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  1. Just to close my thread off... The Densen power amp arrived DOA on one channel, after all the waiting and drama too! Currently being looked at by repair engineer, Seller is cool, will foot bill for repair. So...Plan B it was. Must be off my head but hey... A long drive from Glasgow to Woking to collect it, my gut says do it, turns out it was right. Recently recapped and serviced by ex-Meridian engineer Meridian 557 in the house. Sounds bloody wonderful, big step up from the 70wpc Rotel I had in before. Weirdly though, despite the difference in watts (70 vs 200) not significantly "louder" sounding? All about weight, grunt and dynamics with this thing, very neutral and transparent sounding too. When the Densen's out of Hospital I'll take a view on what to do, having the matching Pre with it is a bit of a thing, so shall see. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.
  2. Ok, New amps hooked up, the "good" XLR definitely best used between amp and Pre. Funny old game this.
  3. Cool. [Jack Nicholson smiling gif]
  4. I’m going more on theory David than practice, and assuming a difference. Im steering myself more towards the Pre-Power, as any (assumed) improvement in cable will benefit the whole system. Yeah, decided. That makes more sense to me. Maybe try them both of a wet Sunday afternoon at some point.
  5. Yeah, cos XLRs do that Reckon Pre to power, that way any assumed benefit will get to my Turntable as well, not just the Dac. That said, listen to digital more so... I'll have a try with both. ta.
  6. Hi Question about XLR cable connections is a balanced Dac-Pre/Power amp setup if I can? I'm currently connecting Dac to Preamp using a Foo XLR cable, and my Pre is connected (or was) to my power amp using RCA. Picking up a new power amp with XLR input tomorrow, so now in a position to run a fully balanced setup - Yay 'n such. So 2 XLR cables used: 1 to hook Dac to Pre 1 between Pre to Power. Have 2 XLR cables, the fancy one I currently use for the Dac, and a good but "normal" one I will bring into service for the other. I know XLRs are less prone to noise etc than RCA, and maybe less of a difference between them, but still think its worth putting the Foo one where it will do the most good? Just looking for some opinions please, put it at the Source or between Pre and power? I know and I will try both and listen for myself, just wonder if there's any accepted wisdom in this. Maybe the old subjective "no size fits all" applies here and it doesn't really matter? Cheers.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Helpful sometimes to get some perspective from others that have actually owned the kit! cheers.
  8. Picking the 557 up in exactly 2 days, let you know Man! Will be next-level compared to what I have currently I'm sure...depending how it goes...dont' expect a reply right away! You steered me this way....its on YOU! :-)
  9. Just bought a recently recapped/serviced 557, as good an example as you could hope for. Zero doubts happy bunny here. Will be WAY better than what I had before. Power amp upgrade was always meant as a stepping stone to McIntosh though? In my head it was always that final step. This is before I've actually heard it of course. Maybe THIS Meridian's good enough? Its used with a PS Audio BHK Pre, as good as I'm ever gonna get. Rest of my system I'm assuming is "good enough", just fixed on the amps. (i.e. No limitations from the speakers) Opinions of the Meridian 557 please in context of "Heavy Hitters" like McIntosh? Might save me a kidney or two! Thanks.
  10. MakeMKV is the way to go, been using it for years for my Plex library.
  11. With the Optical Dac Input, Speakers can also be used as a “sound bar” setup for your TV, games console, cable box or whatever you have. Sound stonkingly good through their internal Dac, and the DSP settings can work great for different types of viewing, movies, live music, gaming...whatever.
  12. No, The price was always in the Top line. It was edited to add "ono" (or nearest offer) to the Price stated. (forgot to do that!)
  13. Now SOLD thanks for looking. Both Speakers + Stands £385 ono Delivered to UK EDIFIER S2000 PRO ACTIVE DSP BOOKSHELF MONITORS * 3 Class-D TI TAS5754 internal amps - 50 Watts per channel RMS * Internal 24/192 Burr-Brown PCM1802 DAC * XLR Inputs * WIMA Capacitors - 105dB SNR audio * Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity * Remote control for audio input, volume adjustment and mode switching * Inbuilt DSP - 4 modes, Vocal, Monitor, Classic, and Dynamic * 5.5" Aluminium cone woofer, Planar diaphragm tweeter * Rear Ported Both speakers and stands in "as new" condition. Bought these in April 2019 for a 3rd system in the bedroom. Classy looking bit of kit, look a bit like Sonus Fabers with their angled front baffles and real wood thick side panels. Perfect for a low box count all in one system As an active speaker: * Just hook up your Analogue or Digital source * Play your Roon library, Spotify, Qobuz or Tidal from your Phone to them via Bluetooth * Solid weighty and fast bass, open mids and top, plays loud and clean. Some reviews: ISOACOUSTICS ISO-200 STANDS These are used in Music Studios around the world for speaker Isolation because they WORK. 250mm x 200mm Case Studies and more information HERE: Thanks for Looking!
  14. Read these are really good elsewhere, Have one lined up, a minter fully recapped and serviced by ex-Meridian engineer so a good example. Its an older amp of course, so wondering if any Wammer's have had one and what they think, thinks to look out for...etc. Sensitive to cables, works best with a good Pre...that kinda thing. Cheers.