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  1. I'm another fan of the Chinese DAC/Amp setups, sound great for the money and cheap enough to experiment with. Currently listening to a Topping DX3 Pro and very impressive it is as well. It can also be used as a pre-amp so if you don't want to use the headphone amp in it you add another standalone amp if you want to.
  2. It's the DX3 pro. Dac & headphone amp & pre-amp. Can use the line out in to my sabaj headphone amp or can listen direct from the built in headphone amp Can also add 9db of gain so drives the hd600 pretty easily Sounds very good
  3. I nearly bought one of these before I bought the Sabaj, the irony is that at the time it was such a gamble getting these things I thought the price of the Douk was a bit high. The day the tubes turned up so did this
  4. Swapped the original tubes in this amp with some Mullard NOS tubes. This little amp, driven from the Topping DX3 pro being used as a dac/pre-amp is really on song. When I first got it I thought it was ok, especially for £40, but after a period of time it really started to shine, even with the HD600. Now with the change of tubes this is really making me very happy.
  5. Cheers, think I may well end up with one at some point.
  6. I've been fiddling with cables and had a genuine epiphany the other night, listening to a bit of Lou Donaldson using the HD600, really felt like I was sat with the musicians but it all falls apart with a bit of Metallica. Also feel the HD600 are far better at chamber music rather large scale symphonic music. Also I need to face up to the fact I still can't get on with IEMs. so need to make up for the time spent trying to. Need to wait until the DX3 turns up first though before looking for a new set of phones.
  7. How do you rate the SP200? It's something I've looked at quite a lot recently.
  8. Haven't quite got my head around EQ at the moment. If the headphone has a dip in the midrange how do you boost it? Is that down to the drivers or the design, or does it do it by bringing down bass and treble to make the sound more balanced? I suppose that's my problem at the moment, I just change headphones if I want to listen to certain albums. Would rather solve the problem with hardware rather than software, so that's why I need some more headphones
  9. Having a big John Adams bit at the moment, had this queued up to listen to for quite a while. Perfect Sunday afternoon listening.
  10. nice setup. Glad you're enjoying the new amp.
  11. I found it very good but since dropping Qobuz it seems a little redundant. I still use for Google Play but as that is soon to be replaced with Youtube Music be interesting to see what they do with it. Wish Amazon would just get in line and let these guys and others integrate their system. I used to get a few drop outs using the app casting to my CCA until I hardwired the CCA to the wifi box then it seemed to sort itself out a lot better, although I read a lot of problems with dropouts being down to the CCA not being too good with hires.
  12. I currently use a Cyrus Soundkey from the mobile, got it half rice in a black Friday deal, and that helps with getting a bit more welly from the phone. Was using USB Audio Pro app as well which was great when I trialled Qobuz but sadly Amazon don't want to share anything with anyone.