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  1. griffo104


    I found the Chord Mojo a very poor partner for the HD600. You seriously need to crank it up and actually the HD600 needs power not warmth. The Topping L30 is much the better match if you don't require the DAC. The Mojo is about £200 overpriced (overhyped). Best match I have had with the HD600 is the Sabaj Da3 running in balanced mode
  2. Interesting, very interesting. I also read loads of reviews but a black Friday deal made me take a gamble. At times I have found them quite amazing, jazz and classical in particular, are sublime, the sense of musicians in a space, their interaction, the timbre and tone of an instrument, a bow going across strings, the breathing of a sax player, that kind of thing is so noticable but makes the intimacy so good but musically really excellent. Then I listen to a bit of Megadeth, the drums sound amazing, really feel each stroke, but the rest sounds a little messy, but there's somet
  3. To be fair I never thought of noise. I have two headphone setups so easier split the two feeds from the D10 as my chromebook is my source, one coax and one optical in to separate dac/amp combos. I just enjoy the music, I doubt my hearing at my age would pick up noise at certain levels but I would probably (hopefully) pick something up if it obviously sounded bad or wrong.
  4. I also have a D10 and use to go to SPDIF, you are right about it's performance being driven by a computer USB but still, at £65, it's still amazing what it can do compared to what £65 got you 10 years ago I use the optical output as the input to a D50S which is powered by a P50 and the difference that unit makes compared to being driven direct from the computer USB proves your point quite well.
  5. Just got my first Planars, Monolith M1570. Interesting.
  6. Both purchases, M40X and 5200, were triggered by some saying they were better balanced than the next model up. I would love to hear the Denon 9200 but that price is out of my range. I got lucky with the 5200 as they had £200 off retail otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought them.
  7. I have the 5200 which I think, from what I've read, are better balanced than the 7200. I really enjoy them, I find they draw me in to the music and albums just fly past. As thrash metal fan I haven't heard a headphone do the complex bits so well, love the way riffs sound through these cans. I've also go a pair of Monoprice 1570 waiting to be opened as well to give planars a try. Originally I though vocals were too recessed on the 5200 but since getting a new amp this doesn't seem such a problem. The top end is detailed but not harsh and the bass is just spot on for me.
  8. I'm on my M40X now and the laptop is about a foot away from me as the wife is watching something called ITVBe (which seems to have more cleavage than a teenage boys fantasy and yet is so painful to watch), the stock cable just gets in the way. Seems whenever I buy a headphone I need to go out and buy a shorter cable.
  9. I'm far more preferring this modern stuff. Never thought I would go back to digital in such a big way but this has been a revelation to me, especially taking the price in to account.
  10. I've just managed to sneak a P50 PSU for the DX3 Pro in without her noticing so I may just give in to her. I just wanted to try something different, at the moment the Denons I bought are really excellent but I have three amp/dac combos so why not slap a headphone on the end of each of them?
  11. I have that cable on my AT M40X, primarily bought as the stock cable is way too long for what i need. Can't complain about it, it's been in situ for a year since I bought it and sounds very good. Not felt the need to swap it out.
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