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  1. Mags served a purpose long before the net came along, now in places like this you get 2 or 3 sides of a discussion to shape your own views. Mags are doomed. Just stopped my last subscription to a cycling mag recently. Hifi wise I gave up years ago on mags.
  2. cjr

    thank god !

    Cannot beat Dynaudio woofers in an avatar Meridian Man! Posting from mobile test!
  3. Sony CDP-X3000ES (3x filters) and Toshiba SD9500 (Upsampler) would not be able to know what was what with no sighted knowledge!
  4. cjr

    Tiny CD players....?

  5. cjr

    Tiny CD players....?

    A couple I have had compact DVD Sony DVP-F250. Battleship build Sony ES would be the CDP-X3000ES.
  6. Biggest surprise for me has been Le Blanc, he just seems a natural (I know he has great comedy timing and is an actor) he looks like he is the centre piece and should be ..... Evans looks a lot more relaxed being on the periphery. Imola may be an old haunt of TG but you would never see Clarkson throwing that R8 about like Sabine never .... a brilliant formula.
  7. Yep if it is settling into a groove I am liking it. Good mix of characters and not the contrived fixed formula of the "old" 3.
  8. Good technical spec and blurb here as a bumpetto: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/ikey-audio-rm3-rackmounted-digital-audio-recorder/468726-01/
  9. Sold and spinning SACDs with its new owner. How do I archive the thread chaps?
  10. Bought this versatile recording deck a few years ago, hardly used now as all my vinyl has been recorded to WAV and stored to PC, I also used it for SD Card recording for the car from HD TV (Jools Later/Glastonbury etc.) for MP3 (320kbps sounds excellent to me!). Essentially an analogue recorder that records to digital formats. Records to both SD card and USB pen drives. You set the recording level on the fly and off you go. I think I paid £142 for it rrp was £199 (Juno currently do them for £162). £80 insured post. Edited price drop.
  11. Henry I have to say I am quite impressed used in this direct mode driving the front amplification with a signal directly into the fixed 5.1 Ch inputs, interestingly the manual says on 5.1CH Input button: When the 5.1CH INPUT is selected, the test tone, the equaliser (EQ), bass boost, and sound effects do not function. I have now used the Sony SDP-EP90ES digital pre-amp in stereo mode also as well as the Marantz PS17 I have to say I am very happy to have tried it. Will be staying as a power amp solution. Little bit of experiment with setting volume on the AVR and I have the levels I am used to with my other amps.
  12. Looking at the manual the 5.1 Ch inputs are not able to be put through any EQ modes in affect direct …. just looks like the tone controls are set. Tried listening “Direct” and fed from the Pre-Outs of the Marantz PS17 seems pretty acceptable to me, just need to select a decent “gain” level on the 930 first for volume control. Then use volume on the Pre-Amp in Marantz. For £40 I have a perfectly viable 100W Power amp. Happy as Larry. Denon DVD-2900/TT and multiple other sources being sent to the “Power Amp” hidden away in a cupboard near the speakers. Not one for the purist but definitely one to try if you have a powerful AV amp sitting about.