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  1. Hi, just read a review of the latest Majik DSM, and in it it was mentioned that Konfig would soon be retired. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  2. I have a Synology DS213J which I doubt would be able to run the Roon core. Having recently subscribed to both Qobuz & Tidal on trial, I will be picking one of them to stay with. If I were able to run the Roon core on the NAS, I'd have to always have it on, which isn't always the case as I also play vinyl, silver discs etc a lot of the time. My question was about what benefits Roon would provide over and above what I currently have, that would justify any initial hardware outlay, as well as the ongoing subscription. I'm afraid I haven't heard anything to justify spending the money requ
  3. I haven't noticed any discernible lack of speed in using my files on the NAS. Possibly because I don't tend to search for something, as I'm more likely to browse. Definitely not enough of a problem WRT user experience to go to the bother and/or expense of buying a new NAS.
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. It seems the main benefits to Roon are: better integration with Tidal, Qobuz, local library etc. I haven't come across any issues so far with the Linn app on this score. If I search for something it returns results from all my sources. more information on acts e.g. musicians, producers etc. I'm 60 years old, and began reading NME, Sounds & Melody Maker when i was about 13. I know more about the sort of music I like than anyone else I know, so don't see how this would be of much use to me. I buy 5 or 6 magazines a month which puts me in touch wit
  5. I know there are a lot of people on this forum that use Roon, so I would be grateful if some of you could assist with my query. I have the Linn app on my iPad, using it to select tracks etc. I have a NAS which stores rips, and Qobuz HD & Tidal HD streams (will be making the choice in the next couple of weeks between these services). Using the app I can find tracks, build up play queues, create playlists etc. What advantage in my setup would Roon provide to justify the initial layout & ongoing subscription. I have no issues with finding tracks, sound quality etc using the Linn app,
  6. It works on my iPad using the Tidal app. Press play and there's an icon you can hit to access the list of suitable target devices. One annoying thing about it is that you can't set a default player, so it always starts playing on the iPad's speakers until you select the other device. Also means you're forced to using the Tidal app which, surprisingly, has pretty crappy play queue setup, unlike the Linn app. On the Tidal app there is no ability to add a selection to the end of the queue, only play next.
  7. TBH, that's what was putting me off the Series 3 initially, as when I first considered them, the stands weren't listed in the pricelist, so I would've had to find some 3rd party solution, and it probably wouldn't have been pretty!
  8. I'm interested in using a pair of the 302s as rears with my Akudoriks on the front, all running off the Akurate hub, once I get the multichannel upgrade for the hub. As my 'doriks are gloss white, the colour of the 302s will fit right in. I'm glad to see Linn have introduced dedicated stands for the series 3 speakers, as it makes for a neater system.
  9. My dealer has spoken to Linn, and for my initial setup idea, they were going to include everything needed to add surround to my existing system, so speakers were included in the 20% off deal. I don't see why any amended list of kit would be any different, i.e. using Series 3 instead of Exaktbox + 109s.
  10. Thanks for the info, that's given me some options. I had a quick look at the S3 speakers, and I think I could use 2 x 302s for rears, connected via Exakt link to the hub & each other. Am I correct? The 301 seems to be a DSM as well, and I obviously don't need that.
  11. I'm pondering this at the moment with my dealer. My current system is Akurate hub with Akudoriks front L&R. I would need the following to go surround (4.0): HDMI board upgrade (mine is v1.4) - £600 Surround processor - £1200 Exaktbox-1 - £4940 Majik 109+stands (for rears) - £1200 Total - £7940 20% Discount - £1588 New total - £6352 It's a fair whack of money for me, but it would probably be my last major purchase from a hi-fi POV.
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