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  1. paularcher


    Ok point taken but after 12 pages of comments it is a well established thread and you don't expect it to have just been moved. Still my bad tho'
  2. paularcher


    I agree, after all it is the public bar- a place to chat about any topic. There is another place for exclusive hifi chat.
  3. Well I've managed to make quite a horlicks of trying to share some selected photos. First I downloaded google drive and just couldn't work out how get photos into it. Nearly ended up downloading all of my photo library along with the application too! Managed to stop it tho. Then tried We Transfer but am not sure if that worked- I need to contact the recipent. Then went to Dropbox and had trouble with that too. It doesn't help that my Mac Mini is painfully slow- so its not clear straightaway if it is actioning anything. The only way I could get photos into dropbox was to swish a folder of photos from the library to my desktop and then drag and drop the folder into dropbox. Seemed to work. It's taken me most of this morning to get 50 photos into dropbox. I've had enough for now. If I try to upload a file from within dropbox there is no way of selecting photos individually. The drag and drop way is the only way can do it but it does seem a bit of a faff
  4. Thanks for that. Are you using the free version?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions so far.Dropbox looks like an easy way. I have had a quick look at WeTransfer it would seem they have had-/are having issues when using Safari- it's not clear if they fixed it. Any more suggestions?
  6. As per title, I need advice about the best way of emailing digital photos. I have emailed the occasional photo before by attaching them. However as I'm likely to need to email a large number of photos to various people in the near future, and also might need to send some to the local press for publication I think I probably need something a little more professional. The photos will be high resolution, full frame jpegs. My photos are on a Mac.My main email account is hotmail but I also have Mac's icloud. Any help much appreciated
  7. Loving this. At last someone has found a way to embarrass those charlatans who pretend they are responsible politicians
  8. Thanks for that. I googled satin glaze as you suggested and from what I found it would seem to be for drizzling, but perhaps I should keep looking further. In the same search. I came across a chocolate mirror glaze which looks promising. When and if there is a next time the question will be whether to go with my original recipe with modifications or the completely different mirror glaze.
  9. I've just had a go at making a Sacher Torte as a dessert for Xmas eve dinner. It hasn't turned out as I had hoped, but is edible- I think. I came across a Mary Berry recipe on the BBC website.It looked fine but Googled to find out more about this cake. A proper sacher torte should have a very smooth coating of chocolate icing whereas Mary Berry's icing is applied with a spatula and has rough but still attractive finish. I decided to go with Mary's cake recipe but for the icing went with a recipe on youtube. The cake recipe was fine but the icing proved to be a little disastrous. Having brought a suger and water mixture to 112 cent. take the pan off the heat and then add the chocolate, which has been broken into small pieces.and stir very quickly to melt the chocolate. According to the video you pour the very liquid mixture onto the cake. It should spread over the top of the cake and down the sides thus giving the cake its characteristic exceptionally smooth finish. When I tried it the mixture was very liquidy for a very short time and then thicked up- too thick to even a apply with a palette knife!!! So I then put the pan with the chocolate mixture in it into a saute pan of boiling water to loosen up the chocolate. I also added butter to help thin the mixture which I was able to apply with a spatula- but only just. Anybody here tried making one of these cakes? Should I try this again I think I will keep the sugar/water mix on the heat, melt the chocolate in the usual way and then add to the sugar and work as quickly as possible in a very warm kitchen. Having googled a bit more since making the cake there are apparently some secrets kept back by the Austrian hotel that makes it. Bloody Youtube videos!
  10. Many thanks for that. I have ordered a couple of Duracells direct from their website and am waiting in for DHL to deliver- they are one of the few couriers that don't give a delivery time. Thanks for the heads up about Ex-Pro Ultra- look to be keenly priced. One of my fears about SD cards and batteries was inadvertently getting counterfeits, so was keen to get from reputable retailers. My local Currys didn't have the Sandisk card I wanted so ordered from Wexphotovideo- I probably paid a little over the odds- but have peace of mind.
  11. At last I made a decision and bought via Ebay a Sony RX1r which arrived this morning, and so far am very happy. I have also got hold of a seperate EVF. I am about to plough through the manual this afternoon. Can't use the camera just yet as it didn't come with a card. But I do need to ask for more advice. The camera came with one Sony battery and it is well known that this camera uses up battery power very quickly, so I need to get a couple (at least)of spares. Original Sony batteries are quite expensive, so am looking for alternatives. There plenty of cheap batteries to be had from Ebay and Amazon at 2 for £5/7 which I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Duracell do a battery which can be bought directly from them- so trustworthy I would think. Any comments about reliably sourcing batteries would be very welcome. Thanks
  12. Well I think I've got a short list at last. There are 2 Sony RX1r's I'm looking at. One is mint, is over £1k, but only comes with a charger and no box. The other is in good condition i.e. showing some signs of use, but comes with everything you'd expect: charger, strap, manual etc and box and is just over £800. Both have 6 months warranty. In either case I would have to spend another £230 for the EVF viewfinder. The other choice would be a Sony A7ii and put a Sony 35mm f2.8 on it. The RX1R has a built in flash and a superb,(apparently, ) 35mm f2 lens but is a bit long in the tooth now. The Sony A7ii is a bit more up to date and offers lens interchangeability, and IBIS, but no flash Both have a 24mp sensor so shouldn't clog up a hard drive too quickly. Whichever I chose it should leave me with some cash left over to put towards a more up to date computer.
  13. Thanks for that, I'm still in the land of hesitation! The Canon M6 is in with a shout and I would get the separate viewfinder for it. A Fuji X100F or X-E3 is also on the short list. And I keep looking at Sony RX1Rs on Ebay- a FF sensor at 24 mp- I have been looking at examples of photos on the fredmiranda website some of which are stunning. The computer is still the stumbling block, so I'll have to save up some more and bide my time. Interesting that you mention Sony A6000/6300, rumour has it there may be a A6700 announced at the end of this month.