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  1. Cheers, I must admit Rega is a brand I always wanted to like, back in the day. I tried one of their CD players once and I was VERY disappointed. It sounded very flat and boring to my ears, a massive let down. Thats not to say I won't try the amp though, given the chance.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the above amp, or recent Cambridge kit in general? I am considering going back to 2 channel for the main system. Whilst it will be used for TV duties mainly, I still enjoy nice sound quality when time allows, and may be prepared to go up to £500 for the CXA60 or similar. FWIW my speakers are Tannoy DC6TSE floorstanders. Cheers. P.S. Hope all is well in the tent - its been some years since i've spent some time here.
  3. Sounds like a good choice TK, the C8 gets many good remarks on AVForums. Last week I spent ages choosing between the C8 and the Panasonic FZ802B, I went for the Panasonic, mainly because i've had a few Panasonic TVs, and they all have a natural picture which I like. Thats not to say the LG doesn't ! Enjoy. Now I have the dilemma of which AV amp to choose !
  4. £215 inc RMSD. Still sealed and ready to send tomorrow.
  5. Brand new Huawei P20 Lite (64GB) for sale. Purchased as part of a contract upgrade, but not required as I already have a phone i'm happy with. It is on EE but can be unlocked. £269 is the cheapest I can see it online in the UK. Yours for £230 including RMSD. Lots if info, and sparkling reviews here
  6. No worries, the only reason I figured that out is I could see the sub folders within Music, whereby I couldnt see my music files, so it was just a case of moving them. You're right, it only takes about 5-10 seconds to populate from opening the folder As for the cause of disconnecting, beats me, I just googled something along the lines of "reconnecting to network NAS", and found a useful blog type page. I have bookmarked it should you ever need it. I have no idea how the guy figured it out, but it involved changing a few settings such as IP gateways. I had to change an IP address to All way over my head. My 3 year old son enjoyed bouncing around the room to Brazilian Groove Band this morning, so its a big WIN for me
  7. Boom ! After a few hours messing about, all sorted ( I think !). I've had to move all my sub folders to "music" folder, in order for them to be read. The music list on MusicCast is populating gradually. I am hoping it will be fairly instant each time I open the app (just like Sonos). I will get there eventually.
  8. Cheers JTW. I found a page online, some guy had the same problem, followed several instructions and it appears to have re-connected !! Currently installing 12 updates ! I'll have a look at Media Server once its done and hopefully get it sorted. Thanks again
  9. ok, have reset both. Whilst I can view my files, if I go to Package Centre, and for instance click on Multimedia, it states Connection failed - check network settings.
  10. Thank you. NAS is connected to router via ethernet, yes. I've restarted the NAS via the laptop, but will try manually switching it off/on now.
  11. Just trying to install it, but its saying I have no connection and asks me to check my network settings. Not sure where to start. I think I should try and re-connect it from scratch, but concerned I may lose my files.
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply. No, i'm not using any of the Synology apps. I've just looked and there is one called Audio Station. Is this it?
  13. "AAAARGHH !!!"... and breathe... Not sure where to start with this one. I think my first question should be, is there an idiot guide to Synology NAS based hifi systems? I have had my Synology NAS based system running fine for a good while now, together with a Sonos Connect, in to my Rotel integrated etc. It did take a while initially, but its been relatively straight forward since. This system is actually in the dining room, and i've just decided I want to access my NAS in the living room system as well, so today i've added a Yamaha WXAD10 streaming Adapter. This works similarly to the Sonos controller. This is where the fun began. Using Yamaha's MusicCast app, I am only able to read files from my phone. I can not access my NAS. So for an hour or so i've looked at my NAS Diskstation on my laptop, reading stuff I really don't have a clue about, and feeling as though i'm probably just making matters worse of anything. I read somewhere I should go to Control Panel and set up my router. There is warning listed: "there are 2 routers found in my network" - well there aren't, we changed from Sky to Virgin a year ago, but we have only ever had one router. Then an error, stating "DNS name resolution currently abnormal. Make sure your DNS server is able to resolve public domain names". This is the stuff I have no idea about, and thats where I spat my dummy out. I did notice that when I access my NAS via the laptop, the main folder is named "192,168.0.17 - Sonos CONNECT", along with sub folders, Music etc. Not sure why or how it is named Sonos. So current situation... no problem with Dining room system (all music accessible), but my main system with the Yamaha device is not reading it, due to some errors with the NAS. If anyone knows of a guide I should be looking at, please let me know. Cheers.
  14. Afternoon all, I'm using a Synology NAS for music storage, and streaming wirelessly with a Sonos Connect. Whilst it has its positives, a couple of things really bug me. The main one being the Sonos app. I often go several days without using my system, and you can pretty much guarantee every time there will be an update to run. The whole point in a hard drive based system for me was to save time, and simplicity. I like things to be efficient and simple to use. Also - and this could be down to the way i've stored my music - a lot of my albums are not in their original track order. I've tried amending this via the Sonos app, but it doesnt work. Perhaps there are settings in the NAS drive I need to look at? A friend is now using a Meridian server which sounds like an ideal option, but I can't justify the cost. I would be interested in a similar alternative, with a slick user-friendly app for control. On another note, the noisy fan in the Synology is a bit of a pain as its situated right behind the sofa where we sit. But that's just a general whinge as there's not a lot that can be done, other than fork out for a different NAS / server. Thanks for any help.