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  1. icehockeyboy

    Kimber cable

    If we take a peep at when Steve joined, it is only a few months ago, and he has not posted that many times either. I just looked up the definition of forum, "where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged", and I would hope not where a poor soul gets shot down because he is fairly new and hasn't seen many "cable debates?" before.
  2. Hi James, welcome! I have had only the one transaction with Paul at Classique, and he is indeed a good guy, and knows his business
  3. I once bought some interconnects here in the tent, that were supposedly Blue Heaven, but it turned out they were speaker cable that had been "home" terminated and looked crap, and obviously lowered their resale value, so as most are saying, use bare wires, after all years ago no one ever bothered with plugs on their speaker cables.
  4. I can't comment on your quandry, but will ask keep referring to the SBT as a transport, afaia, that refers to a cd transport. Erm, so what do you mean exactly?
  5. Anyone come across this? I plumbed in a really old Nikko integrated a year or so back, for use as a pre ( it has the switch to separate pre and power) when I was having my Classe looked at, now, I 'm not saying it was better than the Classe, but sonically it was not overly far off at a fraction of the cost. Anyone else found a similar thing when comparing 2 bits of kit, one cheap, the other not!
  6. I hear you calling! Hmmm......... I know FA about Ubuntu, I thought they were an African band who had a small hit in the late 70's! If you really are after my advice, I would re try windows, but don't ask me why!!!!!
  7. You mention LED sets as being too contrasty.....they actually do have adjustments nowadays ! ALL showrooms have the sets turned up to eye bleeding levels, well they usually need to if they are displayed in an area that is too bright for normal viewing, but obviously the settings can all be changed.
  8. I assume the scammer lifted all the photos of the car from the legitimate seller at some stage, it would be a bit hard to come by them by other means, exterior shots maybe, but not interior ones. Just a note, one of the replies mentions greed, please do not think I am either gullible or greedy enough, to think that this car was legit, if I did, I wouldn't have started the topic in the first place. Couldn't resist doing this....I sent the guy a message saying " Ok, here's the deal, you send me £11.000.00 via Paypal, bring the car over yourself, and when I have inspected it, I will pay you the asking price of £5.500.00" Deal?
  9. # His e mail address is The car WAS on page 4 of the Lexus section on MSN Cars. It was/is a 59 plate black i s saloon fully spec'd manual.
  10. Still wondering how he got the vin tag though, unless he just made it up?
  11. I have told him that if he were to bring the car to the UK, and after inspecting it, I would buy it and send him back on a plane. Let's see what happens now.
  12. I mailed him about all the "wrong" things, location, number ad withdrawal etc, all hes done is say the car is still for sale, and sent me the pix of it....