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  1. Brings back memories of school discos... We'd bring a selection of singles along which we'd ask the DJ to play - like New Rose, or Anarchy, or White Riot, or the Spiral Scratch ep. And we'd wait for all the squares to finish shuffling from 1 foot to the other to Brotherhood of Man, or Boney M, or for the rock boys, Thin Lizzy. When he finally put one of our singles on, me and Swamp and Sgav would leap onto the floor, jumping up and down and pushing each other about with the rest of the school looking on bemusedly. Then the DJ would put on 3Times a Lady. And much of the Damned 1 st album still (mostly) stands up - "Neat Neat Neat" is an absolute classic. However, at the time (and still!) I was a bit of a muso snob, so I tended toward Penetration, or The Cramps, or Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. But I've seen Dave and the boys play on numerous occasions, all of them most excellent...
  2. Wouldn't have minded this if it was only the band playing, even if it's only safe dinner party background stuff... But she gets more and more annoying with her dull, over-pronounced vocals. I mean, one even starts like the theme from Shaft, when she comes in like a wet blanket - removing any fun and adding cheese. And we're not talking good cheese, like a decent mature cheddar, or a Bleu d'Auvergne - more like a slightly mouldy cheese-string that's been carried around in Eric Pickles' pants for 3 weeks.. Still, each to their own...
  3. Well played. Dull. All the chord progressions are completely predictable, as is the instrumentation and vocal melodies. I suspect that if you listened to any of his albums they'd be exactly the same, with perhaps slightly different lyrics. 'Tis inoffensive, but boring and the same old same old. Could do better. C-
  4. So do you think I'd be better off bi-amping my Leema Xaviers? There's currently only one Bryston 14 powering them, though that does give 960W into 4ohms...
  5. A mate of mine was a huge fan of this when it came out... And while it undoubtedly has bollocks, they're very silly, mis-shapen ones with strange hair like a brillo pad. As I would say to him (not that he could hear me), the lyrics are laughably stupid, and the whole thing is a little bit turgid and takes itself too seriously. And the guitar line is exactly the same every time! Back in the early-mid 80s, if I wanted aggressive jumping up and down fast stuff it'd be Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains or even The Exploited. And funnily enough, I went to see Dave Lombardo playing with Bill Laswell and John Zorn about 15 years ago. His drumming was just as annoying then, despite being very skilful. He just can't help himself with that ridiculous double bass drum thang! But looking on the bright side, at least it's not folk!
  6. Strangely, I didn't mind this at all... There's bits that are a bit bland, and the whole album has a very blues sensibility to it. However, I do like the guitar grooves mixed with electronic drums, and especially liked the Funkadelic-ness of "Carbon" and "Doctor's In". 7.5/10 from me!
  7. Very nice! Accomplished but all a bit earnestly Manics for me... These guys are currently scaring me: [video=youtube;D4SmyqO5DUU]
  8. Aye - tis a bland excuse for rock for those who don't actually want the real stink of a too-loud electric guitar... This is where rock was in 1988! [video=youtube;isi4FYDFfps]
  9. Nowt wrong with Telegram Sam - at least when it's done properly! [video=youtube;FZYoeFNoOrM]
  10. Oh dear. Not only is this tedious, but Jon Bon Jovi is a prize asshat. I remember working at BBC in Borehamwood when they were filming top of the pops. Some of the "stars" would keep to themselves, others would mingle in the bar or canteen; I remember having a long chat with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age about motorbikes - he was wearing a MotoGuzzi tshirt so I couldn't help myself. However, when Bon Jovi were on, he insisted that the staff canteen was to be for the exclusive use of him and his entourage. So 500'n'odd employees had to find lunch elsewhere.
  11. Aye... My album club choice at The Other Place is one of Bernie's more out-there offerings, but still containing oodles of Bootsy. We Want The Funk!
  12. I likes it. 'Er's most certainly not a steamy pile of soggy biscuit ook.
  13. I've got 12 different systems for different types of music. There's one for reggae, one for black metal and a slightly different one for speed metal. Then there's the pop music system (that's a Roberts radio in the kitchen), and one for funk (that one's painted bright red and black as those colours work best for funk). The jazz system has cable lifters and a full set of Machina Dynamica tweaks - won't work without 'em. Hard house and UK garage share the majority of components apart from the cd player, and classic rock has a 20kW Martin PA on sound reinforcement duties. If I want something mellow I go to the ambient system - that's all supported on floaty cushions - and if I crave 60s classics there's a Dansette. Electronica and classical both share all components - just the cables being of different materials and routed in anti- and clockwise directions respectively.
  14. I get a fast punchy house sound using Leema Xaviers and an enormous Bryston... It's even faster and punchier now that I've (turn away now, those who are sensitive to hifi heresy!) wired the Leemas (28Hz-30kHz) in series (!) with a pair of Ditton 66series 2 (18Hz - 30kHz).
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