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  1. ESK

    Twitchers Thread

    My neighbour had one of those hanging around their fish pond yesterday. They were not best pleased.
  2. Ruark MR1's?
  3. ESK


    I think so. It was very thin stripped so that I didn't have to do any cutting other than to length. Euan
  4. ESK


    I got mine from Hobbycraft.
  5. This takes me back to my youth. Joan Jett at her finest.
  6. Happy Premier 350 owner here too. Moved from 845 monoblocks and have no intention of moving the the 350 on. I am not quite as fortunate as Snoop as I have a mere Act 2.2 pre amp.
  7. Changing/improving what I own now would cost me eye watering amounts of money and the change/improvement I'd get would not be worth the outlay. I have other priorities now that I no longer work. I accept that at some point I'll need to buy a new MC cartridge or re-tip. Whether I'll buy something as expensive as the Shelter 9000 costs now is another matter. If I came into a large amount of money then I may well play with bigger ARTs (DRAM 15s) and a top whack CJ pre amp (GAT 2). For fun, I'd also buy a mahoosive pair of Maggies. But, for the moment, I'll stick.
  8. I'm sad to say that films generally bore me. They go on too long and I'd rather go do something else. However, these I could and have watched many times. * Tombstone * Leon * Room with a View * Tampopo.
  9. At that time there was a penchant for Charvel/Jackson basses played through Trace Elliot amplification and cabinets. They always struck me at the time to be lacking in lower bass notes and emphasized the upper/mid notes. I could never see the attraction. Euan
  10. I also have this book and have to say I got a bit fed up of it. I found that the dishes were all a bit basic/samey tasting. Can I point you in the direction of this website. The curry gravy is easier to make and less honky than the Dillon one. The dishes that I've tried are all fantastic tasting and easier to portion. You make the basic gravy and the spice mix and off you go. Euan
  11. The one on the right may well be a Jungle Cock. But please for the love of all things holy be careful if you google search images for it.
  12. Have you tried swapping the valves around to see if you can get the problem to swap sides?
  13. With hindsight, if we'd all bought Amazon shares and a lump of gold when lockdown started, none of us would have a mortgage at all.
  14. ESK

    Downtempo Electronica

    New Sankt Otten released shortly.