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  1. Good luck with sorting long-term - still using Sound Organisation Z560 for 6 thingies with LP12 on top, + 2 other thingummies including IKEA table with 5 duberries simply stacked on top of each other ... Damp dusting fortnightly everything safely/testing-using all frequently ...
  2. Amazing 'umpire-helped' fantastic win/10 hours plus on 'free' TV ....
  3. Chumpy


    Good luck Frank, and all true Chels supporters ...
  4. Fine/odd stuff in 4 Tests so far from both teams - may Eng square series at t'Oval ...
  5. Chumpy


    My 2019-07-26 DUCK on vinyl LP and CD great IMO ... like one big 11-track 'tune' on modern stuff - hello all - I apologise for taking 16 months away from excellent Wiggie ...
  6. Well done Froome despite controversies re taking medicine.
  7. Chumpy

    Cricket thread

    ... Lovely final 4 matches from 2018 IPL on Sky Mix (free) - thanks them ...
  8. Still recommend good warrantied cheap quality black-laser - inkjets are .... long-term.
  9. Yes, safely-imbibed anything helps reveal good anything - FME.
  10. I agree that the original ANALOGUE vinyl with black shrink-wrap outer/included postcard is best for those such as I who bought it back then. I sadly rely on my memories/CD versions since almost adequately - must rebuy TDSOTM-WYWH-TW on proper analogue vinyl someday though ...
  11. MY updating wife's Win 10 lappie last Sunday took 8 hours ... will seriously consider overpriced Apple overhyped to replace it - fortunately still using Win 7/earlier on my main machines.
  12. The hyped 'vinyl revival' might actually mean something if people bought value analogue-processed proper vinyl/listened/bought on superior hifi-musical attributes. FM probably to go pretty soon for ugly-sounding/performing/overpriced digital radio too ...
  13. 'Series 2' - resumed on 2018-05-13 - latest 5 'Series 2 - 14-18 episodes just enjoyed on web iPlayer ...
  14. Excellent 2nd series, all 10 episodes.
  15. I learned years ago after many Epson colour inkjets always not to own inkjets, but always to keep £190 Seikosha Black dot matrix and c. £50 Samsung black laser for usages - they last for ever.do not reset electronically/ink does not dry up ...
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