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  1. 'The Expanse' - A wonderful sci-fi series which is claimed to be 'Battlestar Galactica meets Game of Thrones'. It's reaching the end of Season Two now and Season One is currently on Netflix. Synopsis here:
  2. I've probably missed any update but shouldn't you have the car by now? A colleague recently picked up an M240i which he loves but treats with great respect in the wet...
  3. You can spec the car with with Bridgestone run flats or Michelin Super Pilot Sports. I think I know which ones you'll be going for!
  4. That's a very good deal on the lease! I was paying £399 a month when I had my M135i a few years ago (auto with pro-Nav but that was about it). Be careful in the wet! That back end can snap out with VERY little warning...
  5. Rick and Morty. An absolutely insane and madcap cartoon (about a 14 year old boy and his genius sociopathic grandfather)!
  6. I think Sony make some fantastic speakers. My cousin has a pair of these SA-S1 active speakers and they sound fantastic:
  7. I really enjoyed Rogue One. It was far superior to Force Awakens... and the final third was astounding! I loved the Darth Vader scenes. As for the missing clips, I heard it went through some extensive reshoots so a load of the clips in the trailers just ended up on the cutting room floor.
  8. I have a few pairs of headphones including AKG, Sennheiser, Koss, and Bose. Frankly, I wouldn't write off the Bose QC35 as, while they're not the best sounding (the sound is detailed but lacks a bit of 'air), they offer best in class sound cancellation. On a flight or a long rail journey they are absolutely fantastic.
  9. New episodes of Black Mirror now on Netflix (and very good they are too)!
  10. Westworld. Best thing on TV at the moment. Brilliant acting from a great cast (Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris) and high production values.
  11. I used to have a Copland CDA-823 many years ago and very much regret selling it. Certainly, it was one of the most musical and transparent CD players I ever owned. Likewise, I reckon Meridian would be worth considering. Something like a G08 (I used to have a G06 which I sold for far less than I should have)...