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  1. Or the ProAc Tablettes here in the classifieds. Fabulous midrange and ‘snappy and musical’ if you’re after speakers which are easy to place and don’t have crazy bass…!
  2. ProAc Tablette 10 Signature is £1.5k. I’m very happy with mine. … but they’re not suitable for large rooms!
  3. Yes, those reviewers are fine wordsmiths! Amp and room matching ever so important as always.
  4. There's a Krell KAV400xi on fleabay at the moment (though I'd hesitate to buy from a seller with zero feedback). It's one of the best integrateds imho. So good I've had two! 2 x 200watts into 8 ohms then perfectly doubling to 2 x 400 watts into 4. Powerful, controlled, punchy bass with an expansive and detailed sound. Runs quite warm and you get a hint of that with the sound. I had one of them partnered with a Copland cd player and floorstanding Dynaudio Contours. Now that system had fantastic synergy....!!
  5. LS50 Metas are great but the bass will be booming if placed too close to a wall. Bungs will help but will also constrict the midrange somewhat. IME, these speakers have class leading treble and midrange but other speakers provide better bass depth and punch, especially if you're comparing them against floorstanders. I saw that the Focals are available at Richer Sounds who also stock a load of other decent brands including the aforementioned Kefs. A friend has Dali Oberon 7 which are circa £1,000. I like them a lot for their full range and detailed sound but the treble is a bit bright.
  6. Fabulous speakers for someone! I used to have a pair in gloss red... why did I sell them? (rolls eyes) Have a bump on me!
  7. Awesome! Thanks mate. I’ll get some outdoor closeup shots in the morning!
  8. On eBay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233986512483
  9. I bought it from Tredz... called their customer service and was told, because I’ve ridden it around the block a few times, they can’t take it back...! It’s too big. There’s no distance between the top of the frame and my tenders...
  10. Thanks fellas. Now on eBay. I’ll stick it on PFM. 👍
  11. RRP - £1,200 Selling for £1,000 ONO Only a week old! It’s a fantastic bike but it’s a bit too big for me and, because I’ve ridden it, the retailer won’t provide a refund..! It’s a 50cm frame. Pick up from near Uxbridge. Specs here: https://www.cube.eu/en/2021/bikes/urban-mobility/commuting/hyde/cube-hyde-race-iridiumnblack/
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