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  1. The EQ could certainly be helpful, particularly is a square room. It's far easier to make good use of this if you also buy a measurement microphone (e.g. UMIK-1) to see exactly what is going on though. How far do you sit from your speakers out of interest?
  2. Where is this setting out of interest? I've had a look within the Qobuz web settings but can't find it but possibly you were referring to a different applicaiton? @garn63 was asking about this in another thread whch reminded me of you referring to this.
  3. I've read people say you can change s setting to stop getting these but I'm guessing this is just using the Qobuz app. Maybe worth checking for?
  4. It was fairly recently - a couple of months ago maybe. People with existing subscriptions got emailed about the change, allowing those with existing 12 month contracts to take out a new one immediately at the new price to not lose out. As you point out, Qobuz is a lot cheaper than Tidal and doesn't have the nonsense of MQA either. If the (extensive) music catalogue suits then Qobuz really seems like the obvious choice for audiophiles to me. I'm very happy with it .
  5. If you're looking for a transport it would probably be a good idea to mention what output connection you'd need.
  6. If you're comparing somethng in particular it would be worth checking that exactly the same spec. drivers are used in each.
  7. What DAC do you have and does it have a volume control? You probably want to adjust the speaker sensitivity to get the volume in the right ball-park and then make day-to-day volume adjustment upstream. Be careful when adjusting speaker sensitivity to make the same change to both speakers. Out of interest, how big is your room and how far away do you listen from?
  8. Different good/bad/don't know yet? Glad it at least works. If it doesn't quite sound right it could be an issue with the power capability of the USB port on your TV. If you have a choice of USB 2 and USB 3 then use the latter as the current capability may be higher.
  9. If the rack has two rear legs, you could have one 'snake' for power cables down one leg and another for signal cables down the other. Provided the relevant cables are long enough of course. The hardboard back idea could work but how well may depend on what range of angles the unit will be viewed from.
  10. I've had this on a few albums and as above I think it's some sort 'sample album' but I don't see the point. If it happens on all albums though then this is something different, and possibly an expired subscription might be one possibly cause as suggested.
  11. Are you asking about performance potentially getting worse if analogue interconnects are shorter? The difference will be negligible but if anything shorter = better. (If we're talking about digital interconnects then there are at least theoretical reasons that the same may not be true.
  12. Is 295 mm square and 25 mm thick any good? https://www.diy.com/departments/silver-grey-granite-paving-slab-l-295mm-w-295mm/5015111965204_BQ.prd
  13. And square in the other directions?
  14. I'm sure there are locations not directly above a TT . Just putting an idea out there in case it appealed. Here's an example of s strong shelf though
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