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  1. Done. Keep up the good work.
  2. Hi, I use the Onkyo A5VL which has a coax, and an optical I/P, for around the £300 mark.
  3. Hi eddie, This looks like a nice Cambridge setup. The price of this might go down as I believe there is a new receiver in the pipeline, (has DAB+).
  4. I wonder what team will be sent out for Tuesday nights game against Motherwell?
  5. Heard this on Radio Two today.
  6. antonbhoy

    Revo Mondo

    The Denon is a great tuner, but I don't know how long DAB has got to go in the UK before it switches to DAB+. (DAB+ may not last long either) So I'm looking for something a bit future proof, or upgradable.
  7. We can't even compete with a first division side let alone beat them. Well done to Ross County all the same, they wanted it more than Celtic did. This is worse than the ill fated John Barnes era. I wonder what local rugby teams there is in my area?
  8. antonbhoy

    Revo Mondo

    Hi folks, Has anyone used the Revo Mondo Dab tuner? I don't know if I should go for something like, this or try and get one of these? I'm not able to find any uk stockists of the Sangean though. Any help would be welcomed.
  9. A bit hit and miss. Highlight for me is Starlight with Myles Kennedy.
  10. Give it time. The EPL will go tits up when all the money men get bored, then they will be back to square one. There is only so much of your debt you can dump on one of you assets Mr Glazier. At the moment Lexi, any thoughts of us competing in Europe are far off, but all it takes, is to get a group of players that work as a team, (not the strangers we have at the moment), and a good manager at the helm, and we'll make inroads.
  11. I'll be honest and say that I was not over the moon when Keane came in. I was happier to see Diomansy Kamara at the club, as he has just as good a work rate as Keane, just as good at finishing, but above all, we may be able to afford him;-). Trust him to get bloody injured:X. McGhee may have been a better choice at the start of the season, but I wouldn't take him now. Rudi Vata, an ex Celt, now agent was trying to get one of his clients, (Slaven Bilić)an interview for the managers job last year. He might be a good choice as he would be able to get some of those Eastern Block loonballs in to give a bit of fighting spirit back.