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  1. The print/poster of the Maxell ad... Is that looking for a new home too?
  2. The SME 310 that this armboard was intended for is about to have another ebony armboard made for it by Steve. Shame it's going on a different deck or this would have been ideal!
  3. Hi Dean, Can I have these please: Big Country - The Crossing (inner, TEX)(VG/VG+) £5 Black ‎– Black (Ex/Ex) £4.50 Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell (Ex/Ex) £10 Icehouse - Man of colours (inner, dc)(VG+/Ex+) £4.50 ZZ Top - Afterburner (insert)(VG+/VG) £3 Thanks, Nick
  4. I owned these before the OP. Superbly transparent and musical speakers that worked well with amps of many different types. As said above, the next owner will be getting a LOT of sound quality and musical enjoyment for their money. GLWS.
  5. 1.0 m long Pure AV heavy duty component video cables. Could I have these please, if you still have them?
  6. You can't have trid very hard - - - Updated - - - You can't have tried very hard
  7. Wish I'd seen this earlier, I'd have bought them back
  8. The Howard is a transmission line speaker, not a conventional ported box. Not sure how much of that info above will be directly applicable. FWIW, a friend of mine had Howard S2 for years and always struggled to get really clean well-defined bass out of them. They have weight and extension for sure but are not the tightest. I agree with the posts above though. The room dimensions/construction and room/speaker interaction will be the major determinant in the quality of sound and bass you hear.
  9. But, on evidence presented, possiby true