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  1. My contract has just ended on my 3Gs on 02, have moved to a rolling monthly contract that saves me £15 a month. Latest rumours that there'll be the iPhone5 announced June/July. Might be worth the wait. Some suggestions there will be two versions, one with a lower spec and cheaper. I hate the idea of being tied into a contract on an Iphone4 which in four or five months is going to be old tec. If I can afford it will try and buy the Iphone5 outrirght.
  2. Welcome About a Kurd refugee trying to get to UK from Calais to find his girlfriend and the French bloke that befriends him. Really terrific performance from Vincent Lindon. Certainly made me reconsider my views on immigration into UK etc. Excellent film, in French, subtitled but plot is very straightforward. Interesting civil liberties issues raised too. Highly recommended.
  3. Anyone considering the new UK Amazon Kindle? Never been tempted before but the new Kindles look quite interesting. Anyone tried the older versions or competitor products - what do you think?
  4. Terrific French movie about a dysfunctional French family. Well worth a view. Shortlisted for the 2009 Cesars for best film. Beautifully acted, lots of laughs and a few tears.
  5. Geez, and I thought the England game was tense - this has the potential for life and death nerves and a much bigger bloodbath. They do look awesome, in a Chrysler building kind of a way. Good luck mon ami! :-)
  6. iOS4 update was straightforward and seems pretty bug free from what I can see on my 3GS.
  7. CamerAlert - shows you all traffic cameras on your journey Amazon UK - good if you do a lot of shopping with Amazon... TVGuide - you'll never need a Radio Times again AroundMe - restaurants, bars, hospitals, cashpoints etc near your current location Guardian - best newspaper ap on iphone 20 Min Meals - Jamie Oliver cooking (paid but turns you into a half decent cook)
  8. I went for the 27" - I'm mostly going to use it for Final Cut Express and PhotoShop. Was previously using PC with a 22" and a 17" monitor combined and found with PS in particular I needed the additional space to work efficiently and maximise the image on one larger screen. With the 27" iMac no need for that anymore. Only thing I'd say is that the iMac takes up a lot of table-top space, (but it does look gorgeous). If that's not a concern then definitely the 27". I believe the issues regarding flickering etc are now resolved. Certainly no issue on mine.
  9. These are the prettiest speakers I ever owned, beautiful finish.
  10. I have AVI Lab Series amp into Proacs. To my ears sounds very good.
  11. ob1 wrote: What about the G91 in the classifieds? Will do most of what you want and red book is very good. I had one few years ago. At that price you won't lose on it if it doesn't work out.
  12. Channel5 HD and ITV HD (legitimate rather than through "fix") will be added to Sky HD service over the next couple of months.
  13. I tried using my TomTom on foot and it wasn't really practical. Just a thought: if your mobile phone contract is due up soon, I believe that some new Nokia phones will come with satnav built in/downloadable for free, works pretty well from what I've heard.
  14. Leica M6 50mm Summicron f2. £2k should cover it! Of course if you're really feeling flush and you want digital then it has to be the M9, that'll be £6k then. Well you said money no object.