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  1. Although I'm not retired (and probably never will be) I'm on the lookout for a hobby too. I try to go to the gym fairly often and with heart issues I cannot go full on attack like I used to so just do light exercise which keeps me at a mere preposterous weight and not a life threatening one. I have recently bought a pre-cut wooden clock from https://wooden-gear-clocks.com/ and all the required gubbins in order to build it, although I have yet to start. I'm hoping that I can use this to kick start some sort of hobby. A friend of mine loves his 'maker' gadgets and has a 3d printer and cnc cutter for wood and light acrylic which he uses to make various bits and bobs for projects around the house. There are plans out there to print almost anything including mechanical clocks and the like so I may end up investing in some of this equipment if I find I enjoy building the clock I have. I've also started to invest in some home automation, alexa, some zigbee lightbulbs from a company called innr and later this week we will be having blind fitted in the new house, some of which are motorised and will be able to be controlled via alexa too. Working out what would make your life easier if you could control it remotely is something that I'm quite enjoying. Certainly the ability to control lights 2 floors away when you forgot to turn them off is useful. I'd also like to get into leather working and produce my own watch straps, this is something I've looked into in the past but the initial cost of good tools and materials seemed prohibitive at the time. I may look into this again as it's something I think i would enjoy and may even be able to make a bit of pin money from.
  2. Technics class AA amplifers take a similar approach to quads current dumping amps to minimise crossover distortion in more traditional amplifiers. I don't quite understand all the nuances but it's apparently best explained as a big class b amp to give you drive and power and a small class a amp to give you detail, joined by voodoo I presume.
  3. Love the earlier carry on films and some of the later ones, they are definitely of their time and bound to trigger some snowflakes these days (and if i'm honest this is a pretty fair thing) but I still laugh my cock off at certain bits.
  4. Tesla P100D ludicrous with all the trimmings. Stupidly quick and practical enough to be my day to day car. Carver one. Probably the most fun you can have in a car at legal road speeds. Something vaguely practical but a bit daft, a Lamborghini Urus or Brabus G-waggen. If we were allowed 4 it’d be some sort of convertible. Probably American with a ludicrously supercharged v8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mitsubishi Starion. Nissan Fairlady Z Honda life dunk. Nissan Skyline is pretty odd when you think about it too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I've had heart problems over this past year so have become familiar with the local ambulance, A&E and outpatient departments, also my wife is a healthcare worker so I've heard all the stories from her as well. Overall, yes it's a postcode lottery, yes staff do the best they can after being hamstrung by Westminster playing politics with peoples lives, but even when sitting in A&E with a heart rate of 180bpm, sweating and shaking like a sh*tting dog I cant help but admire the NHS for what it does with so little. I'd gladly pay into the system more IF it was guaranteed to go to where it was needed. Brexit will most likely me the death knell for the NHS as we know it, it currently relies on a constant stream of foreign nurses who can complete their training in our hospitals, once Brexit removes the qualification reciprocity with europe there will be a massive shortfall of nursing staff. Even if the Brexiteers do pump the promised £350 million a week into the NHS you can't hire people that don;t exist and nursing qualifications are thin on the ground since all the financial help to train was stopped. There's going to be a 3+ year period of a very broken NHS in the near future and those bastards in westminster will no doubt spin it so Branson and his ilk end up owning it. Say what you want about labour but we desperately need a more socialist government for a few years to bring the balance back.
  7. While I despise both vauxhall and peugeot they have made more than a couple of ok hot hatrches, Vauxhall - The 'holden twins' vxr and monaro The vx220 The lotus carlton (in fact the carlton GSI was a good un too) Although technically 'opals' the manta and monza were damn good too - I personally preferred the manta to the capri Peugeot. the 309 gti was better than the 205 the 405 mi16 was a good un The 504 was a workhorse par excellence. The 406 coupe was gorgeous looking and rumored to originally be designed by pininfarina for Ferrari. Shame the actual mechanicals were all made of cat shit and gaffa tape. The 404 coupe / carbrio - again lovely looking. And there are probably more... to be fair though i'd not spend a penny of any of the above if i actually had to drive them as I'd be driving a Peugeot or a vauxhall which is just... <shudder>
  8. Hi Julian.

    I am trying to decide between S4TL and S5TL kits from IPL ACoustics. I see you still have your S5TLs, obviously you must be happy with them. Have you ANY experience of the comparison with S4TL speakers?

    Ivan thinks I should build the S4TLs, but I am looking to build something as good as can be had. Ivan thinks that the S4TLs would suit me better - he is probably right, but I have a big enough room, 27' x 14' with very high angled ceiling.

    Also, we have "music afternoons" out in the garden  where we drag the speakers outside and let them breathe - they all sound better out there. We live in lots of space and we can wind them up well and truly if we so desire. Whatever else goes on in the sitting room, I imagine the S5TLs will do much better out there.

    My current little TDL 1997 RTL2 speakers sound absolutely fantastic outside like this, and they are only 6-inch drivers, so there is no doubt that the S4TLs would do this fine.

    I know that "dragging" the S5TLs anywhere would be hard yakka as they weigh a bit, but I think we can manage that for the number of times we do this.

    Have you any advice or thoughts?



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    2. julian2002


      I bow to those with 1st hand knowledge :D

      Have fun with them, I'm not a big DIYer but the build process was easy and fun and I still get the satisfaction from listening to something that I built myself - which probably makes them sound that little bit better.

