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  1. I don't personally choose to invite people to try to sell me things in any arena. If I want a product then I'll go looking for it. Like others, I have successfully employed the moving home approach to avoid receiving the marketing material in question .
  2. Which is the original point I responded to as it is damagingly misleading, and for the record is where I was coming from in saying that my posts were not about you. I will leave this discussion with you specifically here.
  3. I would stongly argue that what has been discussed by most above is a general attude of not wasting energy, rather than what you are characterising as isolated 'gestures'.
  4. Yes, deliberately. My posts are not about you.
  5. Well I didn't actually say otherwise. If you check back you'll see my posts have been far more general. Everyone taking the view that their own individual changes are too small to make any meaningful difference is a very dangerous attitude. Climate change is an issue where if we have any hope of avoiding the worst predictions we very much need collective action at societal level rather than a few individuals trying to 'fix' things just by their own choices.
  6. Really? In that case it's maths not 'math' .
  7. My main thought is to not overthink this. Just set the volume exactly as you would on any other amp i.e. the volume you want / like the sound of. That volume display is weird though. If the infinity symbol is the minimum volume they surely it should be minus infinity?
  8. To be fair I don't think anyone in this thread have been posting to try and make themselves somehow look good (i.e. virtue signal) but rather have been trying to encourage behaviour that they genuinely believe is a good thing to do.
  9. None of that would be relevant to what I posted.
  10. It's really not. If you're seriously trying to argue that individuals reducing their energy usage doesn't lead to a reduction in overall energy consumption then you're kidding yourself. Worryingly so if you regularly try to convince others of this.
  11. Yes, but the amount of energy generated is driven by predicted demand. If we all use less, less will be generated longer term and energy will be saved.
  12. Maybe I'm being overly cynical but I'm doubtful paying for a 'green' tariff really makes any difference personally. A growing proportion of renewable energy is being supplied to the national grid but I'm sceptical that tariff choice really affects this. I think the Pure Planet tariff I'm on claims to be 100% renewable but I chose it as it was cheapest at the time.
  13. Are you thinking of the amps being inside the speakers or external? I'm asking asking as the microphonic nature of valves would not make them suitable to the former.
  14. Even criminal masterminds have to start somewhere... (It is one of those times when it seems harder to have got it wrong than right!)
  15. I think the badge is OK. A quick Google shows the photo is of a pair of Linn Katans. Not quite what is described though!
  16. I went through a period where the transformer in my power amp was audibly humming which I'd wondered if was caused by DC but like @Fourlegs I believe the actual cause was high mains voltage. I forget the actual numbers but the voltage is now lower again and there is no issue.
  17. The downsides being the TV is futher away (smaller image size for same screen size) and often too high up as well. If you end up with speakers either side does it really usefully save space?
  18. Hopefully you can find a solution with the hardware you have, but in case not I'll mention that I've previously used one of the following 4G routers which you may be able to transfer your EE SIM to. Just an idea to be on your radar. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016ZWXYXG/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_V8ESZZTWX2MWHJ9X9W98
  19. No to be fair, it has a power button on the front.
  20. When using my power amp that had similar idle power usage I'd just turn it on once each day when I first wanted to listen to something, and then off before I went to bed. A middle ground between constantly turning on and off, and leaving it on all the time. Currently I'm using some active speakers that have a very low power consumption standby and so they're on all the time.
  21. You do when you listen to music .
  22. I'm glad I didn't too as I never normally test the combined response, so this could have really confused me!
  23. The folllowing post on the miniDSP forum shows there are issues with this latest version of Dirac Live that means I'll hold off updating for now. They specifically cite issues with 2.1 and 2.2 systems but it's not obvious to me why all users wouldn't be affected. https://www.minidsp.com/forum/announcements/19394-dirac-v3-1-1-issue-with-2-1-2-2-systems-applies-to-shd-ddrc-24#56980
  24. Oh, and at the risk of pointing out the obvious, be very cautious about playing about with tones at this sort of frequency as it's a good way to burn out a driver if you're not careful.
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