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  1. The only things I did were twofold. Firstly, replace the internal wiring - this is a benefit throughout the speaker but is a MUST for the bass driver. The stuff Leak used is pathetic and removes part of the bass spectrum! You don't need any fancy cable - I used the 1.5mm sq. cores from an old damaged garden mains extension lead. Other than that, i changed the capacitors in the crossover and removed the polarised electrolytic in the midrange circuit which is poor practice. Again don't waste your money on any foo nonsense - I used Visaton MKT film capacitors and their bi-polar electrolytics that you can buy from Impact Audio in the UK here: https://impactaudio.co.uk/collections/visaton-crossover-components
  2. I worked in the hi-fi industry and can assure you that a good few demos with “high end” accessories or cable have absolutely nothing to do with any performance gains. They’re simply there because people listening to and looking at the kit expect expensive accessories to be used with such items and the manufacturers get a hard time if they don’t!
  3. No, they no longer have UK distribution. I reviewed the Cassianos about 15 years ago when they were using the Isophon brand name and they were around £12,000 then IIRC. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Meh - Torlyte. Old hat. I was thinking something more exotic. I reckon, for example, that the thixotropic properties of custard could well pay huge dividends in the lower midrange. Although you’d have to slap the block down hard so it doesn’t sink too quickly.
  5. Or keeping it away from the floor, which could be noisy. Hence the term "noise floor".
  6. That's an interesting outcome. It would be good to understand if different support materials for the mains block also influenced the sound in different ways, and also whether varying the height from the floor is a factor, too.
  7. Good god no. Absolutely not. Utterly vile things. Even worse than old Royds and I can’t offer much more of an insult than that!
  8. Gauder Akustik - https://gauderakustik.com/index.php/en/
  9. I’ve heard quite a few pairs of ceramic-delivered loudspeakers and a good number of them were very disappointing. However one manufacturer seems to get them very, very right and every pair of their designs I have heard have absolutely blown me away. I can only conclude therefore that it’s the crossover that makes or breaks them and the steeper the slopes the better.
  10. To be fair, you can't really miss it!
  11. Neither do I! And to be strictly fair, 'only' 33 of them are mine - the others are just passing through for repair/restoration. To answer your question, the TX-1000 is permanently set up in the lounge and it is the one I use the most. In my listening room I have space for two in operation - one is the Michell Gyro SE that I use in my reviewing system and the other changes according to my mood. My Yamaha GT-2000 was there for a long time but it was cleared off last week to make way for the turntable I'm currently reviewing. When that goes, I might stick something else in for a while. The others are either sitting on side shelves in the listening room, boxed up in the loft, in my workshop awaiting fettling or sneakily hidden under the bed in one of the spare rooms (please don't tell Mrs. B - she hasn't spotted it yet! ) Ironically, for someone who does own so many turntables, I only regularly listen to a handful. Obviously the sensible thing to do would be to sell some and i have considered this, but then I lay down for a bit and the nasty feeling went away...
  12. I have a small suitcase full of cables. And 36 turntables in the house currently. I am reliably informed that I passed from "hobby" to "obsession" long ago...
  13. Speakers burn in as they are mechanical devices. Cables do not.
  14. ^^^This^^^ Also, I'm generally wary of recommending a vintage direct drive to someone not familiar with turntables or electronics. When your old belt or idler deck goes wobbly, it's usually fixed with some oil, a new belt/idler clean and maybe some switch cleaner. When a vintage DD goes awry, the outcome is often the necessity to break out the service manual and oscilloscope.
  15. Half a million quid and still driven by a rubber band!
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