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  1. Agreed Phil. I've just bought a couple of albums by John Grant thanks to a Chord amp demo on Youtube. Oh and the Raidho speakers!
  2. Look who got out the wrong side of the bed this morning.
  3. 20meg? 20meg?? Pah, back in my day I had 1k of memory and no means of storing any data. I had to type the programme in and hoped it worked (it usually didn't) then lost everything once the ZX81 was turned off.
  4. I sold my TT some years back, but can't bring myself to get rid of the records. I have a sentimental attachment to them and also have a lot that I don't have on digital. I suspect they'll only go when I turn my toes up. EDIT: And never say never as I may one day get another player!
  5. It does seem to depend on what amps and speakers you're using as to whether it will work or sound a bit sterile. Get some old warm speakers and it can be a match made in heaven. Modern flat response curve speakers tend to need warming up to my ears so may need a pre-amp at the expense of maximum resolution.
  6. I have two redundant pre-amps thanks to my Chord Hugo TT dac. Only problem with it for me is the rubbish remote that Chord provided. I don't use it so have to getup and adjust the volume by hand.
  7. Although you obviously won't hear the true sound of the speakers, I still like to see & hear the system playing on youtube videos. Several guys do reviews of systems and refuse to show it playing, to me it's a bit like talking about the engine of a car and not turning it on.
  8. Sir_Franc

    Box reducing

    Hopefully selling the Sonus Fabers will help!
  9. Sir_Franc

    Box reducing

    I just did! You may have seen my post in the bug bears thread about my current speakers vibrating the floor above me and annoying my neighbours. Well I decided I'd have to sell my lovely Sonus Faber Elipsa's (which I will put up for sale soon) and get some smaller speakers that are less likely to cause an issue. I found some Raidho D1.1's and took the rather costly plunge! They are much smaller so fingers cross I can get back to enjoying the music without worrying if I'm upsetting the neighbours.
  10. Sir_Franc

    Box reducing

    I've also been thinking about how I can reduce my box count. An integrated amp seemed like a good way to go about this as I have two large monoblocks at the moment. This was a good idea, but in practice had gone a tad astray. I collect my new speakers on Saturday
  11. I do believe most of the problems stem from it being a modern (cheap) wooden build as you describe, which is why I've tried so much to isolate the speakers from the floor. I was unaware of the ceiling vibrations until my neighbour brought it to my attention. That was rather disappointing as I hadn't suspected that would be the case. Even using a digital filter on Jriver removing anything under 50hz and EQ 50-300hz isn't working. I hope stand mounts will be easier to tame, or at least need a higher volume to excite the room. Edit: Keith, I haven't measured the room.
  12. I have my speakers on Townshend podiums which has helped most of the transmission to the floor, however the floor is made of chipboard and does vibrate a little bit. I can feel the walls vibrate to low frequencies so the same must be happening with the ceiling. My idea of stand mounts is to reduce the actual volume my speakers occupy in the room and to buy some that can't go as low as my current ones.
  13. My bug bear is just finding out my speakers send all the bass up to the flat above and vibrates their floor even when I play my system not too loud and also have the bass eq'd down. It looks like I'll have to sell my speakers and get some stand mounts that don't go down so low as my current speakers. The building is rubbish and allows bass through the walls far too easily. Grrrr!
  14. This is one of my favourite photos (I just copied my facebook page for ease of posting) by Edward Steichen. It's so simple and elegant I find it impossible not to like.
  15. St. Oswald's Beach, Dorset. by Rick Francis, on Flickr