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  1. Sorry but they ideally need to be 20-30cm in height...
  2. Superb tip guys, perfect size appearance and price, mucho thankso!
  3. Hi, Long time no post, nice to see you again :-) I'm looking for some short speaker stands - around 30cm. Had a look on richer sounds but nothing. Anyone have any alternative ideas? I know it's an awkward height but there's nothing I can do about it sadly... Thanks as always, DT
  4. Ah, sorry, rule change since I've been away...
  5. edited to remove personal ebay links. sorry mods!
  6. Hmm, again not good. Why does an indy have the mechs rather than naim? Is Avondale a one-man shop? what if he decides to retire? Bloody nightmare this high-end CD malarky.
  7. I know it can sound superb! My old SA-KI Pearl was magical, but sadly I had to raise funds during an 18-month period of unemployment and regret selling it. Bloody hard to find now... Presumably the Naims of this world are still serviceable? Not looking forward to joining the Salisbury flock though
  8. Very interesting, thanks graham. Usual conundrum then - should I just sell the single-layer sacds for a vastly inflated price (and buy vinyl copies that sound better!) and get a cdp from a more reliable manufacturer. Hmm....
  9. By rare beast, do you mean that it'll take 3 months to source and repair, and there's a very limited stock of existing spares? Even for the newer marantz & teac players? Speaking to one guy on ebay at the moment. His SA-1 cost £450 to fix (ouch). I just don't understand why this type of basic mechanical failure is even an issue for japanese manufacturers in the 21st century. They should never, ever fail. These players were better engineered in the 80's (dad's fixed head philips still going strong 25 years later)! Note to Sony: If you're going to introduce a new kind of software standard, please get your basic hardware engineering right at the same time. Might stop you from going bankrupt...
  10. Hey guys, Thinking ahead with respect to getting a high end SACD player, I've read and heard some disturbing reports about the availability of transport parts for Marantz and Esoteric players of even recent manufacture and wanted to know if these were unfounded? Given that they're teh most likely component to fail I don't want to buy an SA-11 or DV-50 only to discover a year later that I have a very expensive doorstop. Have any of you had bad recent experiences with these manufacturers service wise? Cheers, DT
  11. In fact I might try to locate an SA11-S1 as a permanent solution. These were going for £750-800 last year. How much are they now?
  12. OK chaps, I've pre-empted you. I've bought most of the gear I need, with the SACDP on hold for the time being until I assess the cost/benefit of a mid-range purchase vs. the 963sa. The system is looking like this: Project Expression 3 with some cheapo ortofon MM. Had several project decks before and they generally sound shite, but this is only a stop gap for 18 months or so. Will do the job but not expecting much from a TT that weighs less than my last player's record clamp. Only spend about 20% listening to records these days anyway... Denon PMA-1500AE. Julian, I looked closely at the Pioneer you mentioned, which seemed very good value at £300 used. Had a dac input as you say. The Denon had slightly better reviews and better output in a 4ohm load (goes from 70 > 140wpc which implies a pretty decent PSU for a budget amp). It also has tone-benders which will come in handy for cheap sources like the Project. Phono stage an unknown quantity, but if the PSU has decent filtration, chances are it will sound OK. Wanted an MF A3.2, but couldn't find one at a sensible price. Audio Pro Avanti A90 DC. Never heard of them either. Some small scandinavian brand. No reviews anywhere. Shot in the dark but again, a stop-gap so worth the risk. Certainly nicer looking than any other speaker I could've bought near the price. Shortlist for potential SACD players are marantz 8003/pearl lite, denon dcd-1500 (to match the amp) or a pioneer pd-d9. My guess is that the pearl lite will sound best but it's at teh top end of the budget. Used to have the KI pearl proper and it was a dream machine. Simply loved it. Cheers, DT
  13. Thanks Belloire, will consider some of your items.
  14. John, I used to own a 900v and it was a very competent cd/sacd player. Slightly soft presentation and lacking a bit in the lower registers (like 99% of other players in this price range). But the problem is, it's not markedly different from the 963sa, in that it's a slow loader, often struggles to read dual layer discs and needs a tv to use properly. Bargain at £100 as you say. Nagra - I'ma bit wary of buying brand new stuff and the brio is just that. I'm happy to buy amps second hand with a bit of dust to maximise ROI. 50wpc sounds a tad bit weedy. I also don't liek the shoebox design. TBH I'm kind of leaning towards another MF amp because I loved the A308 pre I used to have. Very ballsy sound and the phono stage was a revelation. Rega definitely on the radar for TT duties. Question again of older P3 or newer RP3. Or perhaps going for a direct drive like a technics SL1210. Sorted on teh speaker side now thanks. Picked up some random floorstanders for £450. DT