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  1. Not sure. I just remember going with my neighbour to buy one and the salesman mentioned it. Its also mentioned in the reviews. My neighbour's CRV was utterly reliable up to 200k when he part time exd it for a new HRV.
  2. Yes. When the front wheels start to slip, the system detects this and brings into play, the rears. My brother had a similar car and put winter tyres on, and it was very good.
  3. @Non-Smoking Man Jack congratulations. Ref CRV, be wary of the 4WD. It's a part time system so not permanent. Get the tyres right and you'll be fine.
  4. Technics deck and some blank tapes sold. Thread updated on link above.
  5. Final Bump before trying the WWW
  6. Final bump. If unsold, will be split up. Thanks
  7. Thanks Simon. Did you pick up the message of a Wam taxi that can help? Two kind souls made an offer. My plans are to be in Farnham Surrey on Thurs 3rd Feb as the wedding is an early start, the day after. Many thanks to those fellow Wammers.
  8. Hi Simon. Many thanks for your interest. I'm not sure how much it'll help but I'm planning a trip to Farnham, Surrey, for wedding at the beginning of February. We potentially could sort something? Regards Anil
  9. I'll explore. Appreciated thanks.
  10. My Thorens is in the classifieds if you are interested? I also had the Technics you had but upgraded the cartridge. Made a modest improvement but the Thorens is in different league.
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