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  1. pmac

    Twitchers Thread

    You're correct. It wasn't until I saw it on a full screen that I noticed the yellow legs
  2. pmac

    Twitchers Thread

    The Kingfisher is a Pied Kingfisher (not Giant) Greater Black-backed Gull (not Lesser)
  3. pmac


    Lovely gesture
  4. I've given out too much rep, so have a virtual one anyway!
  6. [h=2]What might lurk inside...[/h] A pile of dangerous shit, most likely
  7. Nice enough turntable, but your pricing estimate is bollocks
  8. Thought so, Nick. These sounded far better than they ought to
  9. pmac

    Audio Gold

    Well, it IS April 1st
  10. Don't sell anything until you know its real value