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  1. I have a pair in a Woo Audio Wa5.

    Only have about about 10-15hrs (they say 300hrs for burn in).I can only compare them to the standard Shuguang - they are smoother sounding with better deeper more controlled bass,sound needs to open up a bit more,hopefully more burn in will help.

  2. julian2002 wrote:

    if this is the same cdp (it's been a while) then i wasn't impressed with it when i heard it at a bake off - it utterly failed with electronica (was ok with classical tho if that's your bag). the designer brought it round and proceeded to blame the music, the production and anything else but his precious bit of kit, then got the hump and ignored me for the rest of the time. not the way to impress me and a symptom of why hi-fi is a dying hobby for an aging group. but that's a different rant.

    looks nice though.

    I like it with electronica.I preferred it to a two box Ensemble Drive and DAC which was more than twice as much

  3. That was a bad valve.AMR told me at the time that out of over 400 CD77's sold worldwide mine had been the only one with a valve failure.A new output board was fitted and all valves were changed

    The mechanical hum from the transformer was very minor,it took me three months to notice it.

    BTW I bought mine at the old price

  4. I have an Artemis Labs PH-1,was £2000 in 2006.Pretty good but there's the added cost of tube rolling.

    If you have alot of space (and money) AMR have a phonostage out next year.The Tron Nine is due towards the end of next year