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  1. The real question now though is: Who is the D5000 aimed at? It is supposed to sit below the D90 but is more expensive than it......
  2. I have recently bought the Nikkor 12-24 F2.8 and I am having similar fun with perspective!
  3. I was toying with the sigima 70-200 Macro, but wanted to buy the best glass I could and also with the D700 and battery grip it helps to have weighty glass on the front of it. The 105VR received some favourable reviews and and a couple of people I was talking to on another forum loved using them with their D300's so after much deliberation I decided on the 105. It also takes some cracking portraits and you can use the Nikon Teleconverters with it. I have the 2X Tele and the VR and Autofocus both work with it, despite what Nikon say, though the AF is a bit iffy at times, but for Macro I only use MF and Liveview. There are a few good reviews of the lens on the net too. Another one to consider might be the Nikkor 60mm which you can pick up for about £380. The 70-200 is a brilliant lens though quite heavy and long!
  4. Hi and thank you. The macro shots are done on the Nikkor 105mm VRII F2.8 AF-S Micro (Nikons word for Macro) and the ones at Wakehurst Place were done on the Nikkor 70-200mm VR F2.8 AF-S andNikkor 24-70mm AF-S F2.8. On my first DLSR (Nikon D70) I only used the kit lens but on this one I am 'investing' far better glass for the D700.
  5. A few photos taken at Wakehurst Place recently:
  6. Playing around with mymacrolens:
  7. Shot this evening in the garden using both flash and tripod:
  8. I have got this too and really like it. the whole album is good, don't seem to be many fillers which is always nice.
  9. I still love the Sisters, Mission and Fields of the Nephilim. Occasionally listen to My dying bride and a bit of Type O Negative too......
  10. It is most likely because people who like those artists also listen to that horrible wailing wench. The next time it plays it ban it in lastFM player. Cheers for joining the group guys, we may soon have group charts calculated. I kow that sounds sad but I like to find new music and check out what other people listen to.