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  1. I've been having a bit of a Nils Frahm couple of days. In fact I purchased another three albums of his today.
  2. U96 - Transhuman. One for fans of Kraftwerk.
  3. I'd go to Mars to avoid children.
  4. I think it looks amazing. Imagine standing there and looking back at the little blue dot. Makes me all tingly.
  5. Although not your loudspeakers this is the sort of thing you are faced/phased with. Boom boom!
  6. Worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals. Its bleeptastic and sounds amazing with the new Umami.
  7. Bulleit is okay but I prefer their rye expression. Four Roses is rough as a badgers erk. This is a fantastic bourbon but if you put cola anywhere near it I'll come back and haunt you. Whatever happened to George Dickel?
  8. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    It certainly sharpens your thinking!
  9. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    Nah. Its balancing out. In the last couple of months I got covid, lost my spaniel, got nerve damage in my neck and someone stuck a camera up my backside. Euan
  10. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    It must be my lucky week. I had my first ever hole in one today (not with a 2 iron) and the topper is that because the clubhouse is closed I don't have to by everyone a drink.
  11. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    Sorry for delay. Here's a couple of snaps of the cartridge. I'm afraid the afters of the stuffed squid didn't turn out very well.
  12. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    Previous cartridge was Shelter 9000. SUT is Hashimoto HM7 through K&K phono stage.
  13. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    Some good tunes last night. This is one of my favourite demo songs for new kit. With the Umami the sense of 3d in the soundstage is incredible. The you could almost reach out and touch the singer in the room.
  14. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    I don't like haggis. I had squid stuffed with couscous and chorizo. Very tasty. The cartridge is amazing. It is cable of being very delicate and lets you hear all of the instruments in the mix. It also has an enormous sound stage. The music is way out into the room and seems to produce a higher soundstage too. I am absolutely delighted with it. Digesting my squid while I plan what to listen to this evening. Euan.
  15. ESK

    Hana Umami Red

    Well that was stressful but we're in. Glorious. Hugely resolving but not analytical. Massive sound coming from the speakers. A very quiet cartridge. Easy to mount and I've stuck at the 2g tracking recommended in the instructions. Will play around with the loadings/gains but this is just lovely. My first listen is Ulrich Schnauss Faraway Trains Passing by. What are all these things I've never heard before? I swear my wife is about to burst into the room and ask what I've done to the hifi. It could be a long night. Thank you for your patience.