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  1. I realise this is going full-on mumsnet but FWIW powders are good for whites but not ideal for coloured clothes, due to containing bleach. This is often still true of powders that say they're for colours.
  2. One of the features I like about my Bosch is that it periodically warns when a drum cleaning cycle is due, which is something I never remembered to do often enough before. This is more aimed at stopping bacteria growing in the main drum but sounds like it may have the secondary effect you mention too. This is a 90°C wash with a small amount of washing powder (as powders contain bleach) - too much powder and if you have soft water like me you can end up with bubbles coming out of detergent drawer!
  3. Given how close together many people have stereo speakers it makes little difference. I have a mono Tivoli radio in my kitchen actually.
  4. Do you know what the bit-depth of the digital output is? Just thinking this might be lower than used internally within the Node and so complicate the situation a little with regards to volume changes and EQ being applied?
  5. MartinC

    Wharfedale Wars

    Assuming a ballpark £1,000 budget I'd suggest Acoustic Energy 309s would be worth a listen if you get chance. I've not heard either of the models you've mentioned to comment on those.
  6. I expect so but have you considered switching to streaming? Qobuz in particular if high-res music is what you're after, although you'd need a trial to see if their music catalogue was a good fit for what you'd like to listen to. How are you using the antimode in your current setup? Just trying to get my head around the signal pathway with you saying signals are fed 'Both into a Wadia 321 DAC and DSPeaker Antimode'. Just asking in case there's a subtlety that may be missed otherwise.
  7. I suspect the Node's implementation is pretty good and would certainly be worth experimenting with for anyone that might benefit from its use. (I'm no expert but I believe the main issue would be if the signal remained 16 bit but the Node 2i has a 32 bit DAC and if this was taken advantage of then volume control should work well. Until a few years ago I assumed any digital volume adjustment was 'bad' and avoided it but I now use nothing else.) Not looking to go off-topic into a long discussion on this but just saying I wouldn't just assume digital volume control on the Node would be rubbish.
  8. My point was that the original design wasn't an aesthetic decision and it's a shame to see this destroyed, which I think it's worth others seeing this thread being aware of.
  9. There were actually electrical reasons for the original design that you will have altered by the change you've made there (capacitance and inductance will probably both have increased I think). I doubt you'll notice a difference but I think it's worth pointing out in case others think of copying you.
  10. In case you thought my post was being critical I like ATC speakers and there is a good chance I'll buy some in the long run. I also like that they are a UK manufacturer, which is something I increasingly feel is worth supporting.
  11. My Bosch cost around £300. I got a cheap trial membership of Which? first to get an idea of performance and it was rated highly on the performance criteria I cared about.
  12. Ah yes, that's more like the experience of other owners I know. One of whom works for Samsung, but on their phones not their washing machines.
  13. From what you've written about I thought this first speaker was the ATC SCM40? ATC's website quotes a -6 dB frequency of 48 Hz? I checked as I thought what you wrote sounded too low... Possibly I've misunderstood you.
  14. The truth is that measurements tell you something but not everything. It's worth noting that the SCM40s are sealed as so the bass fall-off will be slower than the ported Sabrinas. If they had the same -3dB frequency this would mean that the -6dB frequency for the ATCs would be lower. This also means that the benefit of a bit of 'room gain' tends to be more significant for sealed speakers.
  15. I know other people who have had reliability issues with Samsung washing machines a lot sooner so I'm inclined to think you've done well getting to six years. I went with Bosch myself over Samsung partly for reliability reasons, as well as the rather exciting Samsung pricing. No regrets so far, after two and a bit years.