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  1. Even if his style does look like an octopus that fell out of a tree, that was bloody magnificent. He even smiled.
  2. Not even with an extra special steak.
  3. Watery and unseasoned - agreed, but with plenty of butter and sea salt lumpy mash is a thing of beauty
  4. Spare a thought for the Tour riders, descending at 50mph+ on tyres 2cm wide with 120psi in them. Wearing nowt but lycra. No ta
  5. It's so hot in France today that I expect the British cyclists to really suffer! More suited to someone from Africa, but come on Chris Froome anyway!
  6. Biff

    Tennis, anyone?

    Murray has been disciplined for keeping an old man in his racquet bag
  7. Biff

    Tennis, anyone?

    What's del Potro's trainer trying to do, inflate him?
  8. Biff

    Tennis, anyone?

    The final will be a let-down after this. Brilliant stuff, and I'm not really a tennis fan.
  9. Vacancy: coach driver. Must have own tape measure.
  10. How to put your bike on the roof-rack if you're in a bit of a hurry
  11. Can somebody persuade Luis Suarez to buy one? With no limiter.
  12. Head Bully. Principal Fag Molester. Oh OK. Being 6'7 @16 the PE master 'suggested' that I box. No point being that big and not beating the shit out of the grammar school herberts, in a ring at least. Tried the hammer but my technique was so appalling that I only managed to clear the circle about 1 in 5 times. We had an unsanctioned 6th form poker team which played against other schools at weekends, usually with plenty of cheapo cider. Much preferred this, though the boxing did set me up for regular exercise which I've kept up.
  13. Biff

    Tennis, anyone?

    I don't much care for Nadal, strong links to Fuentes, but it has to be said he deserved that.
  14. Biff

    Tennis, anyone?

    BNP still sponsoring the French Open. Thought this year it might be UKIP.