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  1. Its either the phono or the Oracle on the rack. You can just see the back leg of the 5 shelf spectral on the left, which is also full.
  2. If this doesn't show you lot can just dissipate yourselves
  3. An old and much rustier beetle than this. Leaked like a sieve through the rotten sills into the heater vents in the footwell to a "Drug Dealer" special just like this which is now 9 years old.
  4. Sticking to the last 20 years only Snell Cii (like these) Only replaced by these Art Impressions 15 years ago! now supplemented with some Townshend Super Tweeters in my Music Room/garage conversion.
  5. Tony Miller ( Old Man Sugden as he was affectionately known) sadly died recently. The factory has a full order book and was already on back order for up to 26 weeks, without that being added to by shortage of parts,if any, closure for the annual holidays and coping with the family loss. Patrick is still there in control so this is simply a matter of demand exceeding supply capacity. There is no problem with the business other than world wide demand. From a shops perspective cash flow and customers with cash wanting it NOW means that dem stock may have to be sold or perhaps loose a long established customer. The shop will still have the same wait to replace their dem stock but that is a decision only the shop owner can take not. Hope this helps anyone concerned.
  6. Having heard Keiths it is important to bear in mind that his are fully active. The sound is seamless from subterranean bass to the top. No frequency is emphasised. Every recording is as different as the way that each was made. For a home made pair of speakers that are not huge horns there is little to compare on market. I've not heard box speakers to match them. Made me think about twin active subs/x-over to add to my system they are so good.
  7. yoda900

    LOMC recs

    The Mystic is very good even compared to my Kondo Io and Kiseki PHS. They do need at least 40 hours on them from new otherwise sound quite forward but the depth and body comes along with use, even more than with the Hana. Big thumb screws so a doddle to fit.
  8. I've seen and heard these at Lees. Exactly as described with new tweeters from Proac. Deal with Lee with confidence as he is a gent. GLWS.
  9. Ring Patrick at Sugden he likes Harbeth speakers and has a pair in his listening room so will tell you what works best in practice. 20 weeks back order on new kit due to demand.
  10. Rick Bandit Pilot is selling a Yamaha Power amp that will fit the bill at half your budget. Feed it from the Recorder Out. With the speakers moved as previously advised you will have a room filling sound that will not be shrill at high volumes. You may be simply be expecting too much of a modest integrated that is beyond its comfort zone.
  11. Deal with Simon with confidence. These are great speakers!
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