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  1. Rob N

    Cool HiFi

    Has anyone had any experience buying from them?
  2. New headphone amp sounds great with a 6F8G as driver rather than a 6SN7.307A are the outputs
  3. Hopefully this (although it may not arrive until the new year)
  4. Sad news....I now havea pair of very rare valves!
  5. Depends on what circuit they are in and how hard they are worked. I've seen GZ34's (the metalbase ones) still test as new after many thousands of hours Some of the newer Chinese rectifiers (Sophia 274B) have failed after only several hundred hours
  6. Rob N

    AMR CD-77

    I have one and IMO does sound smoother than other players in it's price range.I paid £4400 last year, less appealing at £7295
  7. You sometimes see used new production WE's for sale on Audiogon WE are restarting production of 300B's later this year
  8. Has anyone had experience of either the meshplate version or the 300B-XLS from Emission Labs?
  9. Rob N

    speaker pop

    If the valve is an ECC81/82 and European made esp. Mullard/philips then 'flare up' on starting is normal
  10. AVVT claimed 40,000 hrs for their 300B I'm hoping these will last 3000 hrs,some Chinese 300B's barely last 1500hrs
  11. I have a pair in a Woo Audio Wa5. Only have about about 10-15hrs (they say 300hrs for burn in).I can only compare them to the standard Shuguang - they are smoother sounding with better deeper more controlled bass,sound needs to open up a bit more,hopefully more burn in will help.
  12. I would go with the Earmax,warm and smooth
  13. Rob N

    Icon Audio PS3

    Is this an upgraded one or just standard?
  14. Rob N

    Icon Audio PS3

    Has anyone had experience of this two box phonostage?