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  1. I'm perfectly happy with the blue version. The kind definitive used in their OBX-R2 crossover. Having owned (various) Living Voice speakers for an exceptioanlly long time, I've accumulated a complete set of spare drive units (long story based on initial damage caused by small children and then confusion on my part). Currently in the process of building external x-overs, based on measurements that I took from the OBX-R2 components, in order to create a set of speakers for my second system that would match the drive units.
  2. In 100v HiFiCollective still have stock of the musicaps as high as 10uF (10 variants in total). Unfortunately (from my perspective)1.5uF isn't one of them
  3. It's a front Bigman, xxsimba joined the forum yesterday and suggested I email "Tom" via instantholmes@outlook.com as he had the capacitors I was looking for that he wanted to part with. I've obviously forwarded all of my money to Tom for the imaginary product. I can only assume that his request to buy a phone stage is an attempt to make him appear genuine? Don't imagine he will know what "SU" means any more than the items I was searching for were capacitors. Who knows. Who cares. On a completely separate note - I'm going to take this as a free bump - If anyone really does have a pair of Hovland MusiCap Film+Foil 1.5uF 100v capacitors (the kind that actually exist) I would love to purchase them.
  4. Even making the assumption that all of that is true… It doesn’t make Cavendish’s achievement any the less impressive. Whatever the competitors are (or are not) doing, no doubt it is done (or not done) throughout the field.
  5. I’m in agreement with Beyond You on this…. Albums that don’t stipulate whether they are 33 or 45. As much as it’s mildly frustrating that you start an album at the wrong speed and have to correct it (though this was admittedly very funny when John Peel used to do it), I have a 12” from Etienne De Crecy that I’ve owned since 2001 and have no idea what the correct speed is. I could search for the track online to clarify the dilemma, but I guess that would spoil the quandary.
  6. Mark Cavendish performing well at the tour, in what was nothing less than fairytale stuff, was my antidote at the time to (imo) the worlds most overhyped (overpaid) and boring sport - football. It can’t be argued that he is the greatest Tour de France rider, as he has never won the event, that accolade surely lies with Merckx - He is most certainly however the greatest sprinter of all time and given the opportunity (health permitting) I have no doubt he will exceed Merckx’s record for stage wins next year. What’s impressive is that he has such respect for the tour that he seems to be universally loved by both fans and competitors, the complete opposite of the likes of Froome for example. Admittedly that could also be because he’s from the Isle Of Man rather than (the universally hated by everyone else in the world - quite possibly with good reason) England. Sports personality of the year for me.
  7. Finally got to see The Lovely Eggs at Gorilla in Manchester last night. Purchased tickets originally for April 2020. They were brilliant and funny as always, a great start to post lockdown gigs, really refreshing to engage in some live music again. Had so many disappointments with gigs and festivals over the last 12+ months I absolutely needed it. Fingers crossed it's onward and upwards from here 🤞
  8. Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid 45rpm 180g double Vinyl Yes I know I play a lot of elbow - but everything up to and including this album is just so very good 😌
  9. Jesca Hoop The deconstruction of Jack’s house RSD 2 Ltd edition white vinyl release Beautiful Absolutely adore anything that Jesca does in a stripped back acoustic format. Love her voice, love the harmonies - sublime. From an aesthetic perspective I really like the white vinyl against my matte black turntable as well 😊
  10. A bit of a long shot… Hopeful someone may have a couple of these, possibly sat around from a project that never happened, that they are willing to part with? In need of a pair to finish a x-over project of my own. If anyone has anything please give me a shout. Thank you
  11. b1u3print

    Formula 1 2021

    Today has to be the best F1 race I have seen in an absolute age. There had to be a point when Max’s “never yield” aggressive style would eventually backfire on him. Having watched Lewis give way to Max over and over again in recent races in order to avoid collision, today was very much a statement of intent. Game on!
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