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  1. Gromit, that really is a lovely photo. Today has been tough, and seeing this is a joy. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, I hope so to! I'm trying not to panic, or spam mods or threads, but damn.... Please admins and mods, help.
  3. Is this why this link isnt working? https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/92970-sad-news-john-dolan/page/5/ All I get is "We could not locate the item you are trying to view." Please don't tell me it's been deleted! I visit the thread almost every day- it contains many posts about my brother, and some pics.
  4. Has anyone lost one of these? trampoline by dik_dolan, on Flickr
  5. Not really modelling related, but I spotted this little beauty on ebay and made a silly bid.... and won. Isn't she lovely! mike1 by dik_dolan, on Flickr It's a 0-4" Moore&Wright micrometer complete with all the bits, tools, outer box, inner case, and original paper work including the receipt=) mikereceipt by dik_dolan, on Flickr Everything seems to be in absolutely perfect condition apart from the foam in the lid which is disintegrating and shedding bits everywhere. The mike itself feels just ever so slightly sticky when twiddling. I'm sure a gentle strip and a drop of fresh oil will see her back to perfection again and good for another 50 years. Now I just need to remember how to read imperial mikes..... it's been a long time for me too.. Did I say how big a smile this has put on my mush! It's fabulous. Sure I should've spent my very meagre pennies on sensible crap like food, and the new pair of slippers I've needed for ages but jeez's balls man, I .... just look at it. It's frikken lovely! It even smells lovely (apart from the rotting foam that's a bit rank=)!
  6. For some reason (I'm stupid?) I thought that vid I posted went to maximum closeup/magnification. Playing around again just now I found I'd got that wrong... it went quite a bit closer. Anyways here's a blurry pic it took at pretty close to minimum distance. It's blurry because the mounting rig wasn't sufficiently tightened down and braced, so when I hit the button on the digiscope to take the pic the whole thing moved and shook a little. The "live view" is much better and sharper once it's focussed and there's no idiot hitting buttons and moving it=) pincloseup by dik_dolan, on Flickr As best I can measure each pin/contact is 1mm. The saved pics do seem to screwup the aspect ratio, and I cant be bothered fixing it. The live view aspect ratios seem fine=)
  7. Maybe I just got lucky=) There are loads of them around on all the usual sales sites, most seem to use the same magnifier (G600 I think?) but have different bases. It can focus out to infinity... well at least to the houses out my back window, so distance doesn't seem to be a problem. The only way to change magnification is by raising or lowering the whole thing, then re-focus. It claims to be up to 600x.... but I'm pretty sure that's a bit of a fib=) It does have x2 and x4 digital zoom though, but the pic quality gets a bit ropy. Minimum focus distance seems to be about 15mm or so, and by then things are magnified way too much to be useful for modelling. That's why I bought the dial gauge stand to give me more flexibility. It can record pics and video too, if you insert a micro SD card, but mine seems to keep locking up when I try. I'll have to try another card sometime. This is the digiscope I bought, "fullfilled by Amazon" so it came pretty quickly. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07K43RBG8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and this is the stand (price has gone up a quid since I got mine.....) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alloy-Steel-Flexible-Magnetic-Metal-Base-Holder-Stand-Dial-Test-Indicator-35CM/223597720707?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 It feels pretty cheap and flimsy, but it does seem to work well. I'm sure there are much better ones around..... but I'm cheap=) Here's a quick sample video I made a day or so ago (that didn't lock up- seems 50/50 if it works or not. There's a pin hole in the back to push a reset pin if it decides it wants to sulk).. It starts off pretty close up on the pins of a micro SD card, then I lower it down and refocus to about as close as it can get... it was just a test while playing with it.
  8. I've not really made any progress on the kit, but I have been buying more toys that should, in theory, help me... we will see. It's a fun thing to play with, and the cheapo dial gauge stand I've added makes it much more versatile.... in theory. magstandthing by dik_dolan, on Flickr
  9. I'm still chipping away at it. Got most of the big bits either done, or waiting to be attached. Still quite a few fiddly bits to do, but it's coming together ok. RA272.5 by dik_dolan, on Flickr I'm trying to pace myself... partly because I know I'd rush it and screw up something and partly because I know the time is getting close to where I have to start on applying the decals..... I friggen hate decals. They scare me. One mistake and it's all screwed.
  10. Been working on this for two days solid and the motor is fairly close to being done. RA272.2 by dik_dolan, on Flickr Here's a quick snap to show the size RA272.3 by dik_dolan, on Flickr I think that's enough for today. I'm very tired, very hot, and a bit frazzled.
  11. One option if you have the display space would be to print out a pic or two of the close up details before it's finally nailed shut, to sit next to or behind the model. Maybe even one of those digital picture viewer things?
  12. 1/20, so it's going to be pretty small. I think I read the finished model is about 190mm ish- that's hmmm 7 1/2" inches in old money. I know some folk just go nuts super-detailing kits like this: Adding brake lines, fuel lines, electrical wiring, stuff like that but my plan is to just knock it together as it comes, just to get my model mojo back.
  13. I appear to have accidentally started on another kit- NOT the bloody Bentley! I'm hoping this will be a nice simple straightforward build.... Not much to show yet, but hey, at least I've actually started. RA272.1 by dik_dolan, on Flickr I'm waiting for a bit of paint to arrive, so I don't know how soon the next post will be... hopefully not a year like my last one=)
  14. Treated myself to some retail therapy. Blown my life-saver savings on one of these https://www.jessops.com/p/nikon/af-p-dx-nikkor-10-20mm-f-4-5-5-6g-vr-lens-124944 FU depression, you will not beat me this week.
  15. Nothing special, but my first test pic with a wide angle lens (Nikkon 10-20 mm) taken looking through my wavy glass bathroom window, with a little gentle cropping. wideangle window2 by dik_dolan, on Flickr