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  1. All of what you have experienced could be down to hearing response changes though. The point is that as volume is increased you could notice issues that were there already at lower volumes but you didn't know it. I genuinely think the reason multiple volume frequency responses aren't routinely shown is they'd all look basically the same. Doing so would mean the speaker is behaving 'linearly' which it really should be.
  2. Or, very importantly, due to how our hearing sensitivity varies with frequency as volume changes. I suspect typicsl differences in frequency response with drive level are a lot smaller than you think. When I've tried measuring this with my own speakers I don't think I saw any significant change at all. If s speaker does have a frequency response that varies significantly with drive level over the typical usage range then it is frankly pretty rubbish.
  3. I'm going to assume that the OP is sensible and has no intention of starting to faff about with a turntable .
  4. In response to the original question I think that when Stereophile measure speaker performance the numbers usually come out close enough to the manufacturers spec to not be considered unreasonable. Although no doubt somebody will be along in a minute with am exception or two .
  5. Indeed but I'm doubtful there are many situations where the streamer would have a better interface, and very often it will be inferior. Not that I'd want to use a laptop wired into my hifi as the music source. I did that for a while and I'm much happier with a streamer. Regarding Roon I agree that to me it's major appeal seems to be for people who want to use one or more streaming services in conjunction with locally stored files. It does though have many fans which is why I mentioned it as an option to investigate. This wasn't why I mentioned Roon but for info. it does also provide some EQ functionality. I think a downside with Roon is you may need an additional bit of hardware to act as the 'Core' though. The discussion was about UIs and Roon generally seems to have the reputation of being the best, hence it being mentioned .
  6. Sorry Julian, I'd assumed the wood was a form of isolation for another piece of hifi equipment or I wouldn't have made my joke. I'm never going to understand vinyl!
  7. My main thought is still the one that looks too cheap for you... (The NAD C368, which runs the BluOS UI which I think generally has the best reputation other than Roon.)
  8. I did rather assume you'd normally put something on the piece of wood, but the photo amused me .
  9. Do ask. I believe the complication will arise because I think you'll want a connection from your AV amp direct to your sub for movies as well.
  10. Might it not be worth trying alternatives that use different UIs in case you find them better enough to become a consideration? Roon is another option as mentioned, albeit one that costs a fair bit.
  11. All true. I still think it's better from a safety perspective not to. (I also don't understand why it should make any difference to sound quality.)
  12. An Auralic Aries G2 would cost about £4k. I'll be honest I was more thinking along the lines of a Bluesound Node 2i . If miniDSP ever sort out the Roon certification issue then paying for that is another option I suppose.
  13. So you have the amp in the cupboard to make space to display that piece of wood?
  14. Are you talking about swapping live and neutral over? That's not a good idea from a safety perspective, since internal fuses will be deliberately on the input where live should be.