    3. JustingNZ


      I must say that depending on what these sound like, we may well try to get some S5TLs for my friend. We both had our hearts set on the S5TLs, but Ivan was reasonably insistent that I should choose the S4TLs, and the only person we found with extensive experience of both told us the same thing.

      It seems that a number of people with the STL5 (apart from your good self) have suggested that they demand a REALLY huge room, and even then apparently it is difficult to subdue the bass output of these. To me that sounds like exactly the speaker we want for ourselves! We would rather have a speaker that generated too much bass power than one that generated too little, and  I do bass and treble controls on my little Denon amp, so I could attenuate it if necessary (my friend has super high-end German amps with no tone controls).

      I had already paid my money before I saw your first response, so the S4TLs are on their way, I will let you know how I get on. Meanwhile I am delighted that you are so obviously happy with your S5TLs. Is there anything you would change about their sound? Is mid-range well matched with bass and treble?



    4. julian2002


      I listen to mainly electronica and other bass heavy music so a bit of bass boost is a good thing in my opinion. When I bought them originally I had a relatively large listening room (22x12) firing down the long axis and they sounded great. I do occasionally branch out into some other genres and they can sound a bit woolly with large scale orchestral music but i rarely listen to that kind of thing.

      My main criteria when I bought them was bass performance having heard a friends JBL k2's and being blown away but not having his financial resources to enable me to drop 20+k on a pair of speakers.

      Although the IPL's are not quite up to that standard they are close enough for me, especially considering the price.

      I'd love a touch more treble clarity but there's not much to complain about there really.

      Midrange flows and integrates very nicely to my ears too.

  9. a colleague many moons ago had a 1.6 diesel c-max - no end of issues with the engine - culminating in him turning the car in for something different. Wouldn't touch a ford with a diesel engine with a barge pole these days - in fact i'd expand that to any diesel engine that's out of warranty.
  10. I've always thought of it as: pre amps usually make things quieter or 'attenuate' the source signal... hence 0db (of attenuation) means the signal direct from your source and very loud down to -whatever db being the signal fully attenuated. A preamp that goes up to 16db would suggest (to me) that the pre is doing some active amplification of the signal as well as attenuation. As I say I'm not an electrical engineer and may be totally off beam but that's how i'd try to understand it.
  11. I may not always agree with your relentlessly objective views, Serge, I always find your posts interesting and informative. Well done on reaching 18k posts.
  12. I got a little 30 watt digital amp with bluetooth off amazon and hooked it up to a very cheap pair of 2 way bookshelf speakers I had lying about taking up space - the amp it velcroed to the top of one of them. the amp was £20 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Amplifier-Electrical-Motorcycle-Smartphone-Red/dp/B014J2IEBG/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1516724648&sr=8-4&keywords=drok+digital+bluetooth+amp Source is any one of the plethora of phones and pads we have lying about - usually my iPhone playing spotifys discover daily or weekly playlist. cables are home made twisted pair from some off the reel stranded stuff i had lying about. it's not very hi-fi but sounds good enough when i'm cooking or washing up and I can point the speakers out of the window for an OK ish garden system.
  13. I had some Vincent sp-T100 hybrid monoblocks many moons ago. Sold them to pay off the tax man and regretted it ever since. Very capable amps. Not on the bleeding edge of accuracy but very very listenable and musical. They can give you a huge emotional connection to the music being played. Massive bargain too. Id certainly recommend them but as always things are going to depend on the rest of your system and room interaction. Also look at sheng-ya as Vincent are Just rebranded from this Chinese make and the Chinese ones can be a lot cheaper. See catty link and China hifi if you haven’t already.
  14. Been a big fan of A/S for many years. Started off with a dax2 which I had upgraded with some chip from David (can’t remember exactly what, maybe the filter or something). After a year or 2 I upgraded via David to a dax decade single ended. This has stayed with me for the best part of a decade and I can’t see ever getting rid of it. It’s outlasted everything else from my previous deep hifi days of yesteryear. Up until today I’ve been running a very modest system with a Cambridge Audio streamer, Dax Decade, Technics integrated amp and ipl speakers that I built myself. The Technics while fun is not hifi and was starting to get a bit brittle in the plastic and crackle in the potentiometers. I’d been eyeing up amps on eBay for months, daydreaming as you do and found a Dax Decade for £800 unfortunately funds wouldn’t allow but I kept watching it as it fell in price. Yesterday it hit £650 and after a bit of juggling funds were available and the beast was bought. It now sits under my decade hooked up to the streamer and ipls sounding rather good. I need to listen to some old favourite tracks to really see how it sounds.. as as an aside what sort of age do these things need recapping? I’m not noticing any sort of issue but if I need to start thinking about servicing then I need to save some pennies. Heres a gratuitous system pic
  15. Chasing a 'vinyl sound' on CD is a fools game, most of the differences are introduced during the mastering or production process and are not analogous or recoverable / removable. The number of older CD's that were made using vinyls equalized master and therefore sound muffled and tinny is laughable. Vinyl qualities are somewhat reproducible and to that end I would suggest either some sort of valve stage or bite the bullet and go for a full on digital DSP solution, berhinger do a DSP for around the 300UKP mark that will let you fiddle with the sound for days - it will also do credible room equalization I believe if you have an unfriendly environment. It looks very industrial though. Personally I'd not bother and enjoy CD / Digital for what it is. Far more accurate than vinyl, even if it does miss a certain je ne sais quais if you grew up pre 80's.