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  1. Drool. Bought new Vertere Mystic cart at Chrimbo, in addition to the Io and the Hana, otherwise I'd have it. Mate had NWA rebuild his Red. Awesome cart.
  2. Amazing reputation. I'd be all over this if I didn't have an SJS Silver phono.
  3. Hi, I have one and also a SJS silver special phono at multiple x the price as well as two pre's with built in phonos. SWMBO prefers the Vertere !!!!!! As new. boxed etc. Not willing, or needing, to give it away so state your best price and I will either accept or politely decline your only offer. No hassle ,no fuss ,no bullshitting. Cheers Mike.
  4. It is used as an integrated on line sources fed via the Dax Discrete. Phono , still my main source from either TT, is via the Music Reference . In Serge's terms it is more than adequate. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Live from Mars is Live in my room
  5. I use my Music Reference valve pre, with its stunning inbuilt MM Phono stage, into the FLS10. Pure magic with effectively unlimited power into 90db speakers. It can go very low and VERY loud in party mode Over 110db measured in room at 2m+ is possible but only recommended when guests ( remember those days?) ask you to show them how loud it can go.
  6. Use 2 of the bays with the space above as one open room with high sloping cathedral ceiling. Have it acoustically modelled from the outset. Speakers at the external wall end for which you can beef up the structure. 2 bay garage with a non-habitable room above ? This was my garage conversion but gives the idea of sloping roof and this was with only 4.5m height and a section of flat ceiling to hide the steel and braces actually holding the roof up
  7. That is one immense amp for normal speakers. It cost me 3 times the amount at second hand prices to equal its capabilities as a 2 channel power amp. Deal with confidence with Dick.
  8. £1000 is a fantastic budget to start with. Choose the speakers that will meet his needs+stands. Allocate most of the rest of the budget on the TT/arm/cart. New MM can be had for £75ish. The balance will give an older integrated with on board phono but probably not remote. Easily do-able. I have put together lots of this type of starter system on a fraction of that budget. Uzzy will be along with an actual shopping list shortly
  9. Buy with confidence . John's kit is always pristine. GLWS.
  10. 2 x Lamplig Ikea bamboo chopping boards. 46 x 53 cm x 18mm 3 or 4 bigger sorbothane feet under bottom board 3 x smaller sorbothane between the boards for differential isolation. You want a combination of the ones that will all compress a little under the weight of the TT/boards so any vibration is just going to dissipate as heat. Boards have a lip so have 1 lip up on bottom board and lip down on top board at opposite end. Aiming for isolation so mass of a big butchers block is not what you need. Solution for less than £45. Throw a bit of material of your choice or a piece of black felt over it if you want to hide the working gubbins or the bamboo. Alternative use the same layout using 2 x black top plate cooker cover. Zeller 26284 Stove/Hot Plate Cover, Black, 56 x 50 cm £26 each + cost of sorbothane for a more high tech look.
  11. yoda900

    2a3 SET amplifier

    See the link above. Do you still have the Puresound 2a3? See the 300B twin box amp photos. Have Simon build another box for your 2a3 to house a mega power supply and just have the amplification stages in the original box if the existing output transformers are up to such a radical mod in his opinion.
  12. Just saw this build for the first time. I am in awe of people with skill sets. When you have them finalised can Lee and I descend on you? How sensitive to drive are they? Perhaps Lee can bring his Musicmaster 16W of superb Class A to give them a thrashing.
  13. Not heard the Anniversary but the original versions produce beautiful music on the end of Class A whether valve or SS. Not best suited to huge rooms or Drum'n'bass but beguiling and liquid sound.
  14. yoda900

    2a3 SET amplifier

    This is what you want but rarer than rocking horse sh*t. Used to be mine but stupidly I sold it rather than buying speakers like yours. one of my worst decisions. Almost as stupid as selling mine from new original Mk1 Golf GTi. Unfortunately a decent 2a3 will not be cheap . Speak to Simon SJS to see what he can do. It won't be cheap. What is wrong with your Puresound 2a3 in your profile? If you have it why not have Simon breath on it. It won't be cheap but will be mega and you already have a case an the T/X.