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  1. Hi mate. Bought it from here a while back. Due to my hearing loss. My ears are worse Ideally looking for £250 collected.
  2. Hi Paul. I have this; Been using it as a headphone amplifier and pre out to a power amp. Mine is black and immaculate but don't have the box anymore. Bought this new a while back but works brilliantly. I'm in Worcestershire.
  3. Steve, I have 2 also! Staggering CD players. Built like tanks too. Downsizing soon so one will go.
  4. I have a spare pair of B&W WP1 outdoor speakers. Sound brilliant. They spent one year outside and the rest of the time in my garage, so an easy life, if of any interest Mikey.
  5. Is a Revolver turntable any good? Would need to be collected from Worcestershire but I work in Liverpool so en route is fine. Regards
  6. Rich, I'm just down the road from her (10 mins). I have a 4 piece mini Technics system if any good to her, with remote and stand. I can drop off if that helps but can't until the Friday 24th July. £80 including delivery. I can setup for her.
  7. AnilS

    On a mission

    I liked the Pioneer A400 on the end of a Revolver turntable I had and it was very nice. Seemed a decent phono stage. However, I sold the A400 and bought an A445 Pioneer. It's basically the same as the A400 but with knobs on I need tone controls due to hearing deficiency. To my ears, the A445 sounds better. Not sure if period enough though. Tried the revolver through my other system, with a Cyrus setup and the pioneer has the nicer phono stage.
  8. Lol. They've had replacement 15" woofers as the old ones were beyond repair, even with the seal kit. They sound BIG! However, the mids need new seals but still work. They do need a decent amp to get them going. They will be wheeled out for sale soon
  9. I still have a pair of Realistic Mach 2 speakers from Tandy on wheeled stands!
  10. Paul, here's one fairly local to you (I know I''m doing myself out of a sale)
  11. I've got a Sony one with a remote but it's at home (Worcestershire). However, I work in Aintree and bring it up. Can't remember the model number though.
  12. Lee, would a Philips CDR 770 be of any use? I have one with the remote and it's fully working. Kind regards Anil
  13. Russell, I'm currently working in Liverpool so I could collect from Preston and get it as far as mine in Worcestershire if that helps in a wam taxi kinda way?