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  1. iann

    Rel T5i - impressed

    Interesting, I might be persuaded to try a sub soon as well. I definitely there's more improvement to be had in sound at the speaker/room end nowadays than in source equipment (if you're using digital anyway). Was looking at the small RELs or a BK 200 as I don't have a lot of choice about where it could go.
  2. I use a Netgear R7800 in exactly the same way, with the Virgin hub as a modem only. It's been excellent as a router with the added bonus that adding wifi extenders later can be configured as a mesh system without buying a new router. I did recently have to do a factory reset on it as the download speeds had dropped quite a bit, bit that was the first in over 3 years. Not sure if it's been superseded, but you should be able to get one for under £200.
  3. Having looked into a bit it seems there are decent small-ish subs out there. Looks like a Svs or a BK sub might be worth a look. Has anyone tried the SVS SB1000 or the BK XLS200_DF?
  4. I could be open to being talked into it! There's really not much room the way the setup is though so it couldn't be big.
  5. @MartinC I think it's as you say, having something which works better from my phone with Tidal and is just as capable. I've only just got the Node so selling it already to get the C658 seems a bit of a waste of money. Did look at the Nad as an alternative to the Linn but went with Node for immediate gratification as I can buy it without selling the Linn. Don't need a subwoofer as the speakers are fine. Coming to conclusion after all these years that source first in streaming is the wrong way round nowadays with DAC and amp tech as good as it is. So the iso feet sound like a better option plus I can keep some money in the bank if I do go for them. Plus I don't really listen in a hi-fi critic way anyway looking out for minute differences. Hence why there's my trade off for usability with streaming apps. Cheers
  6. Am selling a Linn Majik all in one system in excellent condition with original box, power cable and remote. It's the DSM/1 version with connections for HDMI, optical and coax digital inputs as well as an MM phono input. Will stream Tidal, Qobuz etc. Needs an ethernet connection. If your router isn't accessible then you can connect with cable from a WiFi extender. Asking £1,100 incl postage to UK. Thanks
  7. Not really any difference I can hear and more convenient with remote control from phone on Tidal/BluOS with Node direct to power amp now. Will try to sell the Linn and use some of that money for some IsoAcoustic feet for the speakers as that's where there's more vfm nowadays.
  8. I have a Linn Majik DSM and it works well, the only pain for me was the lack of built-in wifi, but a cable from a nearby wifi extender does the trick. No need for any fancy routers or switches which make no difference in my experience. It does have the advantage of all being a one box system plus you can try out the Sound Optimisation room correction system.
  9. Lee, If you're still interested in a DSM I was going to offer mine for sale here. It's a Majik DSM/1 (black) in excellent condition. Will send a PM.
  10. Thanks for these, all interesting suggestions. Never considered bel canto before. If I was going to get another integrated I'd keep the Majik despite the terrible UI on Kazoo. Will try direct connection to XTZ and see what it's like, almost certainly selling the Linn while I can still get a reasonable price.
  11. This year has seen a flurry of buying and selling with a Bluesound Node 2i being the latest addition. My question is, with that I have the Node doing the streaming and an XTZ power amp providing the powaahhh, do I need the Linn Majik DSM which is only acting as a DAC/preamp at the moment? I know the obvious answer is no, use the Node direct to the power amp, but really I'd like to keep open the option of connecting up the turntable again so I'd need some input sockets (nostalgia mostly though). If I sell the Linn, I was thinking of using some of that money to buy a nice remote control pre-amp instead and using the Node's built-in DAC (which I didn't like as much as the Linn at first listen). This has led me to the Pro-Ject pre boxes, specifically the DS2 Pre Analogue or the DS2 Pre Digital (just as it sounds, with a built in DAC). There's very little else out there for low cost pre-amps from what I can see. Has anyone had experience of these or have any other under £1,000 preamps to recommend?
  12. @MartinC they are Wharfedale Evo 4.3 @greengoblin they are ace indeed. This is the most I've ever spent on speakers and they are the best I've had. Very clear with a nice bit of bass energy as well. Definitely hearing little details on recordings I hadn't noticed before. Lots of toe tapping as well with the Four Tops and The Prisoners this afternoon. The Evos along with the XTZ amp are very good value for money for me.
  13. When I tried to order from the local dealer he said there was none in stock in Wharfedale's warehouse until next year, so I think they're selling well. Ordered online in the end as I didn't want to wait!
  14. Been a long time since I've updated my pics on here. Must be 10 years or so when I bought a new Mk I Naim Uniti which did sterling service despite the display giving up the ghost after a few years. After lots of forum lurking and eBay watching I finally got a second hand Naim 202/200 earlier this year which was good, but the transformer buzz got the better of me quickly (not noticeable when playing music but definitely was when watching tv or sitting in the same room). Got rid of that quickly and ended up with a Linn Majik DSM/1 which streams without the need for extra boxes. The spirit of change must have been strong as I changed speakers as well from Focal Chorus 714s to some no name floorstanders from ebay and all was good. More eBay watching and youtube reviews (I know!) led to buying an XTZ class D power amp which has definitely been a good value buy. Finally one of the tweeters went on the speakers (and the other half hated the plain MDF finish) and I've splashed out on some new Wharfedale Evo 4.3s which just arrived earlier this week and are excellent I must say. Pics don't do the nice wood finish justice. Will probably get some of those popular Isoacoustics Gaia feet next year...