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  1. MartinC

    Formula 1 2021

    George Russell pretty much did this on Sunday actually.
  2. I'd have thought this is unlikely, since generally the optical output will be used when the TV's own speakers are muted.
  3. Well yes but we're talking side-by-side hifi demos here, with one unit being just a bit louder than another 🙂. (Doing some speaker measurements this morning so not read the earlier link yet. Possibly I should have said SNR rather than dynamic range? I'm sure there's some detriment from unnecessarily attenuating signals...)
  4. This would be an argument for no attenuation to be used though, since louder almost always sounds better.
  5. I'll give it a read when I have time. I use digital volume control and don't view it as flawed vs analogue volume attenuation. I'd have thought both reduced dynamic range when the peak level is reduced though, but perhaps I need to think carefully about exactly what we mean by dynamic range...
  6. In my experience it's TVs that are quieter but as I posted above I'd guessed this was down to the broadcast signal. Yes streamers could attenuate the signal but doing so will reduce the dynamic range so on the face of it this would seem an odd decision for a hifi component. With your Benchmark link you've raised one possible reason though.
  7. The Benchmark isn't a streamer, but yes, this is the question we're discussing. But the point is what we see when the user is not choosing to reduce the volume.
  8. Read the Benchmark article linked at the start of the thread.
  9. For info. the digital output of my miniDSP SHD is always 24 bit / 96 kHz irrespective of input so it is generally upsampled relative to the input, but there's a load of other DSP going on too so it's not really typical.
  10. In the context of streamers that upsample, the relevant question would be if they introduce some digital headroom in the process or not?
  11. Yes but the context here is not using volume adjustment on the streamer. Obviously if this is done then the output levels can be different .
  12. Interesting Benchmark article @tuga. I wonder if anyone is aware of a streamer that resamples the signal prior to output with this in mind? I'd assumed this wasn't done but it would impact the 'do all streamers sound the same' question if any did. Seems unlikely to me though...
  13. If we're talking about LPCM then there aren't separate waveform and level/volume values - the sample values define the volume. The number of bits the data is sampled to tells you how many 'steps' there are from zero signal to the maximum level/volume.
  14. I think I've seen here someone say they've experienced this but logically I don't understand why. Assuming you aren't using the streamer to adjust volume (I do) then surely everyone would want a bit-perfect output of whatever is recorded? This would mean equal volume.
  15. My TV output is a fair bit lower than my streamer but I've assumed this is due to the broadcast signal levels rather than the TV. Possibly I'm missing something though.
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