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  1. I've seen and heard these at Lees. Exactly as described with new tweeters from Proac. Deal with Lee with confidence as he is a gent. GLWS.
  2. Ring Patrick at Sugden he likes Harbeth speakers and has a pair in his listening room so will tell you what works best in practice. 20 weeks back order on new kit due to demand.
  3. Rick Bandit Pilot is selling a Yamaha Power amp that will fit the bill at half your budget. Feed it from the Recorder Out. With the speakers moved as previously advised you will have a room filling sound that will not be shrill at high volumes. You may be simply be expecting too much of a modest integrated that is beyond its comfort zone.
  4. Deal with Simon with confidence. These are great speakers!
  5. Unbelievably an Voyd Reference in gloss rosewood. Made a huge profit on resale after a few years but would be worth a lot more these days. Who knew? Also a Valhalla Linn Sondek /Ittok II for £220 which would be worth 10x that to-day. My Art Impressions , after 15 years of enjoyment, will not be going anywhere soon ( on instructions from SWMBO ) though although most of the other kit has been changed without a murmur from her.
  6. Have you tried moving one speaker the other side of the chair closer to the door and the other where the plant pot is on the other side of the screen and use the speakers for movies as well ? Likely to give a more room filling sound and if you need longer cables buy cheap 2.5mm 2 to fit the longer distance. Ignore equal cable lengths. If that gives you more of what you are looking for then sell the speakers and put the money towards some second hand active floorstanders, removing the quality of your amp from the room equation. I must admit neither your amp nor speakers would b
  7. I have a Yamaha CDX-1030 as a back up drive and also cheap 550e . Both are silent and can be bought for buttons. Currently listening to Thea Gilmore on the AS Transcend transport but at multiple times the price. Once lockdown is over I find charity shops at 4 x Cds =£1 are great for trying out old music.
  8. yoda900

    Topping E30

    I would get two of the larger ones. They can take 24 hours to fully charge! I recon 30+ hours of use. I have used mine for say 12 hrs this weekend and its still showing 4 LEDS indicating a full charge. Listening to it now. I unplug the DAC from the power bank when not in use each night. Mine is very well made and looks very smart on the rack.
  9. Is the Kondo Spc of the same ilk, ie a lot of small thin wires in bundles, all bundled together only at the connection ends? I am likely to be wrong but it is the build structure rather than the materials. I did have AN silver wiring from the cart to the Snell speakers ,including internally in the amps, in my SJS system with a Voyd Reference at one stage. It was quite good too.
  10. I have much of the wants for this beauty. Must resist!
  11. If they were the big ones I'd have bought them already even though I don't need another pair of BIG speakers. Stunning value for money. Simply make music on the end of Class A or low powered valves. These ones are quite capable even in tight spaces as Lee has discovered when I "influenced" his purchase of a pair. Someone please buy them to remove the temptation.
  12. I use a Velvet Vortex. I have no association with Tim - Spider other than being a very satisfied customer. What he says above is correct after lots of use. I would not attempt to clean more than 3 at a time. Slow rotation means that the top 2/3 is dry when you lift them out so they are fully dry within minutes of air drying.
  13. Service the XX. Great MM phono. Stick with the best MM you can afford. AT MM with microline stylus is a good bet or depending on age /wear you may just obtain a new stylus for the 1042. If you want to go spendy AN IQ3, MM ,with the same stylus as the Io, may be as far as you can go. I have IQ2 for MM and an original ANJ Io rebuilt by Kondo. Speakers/amp/room matching are FAR more important though and are key. The rest is icing only once you ave that right.
  14. If you want new a modded AT LP5. Job done Direct Drive no set up required. Fit and forget. Essential if you are a novice or do not have an experienced mate to help out, Covid permitting. You can do better second hand putting bits together but you need to know what you are doing.
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