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  1. It's a shame you're not closer Jeff - I have Zappa nights very often... really enjoying the two new releases - Crux Of The Biscuit and Zappa For President.
  2. You'll get a lot of these fire sales in the coming days now that the copyright laws have changed (changing 28th July I think) and it becomes illegal to sell imitations. Not everyone's happy... Having sat in a replica, i can understand why the legal owners are keen to protect their designs...! Many are dreadful, and if do pay a reasonable amount to get one of the better ones, why not just wait a bit longer until you can afford the real thing.? If you do get one of the imitations, bear in mind most of the sellers will be out of business in 12 months so you're not likely to get any support if anything goes wrong. Seriously, if you want one - save up and buy the real thing, not a repro. You'll always be wondering "what if" if you go for a knock off.
  3. Totally agree! Have had many a rotten commute made bearable by having H&H followed by Mob Rules (basically H&H Pt 2, but not QUITE as good) on repeat. H&H definitely makes my all time top ten, so does Rainbow Rising so it's RJD for the win!
  4. I've been away from the 'wam for a bit while the phoenix has risen from the ashes - vast improvement well done! In that time, I've finally pulled the trigger on some Beolab5s, which have been my dream / final speaker for as long as I can remember (see page one of this thread!). I'm very happy. They're certainly a very different presentation from the Zu Omen Defs I had previously. The bass response is monstrous on them, my ears give up before they do, and they go LOUD - way louder than is sensible so I don't think I'll be testing their fullest capabilities in future (I like my internal organs exactly where they are thanks very much). Having heard the Beolab 90s at Munich I'm a tiny bit jealous of those who get to own a pair, but I'm certainly not disappointed with the 5s. Here they are in-situ: Great personal service from B&O in Cardiff who helped integrate them painlessly into my existing system, they went the extra mile for sure. I guess that's what you're paying for, but they were excellent. I picked up a Beoplay A1 at the same time which does a cracking job via Bluetooth out on the patio as well!
  5. I heard them in Munich too and (along with the Raidho room) they were the standout. Just superb. I'll likely never be able to afford a pair of these (but I can dream???), so I've done something bonkers and gone for the next best thing - I've ordered a pair of Beolab5s which I've lusted after for about 10 years now. They're coming Friday... Thanks to the accommodating guys at B&O Cardiff who let me have a home dem a couple of weeks ago which is quite unusual for B&O I understand. The Bath branch (same guys as run the Cardiff franchise) have a pair of 90s - looking forward to heading over for a longer listen soon. Hats off to a company brave enough to do something different I say.
  6. I wouldn't worry about that tbh. I investigated upgrading mine with the CMB (it can be retrofitted), but was advised by Clearaudio dealer that the benefit is imperceivable on the Ambient due to the relatively lightweight platter compared to some other Clearaudio decks. He said not to waste the cash. The bearing(s) are designed for the much heavier platters... GLWS - That clamp sets things off very nicely…!
  7. Wam welcome etc... Depending on where you're located, a trip to High End Headphones would be a massive help I reckon. Paul and Wendy have an incredible range of 'phones and their customer service is top notch. Plus, I can pretty much guarantee you won't have been to a more beautiful location to try out the kit - their premises are idyllic. If it's a final purchase pair you're after, you owe it to yourself to give them a shout. Even if you can't get there in person, give them a call, I'm sure they'd have lots of useful advice to help you choose. Good luck!
  8. Paul, I know how much you LOVE prog but grab a copy of Roger Waters The Wall Bluray that came out a week or so ago. It's got a Dolby Atmos soundtrack on it. Plus the visuals are pretty spectacular as a bonus. Will be an impressive dem disc for your library! Have fun, sounds like it'll be a great day!
  9. Yes, it's just to tempt re-subscription. Not available to new customers. From what I'm reading, I'm not sure they can afford to be so picky..?
  10. OK, you win...! That looks lovely, must come and hear it sometime...
  11. All unknowns, yet to be advised... Announcement was due today but in typical RB fashion nothing came out. He says he's got a singer who's a cross between RJD & Freddie Mercury...hmmm...we'll see! Who cares, it's Ritchie Bloody Blackmore strapping on a Strat innit? Everything else is just fluff!
  12. I've gone coax digi from SBT to DAC, but you'll need a BNC/RCA converter at the DAC end...all of about £1.50 on the auction place / Amazon, then analogue cables to amp. Simples. Haven't tried USB or optical, but really it was for the SBT. Might plug my MD player into the optical when I can be bothered. AudioT had to obtain a dem one from another store so they've obviously got one doing the rounds. Only took a couple of days and they let me have it for about 5 days over a weekend. Have used them for other stuff previously and they've always been accommodating.
  13. I bought a 2qute a few weeks ago - had it on home dem from AudioT in Swindon who were excellent. If you can get to Swindon I'm sure they'd help you out. It's the first time in a long time I've been genuinely impressed enough to spend any money on my system (apart from a mate's Raidho C1.1s which are truly stunning but significantly out of budget!) I wanted something to improve on the SBT whose analogue outs I was using to listen to the Zep HiRes stuff. I compared it to the Rega DAC and an iFi thingy (which itself is superb vfm). The 2qute does incredible things with hires, but equally impressive is what it does to lossy stuffy like Spotify. It's the opposite to the clinical, overly analytical presentation I'd heard from previous Chord kit - very detailed, but well balanced and very easy to like. I won't say it's like a veil being lifted, but it's more like cleaning your windows. Very happy with it. Home dem to be sure, but put it on your list to try. I bought it the week of the Mojo launch and would have been tempted by one of those if it gets 90% of 2qute performance for 40% of the price. However you look at it, Chord are making some mightily impressive digital products these days. Good luck!