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  1. Thanks Ian. I saw that the grills are immaculate!
  2. Had these since June 2020. Bought from Ian. In exactly the same physical condition that I bought them... A couple of tiny marks as can be seen in the pics. They can’t be seen from your listening position. I’d say these are a good 9.5/10. Lovely speakers with wonderful transparency and tonality. Their reputation precedes them! £1,250 including courier. In original packaging.
  3. I really should have read through this thread properly! 😧
  4. What no Bel Canto? TriPath or ICEpower?
  5. What bass? Joking aside, yes, they do need a sub (to these ears as others don’t think so). You can see one tucked into the corner of my pic. Worth asking for further opinions here:
  6. No, really, it doesn’t. But it sounds good though!
  7. Ta. Yes, very happy. They’re wonderful little speakers. Fantastic midrange especially.
  8. Thanks DVD. IIRC, Darth Vader didn’t have a dad... 😬
  9. Really enjoying The Expanse which is now on its 5th season. (‘hard’ sci-fi where the laws of physics apply and with a complex plot)
  10. My tuppence: I had a 156 from new and in the first year it needed an engine rebuild (2.0 TS) due to big ends going pair shaped. Alfa said they wouldn’t cover the cost as I should have been checking the oil but after I called their head office they paid for the repair (over 2k). Foolishly I also bought a 1.6 TS 147. This time used and out of warranty. Massive mistake. Water pump failure resulted in a 2k repair bill. The 156 also suffered from poor trim. Side skirts peeling off in the 3rd year... On another occasion the bonnet just opened by itself... I WAS that guy on the side of the road with the bonnet up! Never again! The reason you don’t see many broken down Alfa’s these days is because there are far fewer of them on the road.
  11. Another vote for the Bluesound Node 2i (via Ethernet). I’m using it as a streamer into my Hegel HD30 DAC. Lovely sound.
  12. Nope. They’re just plug and play. I like the fact that the left speaker has the amplification which feeds the right. Nice and tidy.