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  1. ideally looking for th likes of Allnic,Whest,Tom Evans,VTL & Aesthetix ETC...
  2. * Looking for a reference MC Phono stage * Solid State or Valve considered * Needs to be mint & boxed etc * Would need to be able to collect or meet up (am in Nottm) * Budget is 3k
  3. I have chance to get a Klimax Lp12 but with Urika 2 and I currently have A Naim Aro and Akurate Radikal etc. My current Phonostage is a valve Tron Seven Ultimate and my system still analogue Has anyone gone from a quality valve phono amp to a Urika 2. if so would appreciate any feedback
  4. Maybe worth looking at a lot of Schiit items for sale on there ...
  5. Hi I decided to go for another pre (as its just a stop gap till I get my normal pre back from Linn)....
  6. ..was looking for something more local (though probably is not going to happen)as don't want to have shipped as my pre from Linn may come back before it does!...
  7. Looking for a Schiit Saga + or Freya + passive pre amp Ideally mint & boxed Ideally would like to collect/meet up (am nr Nottingham) thanks
  8. Hi pdcman have you goot your KK back from Linn yet thanks...
  9. Agreed I dithered I am afraid & missed out...
  10. Looking for a Music First TVC passive preamp.My budget will only allow for the mark 1 classic I think , ideally in excellent condition, boxed and ideally would want to collect/meet up (I live near Notts) my usual pre has gone back for some work need ASAP .... Thanks