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  1. I make no claims based on scientific knowledge as to whether power cables make any difference to the musical experience or otherwise. However, I do recall quite a few years ago at the then Whittlebury Show getting into discussion with the representatives of Vitus Audio - hugely impressive equipment aesthetically and truly superb sound, when I noticed that their CD player and amplifiers were connected with some clearly expensive looking mains leads into a Wireworld (I think) box. On asking the Gentleman he told me that the leads had been specifically selected through extensive blind testing, were indeed rather costly but that was what it took to extract the highest level of performance from their products and thereby provided as standard. Now you might argue that typically a representative of the hifi industry would say that wouldn't they? But I throw it out there. Regards, Lindsay
  2. Hi guys, Wow - there was a time in the past when the very mention of the Salisbury product would invite a near riot around here. Naim certainly divided opinion. This is all so polite. Anyway the product in question. I’ve now had Naim electronics for 13+ years and have always found the sound captivating but have never found their streamers to be as involving although I do have a Muso Qb one box in the kitchen and that ticks all the boxes. But then like Adam (Beobloke) I prefer vinyl, I won’t attempt any technical explanation! I’ve now heard the the ND555 3x and on all occasions I’ve either been slightly underwhelmed or in agony! First up was with the 552/500 amps with Kudos 808s. Okay but slightly sterile and a little bright. Next up again 552/500 but with Focal Diablos, on this occasion in a giant room in a London hotel, again bright and just not entertaining. The third occasion was once again with the 552/500 but with a big pair of Dyna Confidence speakers, and it was ear bleedingly awful. This has left me perplexed because I used to own Dyna speakers with my Naim amps and loved it and now have Kudos and enjoy it even more. Ive also heard the large Titan 808s In Naim systems and just superb, rich, involving, deep controlled bass and superb definition in the treble. Further, over the last few weeks I’ve heard the Naim NDX2 with different amps and the lesser Kudos Titan 505s, and some cheaper Focals and lo and behold found the whole musical experience far more rewarding. I’ve also have a good friend who has a Naim Cd555/552/500/Kudos 808s and it’s arguably the best hifi system I’ve ever heard - the hairs on the back of the neck literally tingle! The ND555 has been debated at length on the Naim Forum and unsurprisingly it has many plaudits and quite a few that have made the investment but there is mention of a slightly harsh treble/brightness by a couple of guys. Like most it’s all academic to me - certainly other financial priorities but whilst I don’t believe the ND555 to be a flawed product without an extensive home demo I wouldn’t take the plunge. Regards, Lindsay
  3. Heard the new one-box Linn machine yesterday evening. Impressive piece of kit.
  4. I think we’re spoilt choice these days at all price levels. I’ve very recently bought a Naim MUSO Qb for the kitchen and for the money I think it’s just superb. Back when I started (1979) you couldn’t have got anywhere near that kind of quality in a one boxed system at that price. Regards, Lindsay
  5. I’m not surprised you’re struggling with the Ovators. Neat or Kudos but it really depends on what would best in your room.
  6. If I can intervene and being reasonably familiar with PB’s system it,s hard to imagine how to improve. Having heard Bryston amps with the biggest PMCs I can’t see that being a solution. Actually I don’t think PB wants “raw” but I do think he wants involvement and I think the answer might be Titan 808s with a DR upgrade to the amps.
  7. The Oxygen as I understand is a reduced Xerxes. I don't think it did very well but I think Roksan are rationalising their range. I can't think that it wouldn't be a good buy. But I'm equally a fan of Avid. Regards, Lindsay
  8. Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat Miles Davis - Kind of Blue Jeff Beck - Ronnie Scotts John Coltrane - Blue Train Ricki Lee Jones - Pirates
  9. VinyL, CD and FM. Okay the black stuff requires a little TLC but other than that it's so simple and sounds so good. Just don't really understand the streaming stuff - I can see the appeal of having the entire (digital) collection available at the touch of a screen. I'll get round to it one day. Regards, Lindsay
  10. The Strat

    Naim CD repair

    Worth a call to
  11. Hi, Probably nlot many Aro users on here - you might have more luck on Pink Fish. REgards, Lindsay
  12. Well I worship at Salisbury so before listening I ensure my cables are properly dressed, are facing downwards (in the general direction of Stonehenge of course), and even though I leave my amps switched on I cover everything in closely fitting loin skins to ensure everything is kept at an ambient temperature. The system normally comes on song after Mrs Strat and I have shared a quart of Mead.
  13. The Strat

    Hifi mishaps

    When I was still living with my parents I purchased my first separates system - Pioneer 512D TT/Pioneer amp and baby Wharfedale speakers that resided on shelves above my bed. One dark morning I woke up for work and instead of pulling on the light chord tugged on the QED wire that reached up to the speaker