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  1. A said above, when playing Tidal via the Yamaha streaming adapter, it does not give you full functionality i.e. you can not look for similar artists. So it is not as good as the Tidal app.
  2. Yes, makes sense. I wonder whether the full Tidal functionality will be available via streamers at some point?
  3. Wow, thanks for all your replies. Some very helpful info. Amormusic, thanks very much for your kind offer. I actually got the app working properly yesterday, so the Yamaha Musiccast Streamer is now working fully. My only slight gripe is that using TIDAL through the Streamer is not as good as the full TIDAL app. Can't have everything. I can still access any music I wish, but its not as good for discovering new music. Nothing stopping me doing this on another device though, so all good. The Bluesound stuff looks interesting also. The Vault 2i - whilst currently unavailable - in pa
  4. Afternoon guys, Well i'm off work today so taking the opportunity to re-introduce myself back to the tent... So since my son was born I kind of knew hi-fi would be pretty inexistent. Well he is 6 now, and i'm finding a bit more time to enjoy other stuff again. Admittedly i've found myself using TIDAL. My system actually doesn't include a CD player, which I do miss in a way. Over recent years we've spent more time watching TV rather than listening to music, so the main system is in the front room. Its fairly basic, which is how I want things to remain. I have a Synology NAS
  5. Cheers guys, I went with the RHA Trueconnect which were reasonably priced (paid about £65), and they seem pretty good. I've been out running with them once so far. I used the smallest foam tips which aren't perfectly secure, and need pushing in every few minutes. That said, I would think this will be the case with most. I will try the medium size and go from there. Thanks for your help via PM as well
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for some new earphones for whilst i'm out running. I have Shure E2C which are old now, and I don't really get on with the cable design. Besides, my Samsung S20 doesn't have a headphone jack. So I am considering wireless earphones, or "buds" as they are sometimes referred to. Question is, are the "true" wireless earphones any good in terms of sound? As with most things, there is a massive choice from the likes of Amazon, but I don't mind paying say £100 - £150 for something decent. Cambridge Audio have some which are £100, and the reviews seem promi
  7. Cheers, I must admit Rega is a brand I always wanted to like, back in the day. I tried one of their CD players once and I was VERY disappointed. It sounded very flat and boring to my ears, a massive let down. Thats not to say I won't try the amp though, given the chance.
  8. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the above amp, or recent Cambridge kit in general? I am considering going back to 2 channel for the main system. Whilst it will be used for TV duties mainly, I still enjoy nice sound quality when time allows, and may be prepared to go up to £500 for the CXA60 or similar. FWIW my speakers are Tannoy DC6TSE floorstanders. Cheers. P.S. Hope all is well in the tent - its been some years since i've spent some time here.
  9. Sounds like a good choice TK, the C8 gets many good remarks on AVForums. Last week I spent ages choosing between the C8 and the Panasonic FZ802B, I went for the Panasonic, mainly because i've had a few Panasonic TVs, and they all have a natural picture which I like. Thats not to say the LG doesn't ! Enjoy. Now I have the dilemma of which AV amp to choose !
  10. £215 inc RMSD. Still sealed and ready to send tomorrow.
  11. Brand new Huawei P20 Lite (64GB) for sale. Purchased as part of a contract upgrade, but not required as I already have a phone i'm happy with. It is on EE but can be unlocked. £269 is the cheapest I can see it online in the UK. Yours for £230 including RMSD. Lots if info, and sparkling reviews here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huawei-5-8-.../dp/B07CJRPK3P
  12. No worries, the only reason I figured that out is I could see the sub folders within Music, whereby I couldnt see my music files, so it was just a case of moving them. You're right, it only takes about 5-10 seconds to populate from opening the folder As for the cause of disconnecting, beats me, I just googled something along the lines of "reconnecting to network NAS", and found a useful blog type page. I have bookmarked it should you ever need it. I have no idea how the guy figured it out, but it involved changing a few settings such as IP gateways. I had to change an IP addres
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