W's.
  8. Good to see somethings never go out of style. what speaker cables being used ?
  9. Hello guys - FInally logging in after 6 months plus and in a new continent.. more later. Hifinut - I tried out this cable some time ago (stereovox hdxv)and although I found nothing wrong with it, I did not find it any better thanmy bog standard toslink cable. I hope you are enjoying yours.
  10. :off:You're a real heartbreaker Tony. Way too much info there mate. Maybe the rest of the funds was for R&D. I still like them though I may never look at them in the same way.
  11. Tony - you should put together a MA20 upgrade kit together with detail instructions. Im sure there will be many takers,I for one. I have no problems opening up any kit with electronics, but speakers scare me. btw, you mentioned once in a PM and now here to change out the wiring. I dont want to open a box of worms, but why would MA putinferior wiringin thier top model. And what kind of wire do other dealersuse. Im guessing probably the cable with the best synergy between the drivers. Its scary, but the thought comes to mind that people have been spending wads on expensive cables, while the internal cross over wiring could be shite...as it was the best sounding to the designer. Chezi - Inspired by your avatar, I just demoed a Kasabian cd and bought it. Will try it out in the car later. (no stereo for me for a few months)
  12. Wow - never knew there was so much discontent over him. He did play for the queen... well his cd (twenthsomething) at least was well recorded and some of the tunes catchy and different from the usual jazz standards.
  13. Wow - never knew there was so much discontent over him. He did play for the queen... well his cd (twenthsomething) as least was well recordrd and some of the tunes cathcy and different from the usual jazz standards. hmm so why the bias over in the uk ?
  14. Saw this at the record shop, whats the verdict ? I really like the twentysomething cd, and hope this one has not gone pop.
  15. well maybe it just this particular wilson dealer... the watt/puppy systems must be selling like hot cakes.