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  1. There'll be nothing more from me to see in this thread dude
  2. No I am not challenging the fact you edited the language out. I am challenging that you entered something else in it's place which I did not say or mean. Take language out if you want - fine but do not put language in. I will also add that I find it inappropriate to challenge my behaviour and then personally insult me by calling me stupid.
  3. Wind your neck in. If you wish to edit the post - fine, edit it and then make it obvious that you have done so. But do not change the meaning by using a different sentence which other people assume are my words.
  4. Sorry, I didn't realise I had duplicated the "Why". I'll edit.
  5. Edited for language. - by someone else. (which had been edited by me for being misquoted)
  6. Anyone who creates music is a musician.
  7. Isn't he notorious for having his music recorded particularly poorly? Curiously I have a good friend called Alex Turner who used to live in Sheffield and he put the Arctic Monkeys on on a night he used to run, shortly before they became well known. Small bit of personal and useless trivia.
  8. Put the money towards a new cartridge for your Rega, or some records. Or some booze. - - - Updated - - - Leave the guy alone and stop being such a little bitch.
  9. Are those laser cannon turrets either end of the sideboard?
  10. Life's too short for overtime Yiannis - enjoy the time off and just wait a bit longer for your kit
  11. So would I. But if the RX1s are his preferred speaker, then it stands to reason he should get the amplifier which drives them to his taste. I mean some people on here even use valve amps - - - Updated - - - I thought it was Canadian ownership?
  12. Just out of curiosity... how did you find the build quality of the Arcam A39? Was the volume knob plastic and did it wiggle?