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  1. I've seen his youtube videos....there's just something about that bloke....I dunno what it is exactly...I just want to punch his face.
  2. Thanks. I've placed the order for the T9i
  3. OK I have decided to take a punt and it's going to be a REL. I have narrowed it down to 2 models which are available at reasonable prices right now: T9i B grade, this is their "entry level" range , 10" ,which would be about £1k new. and S2, I can get used, also 10" but an older model, aparently a more premium range, also £1k back in the day Does anyone know anything about either of these and which might suit my M30.1 speakers in my modest room better?
  4. Thanks everyone. Have to be honest, if it involves microphones and computers to set up, I just ain't gonna do it. There is one place in the room where my speakers can go and there is one place where a sub could go, so if it doesn't work there, I'm stuffed.
  5. I have a pair of Harbeth M30.1 speakers. I do like them, but even for me, who does not like bass heavy music, they are bass light. Turning up the bass on my Rotel RA 1592 doesn't seem to make the bass any deeper, just a bit louder. (Is that the way tone controls work?) Somehow, these Harbeth's don't seem to have the kick that my previous Monitor Audio speakers had. So I'm investigating the idea of a subwoofer, but I'll be blown if I can find a plain English guide to them. Can anyone point me to a reliable source? I have no idea what a "high level" input is for example, and don't know anything about crossovers. My amp does have two connectors on the back for "mono sub out", if that helps. Does that mean I'm good to go?
  6. Thanks. I'd take it for £22 including delivery.
  7. Thanks. Not quite tickling my fancy at the mo, will see what else may pop up...
  8. Looking for an el cheapo phono stage around the £20 mark. Something like one of the Projects would do just fine.
  9. What does the Audio Technica fluid contain? Is it just isopropyl?
  10. I have the model 30.1. They replaced some smallish Monitor Audio GX100s. I was worried about boom in my square 12 x 12 foot room, but that hasn't been a problem at all. In fact I have found them to be rather bass light, relative to my previous speakers. In fact I have turned up the bass on my amp. (Yes! I have tone controls and I use them!)
  11. I eventually purchased an SC1. Yes, it's not cheap. And yes, it introduces digital into an analogue chain. But get over those two things - some people won't be able to - and this thing is astonishing. I simply cannot hear any influence on the sound from this device, other than to remove pops and clicks. I have no idea how it is that they can convert into the digital domain, process it, then convert it back, and be utterly transparent to my ears. (That said, even Ivor Tiefenbrun back in 1984 couldn't tell when his Sondek was being digitized.) A couple of other things: the set up instructions are atrocious. It was an incredibly frustrating exercise. They really need to listen to customer and reviewer feedback on that because I know I'm not the only one to have struggled. One or two professional reviews have commented on this too. The company also needs to improve its communications/marketing/website. You would think that the company has died a death given its website is never updated and they have no social media presence. It's a little disconcerting.
  12. Yep on this page here There's no escaping it, the VAT number is a mandatory field when creating your account.
  13. I tried creating an account there to buy some Blake sleeves, but it seems they sell to the trade only as you need to give a VAT number. How did you get round that or are in in the trade?
  14. Just the Technics/Jelco armboard remaining.