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  1. I’m all for maximising profit, I do my best to squeeze as much as I can for my services. I just don’t believe the UK dealer model gives good value to Manufacturers or customers. And when you’re being undercut by dealers shipping goods from Italy & even USA, you shouldn’t expect any loyalty from either.
  2. You can’t go saying things like that on here!!! People get upset at any suggestion that UK dealers/distributors are greedy or useless Italian dealers will ship to UK for a lot less than UK price. How do they manage that?
  3. Hahaha, I’m in no rush. I promise you’ll be the first to know Bob. Great post. and nice doggy!
  4. Here’s an interesting alternative to all the rave reviews... Heresy IV vs II Since I will always use a Sub regardless of speaker, I might look for a older pair.
  5. Wow! I’ve clearly rattled a few cages. No point discussing it further. Some people are satisfied with the UK model, good luck to you. Personally I don’t need a coffee & don’t need anyone to come “set up” my system. And I don’t need to pay for those who do. I can get them for a lot less than you suggest, thanks.
  6. I’ve only heard AudioNote half a dozen times. Always sounded lovely. Really nice. Not live though.
  7. They pay Sales Tax in US too you know! There’s no way round it, the UK Hifoo model is a joke. Lazy, clueless chancers. If I were a manufacturer I’d be selling direct or via Pro-audio channels. Why Heresy? Well I’m only interested in speakers that work close to walls as our two living rooms are just that, living rooms. Don’t want anything stuck out in the middle of the room. A lot of the music I like was recorded in the 70s & re-mastered (murdered) for CD. I need speakers that are as sympathetic as possible to those old recordings. I’ve had Tannoys & heard a hundred pairs. Got a bit of a love hate relationship with them. I certainly wouldn’t give house room to any of their ornate (Granny’s sideboard) offerings. The Prestige range would be the only option.
  8. It’s not half the difference though. See Bencat’s explanation. Ohhh that’s a big question. System = blank canvas. Denefrips DAC & JL Audio Sub the 2 keepers. The rest up for grabs. Listen to everything except Rap & whining women. Room I’m equipping now is 5.5 x 4.5 metres. Speakers need to work close to wall.
  9. Tax does NOT account for that difference. I spent 17 years Importing, so I know how it works. Bencat spent 40 years in Freight Handling. Have a read what he has to say. I won’t be paying anything near the bloated UK RRP, that’s for sure. Even other European stockist can deliver for 800 quid less & I only emailed one. I’m sure there are comparable UK products. What would you suggest?
  10. A few quid???? If you were talking 200 quid, I’d take your point. 52% over US price... I don’t think so. An Audiofool & his money are soon parted.
  11. Saw that. May go for it, but looking into a better option.
  12. Get yourself a currency card. If you’re regularly spending certain currencies, load your card when rates are favourable.
  13. You're comparing what a complete novice individual would pay, paying full US retail for the product & shipping a single item via. UK distributer isn’t paying US retail. They will have a deferment account with a shipping broker, who will be shipping in containers. Shipping is cheap. Why do you think ebay & Amazon is rammed with Chinese good for pennies. Pound for Dollar is just about acceptable. 52% is pure rip off.
  14. Having spent 17 years trading commodities, I know how it works. The UK distributer/dealer model is bloated & doesn’t serve the consumer. I’m surprised that a US manufacturer like Klipsch, who sell in the US via Crutchfield & Amazon don’t just sell through Costco & Amazon over here.
  15. I’d have a pair of the Heresy 4 today. The only sticking point for me is that old chestnut, UK rip-off pricing. US price = $2,998 (£2,290) UK price = £3,495 a £1,205 difference FIFTY TWO PER CENT!!!!!!