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  1. I got hackintosh running on an old Medion OEM board with Athlon processor. it was relatively straightforward once I got past a few minor problems. haven't used it for about a year now
  2. Serge, you're nothing but a rude, arrogant pompous old sod. you're telling me that 16 bits isn't 65536? I suggest you do some basic arithmetic. Further, a filter cannot faithfully reconstruct anything. It's pure guesswork. I suggest you're the one spouting drivel.
  3. For a broadcast engineer to proclaim that CD is better than vinyl is perplexing in the extreme. The quantization errors inherent in a low-resolution digital format (16bit/44.1Khz) such as CD are not present in an analogue medium. In laymans terms it's like comparing a ramp with a staircase. a staircase with 2^16 or 65536 levels. This is basic stuff. and it can be measured. 10 pages and nobody spotted the elephant in the room.
  4. kennyk

    Art Deco 15

    The only way to describe my experience of the Decos (20s in this case) is to relate my tale of listening to Fill the Hat from Atmos' Headcleaner album at silly loud volumes. it's like being sucker-punched, and hypnotised at the same time. it left me breathless, and grinning like a loon for ages. if it's a small room, then 10s or 15s would probably achieve the same result.
  5. James, I'm bitterly disappointed to read this. why the sudden attack on my forum, crossovernetwork? FWIW, I'm happy with my Art Emotion loudspeakers. I have been for nearly 5 years. without changing them, nor wanting to change them.
  6. that doesn't make it any less hypocritical.
  7. Are dealers at trade shows not people too? {re-lurk}
  8. kennyk

    Bhb cables.

    thanks for the unexpected coffee/monitor interfacing scenario.
  9. I've used 301s for years. first at home and later in my shop. they're ideal for non-critical applications, such as kitchen, study or diningroom where you might want some ambience. Cheap as chips on ebay. I've got series IIs, which have the big 'bose' badge on the woofer grilles. later ones have small 'lapel' badges which feature earring-stud type clasps for easy removal. they're front ported- out of the angled section where the direct and reflecting tweeters are. I recently used a pair, along with a Quad 306 amp and my old MF Pre at my daughter's birthday party in a local community hall. somebody else provided an iPod... worked really well.
  10. Yeah, I'd go for those or similar. I've found in the past, certainly with the Technics ST8080 tuner, that the supply for the backlight is AC. saves them having to bugger around with rectification and smoothing (saves on cost). with LEDs instead of filament bulbs you get a very noticable flicker. also you need very bright LEDs that can be suitably diffused otherwise you'll just get spots of light instead of a wash.
  11. second picture seems to show some bulging on all but the very outermost caps. If it were me I'd replace them all. FWIW, that charring might be historic. Those 'white rectangles' are High-ish power resistor, probably 7W . They're designed to get hot- hence the ceramic surround. One of them might have altered it's value, causing a valve to run too hot/cold and might have stressed the PSU, causing the caps to bulge. Or the valve might have been to blame. That it's evident on BOTH channels would suggest a PSU related problem to me.
  12. those electrolytics look fucked, btw. that pop might have been a dielectric breakdown. Yes, you'll probably need the valves in. many valve amps require the valves to be in circuit otherwise the PSU will go far too high volts-wise with no current load.
  13. Anyone else disappointed that a thread called "have you seen these" doesn't contain a picture of a pair of pendulous norks?
  14. Spent £100 on a BBC Transcription disc of the Incredible String Band's May 1974 concert from Golder's Green and around £90 on a reasonably grubby copy of Patto's Hold Your Fire on vertigo Swirl, with the fragile 'consequences' sleeve more or less intact.
  15. kennyk

    Formula 1 2010

    Ferrari = cheating cunts. that is all.