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  1. 1. Tannoy Cheviot (1976) 2. Nightingale NM1 (1977) 3. Linn Isobarik DMS (1979) 4. Linn Isobarik PMS (1981) 5. TDL Monitor (1989) 6. Amphion Krypton (2004) 7. Avalon Indra (2008) 8. TAD CR1 (2016)
  2. I had Kimber 4TC cables on my 1988 purchase of TDL Monitors. That system consisted of:- Oxford Acoustics Crystal Reference turntable/SME V/Koetsu Rosewood Signature mc Audio Research SP9 Preamp Aragon 4004 200w power amp (designed by Dan D'Agostino - Referred to as "The poor man's Krell!") TDL Monitor loudspeakers Meridian 104 Tuner Meridian 200 series CD player It was a good system and I didn't make any significant changes until 2003
  3. Turntable - German Tonearm - American Cartridge - Japanese Phono Stage - British Preamp - American Power Amp - American Speakers - Japanese Power Cords/interconnects/speaker cable - British, American, Polish CD/SACD Transport/DAC/Word Clock/Upsampler - British Reference 10MHz Clock - German Server/NAS - Japanese Power Conditioner - British Equipment Racks/Support - American Room Tuning - Italian
  4. Cool! Looks like the bastard offspring of a Spirograph and Meccano!
  5. Bugger! for a minute, I thought it was "Guess the album cover" and I was convinced I'd got it!
  6. Very sad news indeed! I was fortunate to have met Allen on a "Hitchhikers" forum visit to the Meridian factory in 2007. I was introduced to Allen's stunning design talent in 1978, when I bought my first piece of Meridian kit (101/103D pre/power). Since then, I have always had Meridian equipment in my hifi or A/V systems. RIP Allen. Your legacy burns bright!
  7. Perfect isolation and social distancing! I am indoors, listening to Qobuz and the wife is outside, gardening!
  8. These were an £8K pair of speakers, when I bought them, new, in 2004 from The Audioconsultants! The build quality is amazing, especially the birch veneer waveguide for the tweeter, which Amphion changed to moulded plastic for the MKII Krypton. A slab of granite is inset to one side of the lower half of each cabinet to counter the 12" side firing woofer. They weigh 85Kg a piece and I recommend Finite Elemente Cerabase or Cerapuc footers instead of adjustable spikes on the outriggers. Better still, would be a quartet of Stillpoints Ultra 5's each side - a snip at £4K! Lawrence got himself a serious bargain and his only real choice is ............... woofers firing in, or out!
  9. Yes. It does look rather good and does the job nicely. Also, doesn't need recharging that much!
  10. I bought this lamp for my turntable. I specifically didn't want one that was powered by an SMPS!
  11. Lettuce, Gourmet Bacon and Tomato?
  12. I bought an LP12, in black (non-fluted plinth and not piano black) new from Guildford HiFi, in 1978, for £272!
  13. Don't be too quick to dismiss the properties of certain materials and their effect on the sound of a hifi system! When I bought my furniture for the listening room, I specified Mpingo wood for the feet of the sofas! They were hugely expensive, but isolate the listener from the deleterious effects of vibration and resonances within the listening environment! As a result, the music sounds much more relaxed and glides along, with a firm foundation! This is the same "mystical" wood that high-end record pucks are manufactured from!!!
  14. Shakti Hallograph!
  15. I've got one spare, complete with box! They are £272 new. PM me with an offer!
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    Cable Jolly

    "$2,000 on speaker cables!" - Cheapskate!
  17. This is the forum to join and ask any questions regarding Meridian equipment. If they don't know., nobody will!
  18. You could organise a sort of "bake-off" or music day and invite fellow Wammers to your home, with an advertised sale of your CD's! They can be really fun and you get to meet some great people, with diverse interests in hifi equipment and music! You chat, eat, drink, listen to music and bond with some really nice fellow enthusiasts and in the process, hopefully shift your unwanted CD's! I've been to a few BO's and hosted a couple of music days myself. Even sold some of my excess vinyl!
  19. I'm going to demonstrate that tomorrow, to @Jules_S @bigfool1956 @Jessica_k and @p147! Four vinyl fans, who will listen to a comparison of CD, SACD, Hi-Res files from my Melco N1ZH, Tidal HiFi, Qobuz Studio and of course, good old LP's! Luckily, I have some of the same albums across all formats, so should be an interesting day!
  20. If you were using a MacBook, I'd suggest launching Audio MIDI Pro and altering the output to 24 bit 96KHz! Is there some similar setting on your linx 12?
  21. I am an inveterate hoarder, so even in the digital age, I still keep a turntable in my system (even if I don't play vinyl that often)! I was a late convert to CD, only succumbing five years after the format was introduced, in 1988, when the catalyst was Deutsche Grammophon's decision not to issue further new releases on vinyl! Since then, I have refined and enjoyed CD replay, to the extent, that it is now my optimised system source. Since 2015, files and streaming media have joined the fray. As much as streaming music from Tidal and Qobuz have given me access to a greater library of music and added to the convenience of listening, there is still no substitute for owning a physical copy of the recording and enjoying the tactile experience of reading the sleeve notes! Storage remains the only problem with physical media, as my vinyl and CD collection (since the early 70's) threatens to engulf yet more shelf/floor space in my home! The OP's choice is a brave move and I know of only one other friend who has sold their turntable, records and CD player and now relies solely on streaming music!
  22. James You've hit the nail on the head! The DAC direct to power amp does sound impressive at first, but putting a decent preamp in circuit, provides a fuller picture of the music IMHO, with not only the leading edge of the notes presented with clarity and detail, but also the all important decay and ambience! For anyone with a digital only front end, it's a tempting proposition to go DAC direct, with a digital volume control.
  23. As good as the digital volume control is on my dCS Vivaldi DAC, I still prefer my sources (analogue and digital) to go through my Conrad Johnson GAT 2 valve preamp! The DAC direct to power amp can sound impressive, initially, with lots of drive and detail, but I have found that a more realistic soundstage and musical flow is evident with the preamp in circuit. There are subtle venue cues and greater depth of image present with the preamp, that the DAC direct route tends to miss IMHO!