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  1. Martin Taylor (who lives about 12 miles from me, just outside of Basingstoke) has owned a pair of BE-20's, for the past 10 years or so and has an extensive thread, discussing their attributes, on his forum, The Audio Standard. https://theaudiostandard.net/thread/2022/usher-dancer-20-speakers As John has pointed out, they do need space to breathe, as those twin Eton 11" bass units are capable of plumbing the depths and having listened to them in Martin's last house, with smaller room, they were excessively bass-heavy (okay, if you don't mind a nose-bleed and ruptured spleen with your Grace
  2. The above photo does show a Melco S100 switch, which I had for comparison for a couple of weeks. I thought there was very little in it, between the Melco switch and the EtherREGEN. The photo below, shows the cable connections to the EtherREGEN, with Sablon Audio 75 Ohm BNC clock cable from the Mutec Ref10. The dark wood base is a Taiko Audio Daiza (Panzaholz) platform, offering very good vibration drainage from the supported components.
  3. I have had the Uptone Audio EtherREGEN in my system for over a year and initially, I used it between a TP-Link AC2800 router and my dCS Vivaldi full stack, for streaming Qobuz and files from a Melco N1ZH60/2 digital media library. Already owning a Mutec Ref10-SE120 master clock, supplying 10MHz reference clock signal to my dCS stack, via the external input on the Vivaldi Master Word Clock, I decided to hook up another 75Ohm clock cable, from the Mutec Ref10 to the EtherREGEN. The result, in my opinion, was an improvement over the already excellent performance available from the Ethe
  4. Hi John Room for another and if so, do you mind if I bring some surplus vinyl for sale?
  5. I can't believe a Yorkshireman paid £20 for a magazine!
  6. Steve, Conrad Johnson - You can have it in any colour you like .................... as long as it's champagne gold!
  7. Once you go black, there's no going back!
  8. Home Invasion - Steven Wilson Live in Concert at The Royal Albert Hall.
  9. David (@uzzy) Our paths almost certainly crossed during your time at Guildford Hi Fi. After my purchase of my black plinth LP2/Mission 774 from Bob, I later traded it in against an original Oracle turntable that Absolute Sounds started importing from Canada. Bob also sold me the Mission 771/772 pre/power combination in 1979/1980. I also used to clean all my vinyl on the shop's Keith Monks record cleaning machine. Great memories! Steve
  10. I lived and worked in Southampton in the mid 1970's and my first introduction to a "proper" hifi shop, was Holbury HiFi, in Commercial Road. It was there that I saw such delights as Luxman amplification, Dalquist DQ10 loudspeakers and the mighty Micro Seiki DDX1000 direct drive turntable with Ultimo mc cartridge. A real monster! There was another retailer in London Road, Hamilton Electronics, who put on an annual hifi show at one of the Southampton hotels. In addition to the major Japanese Brands, Hamilton Electronics stocked a good range of Direct Cut vinyl by Sheffield Lab, Direct Disc
  11. I currently use a Vertex AQ Aletheia PSU2 for mains distribution in my system. The PSU2 provides a total of 300 watts of balanced power for source components and two "straight through" unlimited outputs for power amps. I use the balanced power outputs for my preamp and digital source components. I would best describe the advantage of using balanced power as a lowering of background noise (system noise floor) and an improved vibrancy (call it PRAT if you like) to the sound of the music! The PSU2 also isolates each component, so limiting any interference between analogue and digital so
  12. I was looking for a USB-rechargeable lamp as I didn't want anything powered by a SMPS wall-wart, which might interfere with my phono stage, etc. This is the one I bought from Amazon, but unfortunately t doesn't look as though it's available at the moment! Still, it gives you a guide what to look for! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07DRFRG9Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Hi Bob. Glad it went to a good home!
  14. Some more pics of my 2005 system (at my last house), including Reimyo CD player, Oxford Acoustics Crystal Reference TT/SME V/Koetsu Red Signature, TEAD Groove and Amphion Krypton speakers!
  15. I purchased my first 'high end' CD player, the Reimyo CDP-777, new, in 2005. It was based on a battleship JVC machine (K2 top-loading transport), "breathed on" by The Japanese Combak corporation (Harmonix) and was beautifully built and sounded amazing to me at the time, having previously owned Meridian CD machines. I am now on year five of owning a dCS Vivaldi full stack (Transport, DAC, Master Clock and Upsampler) which, to my ears, represents the pinnacle of todays CD replay. No, I haven't heard all the current competition, but dCS have enough filters, modes and Maps to play with (
  16. For a second, I thought it might be this!
  17. I bow to your superior knowledge! £12 on Amazon for the 2-disc Deluxe 2020 Remaster!
  18. One of my favourite albums from the 80's, remixed and remastered by Steven Wilson for a 2-disc deluxe 2020 re-release! The slightly hard, digital edge of the 1989 release has now gone, revealing this great album in all it's glory! Great music and serious hifi demonstration material!
  19. Yes. Acustica Applicata DAAD room tuning from Italy. I have four of the largest DAAD 4's in each room corner. Stacked on top, are four DAAD 3's and another stack of DAAD 3's, between the speakers, on the front wall, help to solidify the centre image. Two DAAD 2's are placed either side of this centre stack to deal with secondary reflections and a couple of smaller Studio DAAD 2's also feature! DAAD's have absorbing and reflecting aspects and can be turned to tune in the sound in a room. They mitigate the pooling of boomy bass in the room corners and even out the bass response through
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