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  1. To be honest, I don;t think I've ever encountered ANY horn loudspeakers that aren't, at best, odd-looking and, at worst, downright hideous.
  2. As Rabski says, phono stage or cartridge. The suspension may well have called it a day whilst in storage.
  3. I've never had any problems with storing hi-fi in the loft but a friend does remove his cassette decks from his loft in the height of summer to preserve the belts.
  4. I'd probably start with the B&O Beolab 50s that I spotted on eBay for £15k...
  5. According to my rough 168%.
  6. Beobloke


    Dammit has there been a flounce that I've missed? I've always enjoyed a good flounce and we haven't had one for ages..
  7. Beobloke

    SME model 6

    Oh believe me, it’s thrown me as well, although I’ve been researching it purely for my own interest and it has thrown up a few interesting points. All I can say is that damn thing worked and sounded stunning!
  8. Beobloke

    SME model 6

    Actually, on closer inspection, one question does spring to mind. Given that the arm mount doesn’t appear to be the traditional SME sliding bedplate and the headshell only has holes, not slots, how do you align the cartridge?
  9. Beobloke

    SME model 6

    I can’t quite bring myself to applaud anyone who has had a hand in stopping SME from selling arms on their own. I’m sure the company had its reasons but I still think it’s a crazy decision, personally.
  10. Beobloke

    SME model 6

    Oooh. I like that. I like that a lot.
  11. Why? It's a perfectly acceptable figure. Oversimplifying things hugely, if the amp can deliver 340W per channel, then that's a total of 680W on the output. Erring on the safe side and assuming the amplifier circuitry is 85% efficient then it will need (680/0.85)W on the mains input to achieve this, which equals 800W.
  12. I think your best bet is to follow the example by a chap who posted his efforts on the Beoworld forum a few years back - a pair of Beolab 90s in custom weatherproof enclosures that could be opened and closed as required.
  13. As far as I can tell, I think they’ve been buying up old ones.
  14. Funny, I’ve always thought the Red Lines were rubbish! A refurbished Beomaster 4000 that doesn’t sound disappointingly boring would be nice...