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  1. I have one that I've had for ages and have my TV, PVRs etc plugged into it. You could connect your digital source to it no problem though as a test as this won't need any significant power/current. It would only be an amplifier where you could see a negative effect I'd have thought.
  2. Is it one of the Tacima/Lindy ones? This sort of thing:
  3. Yes but an extremely inefficient transmitter as the speaker cable is so short relative to the wavelength of audio signal in the cable (20 kHz would have a wavelength of ballpark 12 km).
  4. There was a fair amount of discussion about connecting the earth at one end or both here (click on the arrow at the top right to jump to where this first came up in the thread):
  5. Are you responding to me saying Paul was wrong about one point? If so I said that with certainty because I have a mains cable with the shield connected to earth at both ends and it behaves exactly the same as what Paul demonstrated in the video.
  6. I've used a DIY gadget intended to warn you of live cables in walls to similarly show the the shielding on my mains cables is effective at least to some degree. (The comment in the video about only seeing the effect is the shield is earthed at one end but not both is incorrect though.)
  7. It definitely is in my system. It makes no difference I can spot if I have anything connected to an input to the power amp or not. (Note that above I referred to the power amp stage, as it applies to integrated amps and active speakers as well as stand alone power amps. My power amp has no gain adjustment BTW, although I know some do.)
  8. Ground loops tend to cause 50 Hz noise not RF noise I think?
  9. Actually no, it could and I'd suggest probably is caused by the fixed gain power amp stage of the amp. If the noise varies with set volume level on a pre-amp stage I think it would point to noise at a pre-amp input being significant.
  10. In terms of being of benefit I tend to think that something is only an issue if it's audible at the listening position.
  11. The noise floor I can measure with my UMIK-1 is higher than -85dB re. my typical listening volumes but I can't tell if that's due to background acoustic noise of the noise floor of the microphone itself. My hunch is the latter though.
  12. I'd add out of the cable as well, which is what shielding is actually designed for.
  13. Apologies if this has been mentioned and I've missed it but I think there is an important distinction to be made between random noise (like tweeter hiss) and tonal noise (like tranformer hum or a low level 50 Hz signal reaching the speakers. I believe random noise is easier to 'hear through' as your brain sort of averages it out. FWIW in my non-Linn system I can hear some hiss with my ear very close to the tweeter and an even quieter noise from close to the mid/bass drivers. Nothing is audible at the listening position though. For music volume control is in the digital domain so this makes no difference, and I suspect the output of my streamer/DSP/DAC/pre may actually be muted with nothing playing anyway. It's the power amp that is the source of the noise. Note that audibility of tweeter noise will be affected by who is listening as well as the system, as particularly sensitivity to the highest frequencies can vary a lot from one person to the next. One person saying they hear no hiss doesn't necessarily mean that their system produces less noise that a different person's system where they do hear some hiss.
  14. I reckon pouring petrol over the speakers and setting fire to them may just edge it for being worse... (Switches aren't going to have some sort of catastrophic effect.)
  15. Even then you'd have had to listen to every type of cable in existence for you to support your extremely bold and sweeping statement 🙂.
  16. Is it definitely too late for you to put a hold on the purchase until you've been able to arrange a home demo? I suspect it isn't, and could give you the reassurance you're after that you've made a good decision.
  17. On a sighted or unsighted test?
  18. Don't forget it's a 50 Hz AC signal, so even if the magnetic field were stronger you still may well not see a compass needle move. More to the point, it's the fact that the magnetic field varies with a 50 Hz frequency that could have an adverse effect on nearby audio cables/components. A stronger but static field wouldn't do anything. I don't think this is worth you spending time playing about with though .
  19. Do many of your customers buy matching pairs of DACs so they're properly equipped to compare cables?
  20. I wonder what the Adams (I think) are for?
  21. My bet is that uses the Belden cable I suggested at the start of this thread. Whether it does or not, I don't though see how purchasing a pre-made cable like this changes the situation re. compliance with UK standards? Edit: actually, reading the cable details rather than just looking at the picture it isn't the Belden cable I mentioned.
  22. I barely want my CDs any more so I certainly don't expect anyone who may inherit them to! I'd expect the overwhelming majority of my possessions to by sold by the people who inherit them, so they can then spend the money on what they want and actually items like hifi kit can end up with people who actually want it.