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  1. Lol. They've had replacement 15" woofers as the old ones were beyond repair, even with the seal kit. They sound BIG! However, the mids need new seals but still work. They do need a decent amp to get them going. They will be wheeled out for sale soon
  2. I still have a pair of Realistic Mach 2 speakers from Tandy on wheeled stands!
  3. Paul, here's one fairly local to you (I know I''m doing myself out of a sale)
  4. I've got a Sony one with a remote but it's at home (Worcestershire). However, I work in Aintree and bring it up. Can't remember the model number though.
  5. Lee, would a Philips CDR 770 be of any use? I have one with the remote and it's fully working. Kind regards Anil
  6. Russell, I'm currently working in Liverpool so I could collect from Preston and get it as far as mine in Worcestershire if that helps in a wam taxi kinda way?
  7. Thanks Pete. What distance are they communicating from and many obstacles (walls)? Thanks
  8. Update with prices sold for without advertising! A gent how bought items previously noted what I had and came back with accepted offers. Hopefully help other ref values. Rotel RP-855 - £140 Technics SL-J2 - Put aside for a Wammer. Technics SL-3300 - To be sold. Revolver 1 (with LINN arm) - £250 Revolver 2 - To be sold. Pioneer PL-12D - £120 Dunlop Systemdek Transcription - Waiting for someone to solder the green wire that's come adrift from the cartridge. I have been sent a loan A&R P77 cartridge/stylus but can't do anything until the wire is sorted. Thorens TD-166 Mk2 - Put aside for a Wammer. B&O Beogram 1202 - Put aside for a Wammer.
  9. I'll check but I don't think it is. Thanks
  10. Is. Wired from the house. The router, with bends in wiring, would need to reach around 50 feet.
  11. Found sincu972 on Ebay. Thanks
  12. Thanks guys. Appreciated. Look forward to the feedback. Is 300mbs speed important? The router is by the phone line in and currently, no wish to move it as we have just redecorated. It's a modern router. I did look at running an Ethernet cable but it was about 50 feet way, once routed round bends and underground. Hence a simple "wireless" solution preferred.
  13. Guys, I'm spending a bit of time in my detached garage (blame lockdown) sorting stuff, and the WiFi drops out most of the time. The garage power is connected to the house, so I'm thinking a WiFi extender will give me a boost in the signal? I'm with BT, but their extenders are quite expensive. Not wishing to spend a lot (currently unemployed) so are there any suggestions for a reliable unit? Thanks in advance.