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    I’ve had this about 12 years. It only really got used for the first 2 years, unused for the last 3. Only cleaned with a Onzow zerodust, no damage. Pins need a wipe with a silver polishing cloth. £1000 posted in the UK
  2. Not been on for 2 years, was sorting out some stuff so popped in.
  3. I've made some progress I've ended up using Jriver on a Mac laptop (it is a really badly written port of the PC version and not very stable) running through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Mastersound EL34 amp for top and a Musical Fidelity A100 for bass. I've settled on a 200hz crossover point for now with 12dB per octave slopes. It has more bass than I thought it would, I'd always imagined that I'd need 2 15s per side in an OB. There are some nice things happening in the mid range and it seems integrated, you don't feel there are two speakers per side. Top end extends as far as I think you need although I will experiment with that at some point perhaps. the bad parts are the mid range can get a bit harsh and shouty at high volume, it doesn't play particularly loud, but that might just be that I'm sitting so far away from the speakers (20ft maybe), the bass while loud on its own can disappear when other instruments come in and swamp it. This I think could be too high a crossover point or maybe just a function of the room not being pressurised like a large box speaker would and maybe this is more natural. Will play around for a bit but I'm thinking some sort of horn mid experiment is coming.
  4. I'll have a look how cheaply I can do this. I don't have a PC but I've got the makings of a really old one that might work.
  5. Ah so just as a temporary experimental setup then as vinyl is my main source of music.
  6. Does it allow a passthrough of non digital sources?
  7. The 15s arrived and everything is just lashed together to get some electricity flowing. What are my options for digital crossovers then? I've seen miniDSP
  8. My TEAC X3R has just stopped working
  9. Monacor 205/8 Just plonked into some card board boxes for now to get an idea and run them in. Sound far better than they have any right too. I think adding an Alpha 15a each side might get me somewhere while I think about horns.
  10. Well this is a promising start.
  11. Yes, although I've not worked out dimensions yet.
  12. I've got a car, close enough.
  13. I'm getting some 8 inch full range this month that I'm going to OB, you are welcome to try those in your room just to see. I'm guessing we are reasonably close geographically.
  14. Are you sure about big drivers not working? I've been told big drivers working less might be better for a small room. you only have to look at some of the Japanese systems to see that some people believe that to be true.
  15. My LVs sounded great with a single ended EL34 amp. 30w per side.
  16. Just when you think you are done with metal work you decide to add an IEC socket and find loads of holes you still need to make. Grounding holes will be drilled later, once I have wired some stuff up and worked out where to put them.
  17. Metal work done apart from some sort of earth arrangement. Not sure if drilling a couple of star earth's or standing off a copper bar is better. Stars are easier I reckon.
  18. Love it, thanks guys. The drivers I bought were £20 not a lot invested so far.
  19. I don't know really. I've not heard a digital crossover that I'm aware of so it isn't the sound. I work in software development so technically I should be able to grasp it. Maybe it is just my mistrust of silicon and any technology from after 1956
  20. I think the monacor is a start. My thought without hearing them is that I'll add a 15 each side and go from there. Horns definitely appeal but not all the computerised crossover stuff.
  21. Already messed that top plate up by somehow drilling the holes in the wrong place. Took hours to mark it all up too. I hate metal work.
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