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  1. Managed to fit in a bit of work on the Yamaha A-960II amp. The new muting relay is fitted and I successfully stripped down the treble slider, located the slider contacts that fall off and glued them back into place. I then moved onto the bass control and, sadly, the contacts appear to have fallen out rather than stayed conveniently rattling around in the base of the slider. It should still work in 'Direct' Mode but my CDO wants the lot fixed, so I'll be looking for slide potentiometers at the weekend, by the looks of it.
  2. Indeed. It’s a fully integrated automatic turntable/changer.
  3. Sorry, sorry! It’s a Garrard Lab 80 Mk2.
  4. If you want fully automatic then you can scratch the Linn, Ariston, Kenwood KD-550, Regas and Michell Focus as these are all manual. And you could add in the Sony PS-X6 and 7, Pioneer PL-3F and PL-707, and the Hitachi PS-58
  5. That’s a relief! Now I can take my time this weekend on the repairs and fettling that I was going to have to panic-bodge tonight! Seriously though, I’m disappointed but I quite understand why it has been done. Will look forward to another attempt later in the year.
  6. Absolutely. They are rich musicians and should be taking their own rooms. I wouldn’t even mind if they shared - I’m a reasonable person.
  7. You’re not borrowing any of my LPs. I’ve trained them to only play on direct drives and they’ll cause havoc on an LP12...
  8. Room 205 will have a top of the range Yamaha CD player on which any visitor is welcome to hear their CDs. As long as they’re not Adele or Ed Sheeran obviously...
  9. I will be continuing my tried and trusted method of 'an upper followed by a downer' by alternating Enya and Slipknot all day.
  10. Relay for the Yamaha amp has arrived from Germany so need to get that changed this week. Also discovered that the cueing lever on the GT-2000 no longer does anything, so the arm needs to come off for a look at that. To be fair, it was one of the many things destroyed on it when I bought it, so my string/glue/blu-tack/sticky-backed plastic repair might just have come adrift.... [emoji3]
  11. Audiolab 8000A - punch?!! Not in my experience - I personally find the original 8000A to be one of the most dreary, depressing,tonally 'grey' and joyless things I have ever come across. It sucks the life out of the music like little else. Nicely made and with good facilities, though... I'd say the OP's experiences are down to either the Reloop or the headphones.
  12. It was what we call in the trade a”joke”. I think most other people understood this.
  13. I bought a pair at a car boot sale many years ago. They looked a bit like old Leaks so I wondered if they would sound as good. They didn’t. They were crap.
  14. My sincerest condolences to you. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
  15. IMO, you want a ported sub as I have never heard a sealed subwoofer even come vaguely close to being able to play a tune in time with the rest of the music.