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  1. Still looking. Keep getting disappointed with a decent car, only to find it's a bloody insurance write off, repaired! Even one at a main dealers, threw the EML on the test drive!
  2. Richard, there are some nice Z4s here. I'm in this club. https://z4-forum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=41&sid=691aa874688c2628134846fb433cb57a
  3. Narrowed down to a Polo only now. Will go older to 2016 and 1.2tsi.
  4. Appreciated Colin. Say out of budget. Budget set by our lad at less than £8k. Seems prices have increased now, compared to when I looked, 6 months ago. Availability reduced too!
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows of, the above car for sale? Criteria very specific however and it's for our younger lad, but here goes. Must be: less than 3 years old less than 30k miles FSH Manual 1.0 TSI engine no CATEGORY repaired cars Any colour (but not blue) and door count unimportant. I will travel for the right car and funds are in place. Please let me know if there is anything that fits the bill. I know Skoda and Seat make a similar car but sticking with VW searches ATM. Kind regards.
  6. Please see attached. I was hoping for £150 + postage, but I would need to find a suitable box Steve. Minor mark on volume knob and scratch on the top, near the back. Has a remote control and is the Version 2.
  7. Would a Cambridge Audio azure 640A do the trick? Has a preout and remote. This one doesn't have a phono stage though.
  8. Yes Steve. Still available.
  9. Found the review. The Linn cartridge certainly makes the sound, nicely tight and detailed. https://www.hifinews.com/content/revolver-turntable
  10. Thanks Steve. Appreciate the endorsement. I loaned this to a friend who seemed to struggle to get on with his Rega P1, two years ago. He much preferred this but it wasn't for sale then. Sadly, he passed away last year. I sold his Rega for the family. I'll check the link out.
  11. Family heirloom clear out continues. This beautiful sounding Revolver turntable with Linn K9 cartridge is now available for collection (From Bromsgrove, Worcestershire). Used by my relative in his conservatory, hence the cloudy lid (not warped so still perfect shape) and slight imperfections of paint coating (mostly where the lid rested). I could correct the paint finish but would rather leave in it's characterful state. It replaced a Pioneer PL12D and 112D. Sounds so much better. The Linn cartridge replaced the original cartridge but I don't know how many hours its had. That said, it sound and tracks great. I do know the belt was changed around 5 years ago. Please see pictures incoming. £150.
  12. Thank you. I did see that but was hoping for something cheaper. I don't if this is a good deck so I don't know how it sounded but I've confessed to messing up. My friend has offered to fund a replacement but is there a cheaper alternative to the Goldring? I'm a bit confused by the Goldring being elliptical and the damaged A&R being conical.
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