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  1. Just think if you tried to post an add to sell one of your TT's. NO ONE would believe it's you!
  2. Not seen it before, but it looks like it represents forum veterans.
  3. I bought a secondhand pair of Voxativ AC1.6's last year. I built (very poorly) a pair of cabinets based roughly on Voxativ's Ampeggio Due design as I liked the idea of being against the wall. When taking in to account my total lack of knowledge, DIY skills and guessing most of the actual dimensions of the original cabinets they sound surprisingly good. I particularly like the speed and midrange. They are a real fun speaker and very enjoyable to listen to. For a while I drove them direct from the headphone output of my Chord TT. I now send the dac output to my monoblocks as I have better speaker wire than the stuff I used from the headphone output. Get yourself a cheap pair of FF drivers and have a play to see if you like them. I intend to build a second pair of cabinets to help boost the bass.
  4. Last time I looked, the local charity shops were still trying to sell them between £1 and £2 each. I tend to occasionally buy from Amazon or ebay if I want a disc. Once it's in my hands it is ripped to my NAS drive and never played again.
  5. The colour of the sea is down to cliff erosion. The fallen chalk is washed from the shore and gives the water this bright blue colour.
  6. I have one at home that's not being used at the moment. If you like I can take some pic's tonight so you can see if it's exactly what you're after.
  7. Forest Sunset by Rick Francis, on Flickr
  8. I love snow and have been waiting (and hoping) for some for 2-3 years in my area. Finally got some today so had to get out and enjoy it with a camera. Both taken from the same spot with an Olympus E-M1 mk2 & 40-150 F2.8. Winter tree clumb by Rick Francis, on Flickr A winters tale by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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